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The Issue  is a monthly newsletter that focuses on important issues within the Seattle School District and showcases the impact our PTSA programs and members have in their communities. 

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PTA to Partner with Food for Schools

The PTA's mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. With this in mind, SCPTSA will begin a new partnership this year with Food For Schools (FFS) to ensure that every student in need of food assistance receives this basic resource. Of the approximately 51,000 students in SPS, 20,000 (40%) qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch and 2,300 of those students receive additional services under the Federal McKinney Vento Act, which provides specific assistance for homeless students.

FFS is an association of 12 local food banks that work closely with 30 Seattle schools to provide weekend food support and in-school snacks. They currently serve approximately 2,000 students each week, but there are thousands more who are in need of this support.
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Our belief is with the help of our 14,000 Seattle PTA members, the support of FFS and other community organizations, we can ensure  that every child receives the food they need. Whether through packing food into backpacks, delivering resources to schools or hosting one-time or year-long food collection, we hope that every PTA will participate in helping meet our goal of providing food to every student in need.

As parents, we know that children learn best when they are "ready to learn." As the District looks closely at improving educational outcomes for all students, SCPTSA hopes that walking alongside families in every aspect of their child's learning is part of making this happen. Together with District staff and other community organizations, we hope that schools will be a welcoming place for families to connect to many community resources to provide the best environments for all students to succeed. 

Program details will be announced at the upcoming PTSA leadership breakfast on August 12. The breakfast brings together district principals, senior district staff, PTA and other community leaders to discuss issues for the upcoming year. To learn more about how you or your PTA can get involved, please contact  president@scptsa.org


On July 17, the Oakland Unified School District presented their work in Restorative Justice at Seattle City Hall. 

Their work shows how Restorative Justice has helped them to dramatically reduce school suspension rates, particularly among African American students, who were being disproportionately suspended and expelled from school each year.

Restorative Justice, as it applies to schools, is a set of principles and practices used to build community and respond to student conduct, with the goals of repairing harm and restoring relationships between those impacted. With Restorative Justice, administrators are trained to be "trauma informed" and to recognize that many student behaviors may be predictable or an understandable response to traumatic experiences. For Oakland Schools, this awareness brought about a change in perspective in the way their district looked at justice, discipline and punishment.

Seattle School District faces similar disproportionate suspension rates among African American students and is looking at implementing Restorative Justice to address the issue.

In the meeting at Seattle City Hall, there was overwhelming support to implement restorative justice in Seattle School District to help close the opportunity gap. According to supporters of Restorative Justice, schools implementing restorative action programs see reductions in punitive discipline, increases in student engagement, a more positive social environment and better student problem-solving skills, all of which contribute to better academic results. 
2015-16 PTA Reflections Contest: "Let Your Imagination Fly!"


Reflections is a National PTA cultural arts competition that provides an opportunity for students to use

their creative talents and express themselves through their own original work. This year's theme is "Let Your Imagination Fly!" Categories include Literature, Music Composition, Visual Arts, Film/Video and 



The due date for entries is November 23.  Watch for additional information about the contest this fall from your school's PTA. All students are encouraged to participate!


Find more information about the program and view past entries on the Washington State PTA website.


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