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May 2016
Message from our Attorneys

Merriam Webster recently updated its dictionary, adding 2,000 new words to reflect the changing times. One of our favorites? Nomophobia, the fear of being without one's cell phone!   Nomophobe or not, you will soon find it easier to read this newsletter on your phone or other mobile device: We are in the process of updating it to a mobile-friendly format. Watch for the new design in the coming months.

There is one word that never goes out of style and never needs updating:  Mother. Whether your mom is with you or has passed on, take a moment to honor her this Mothers Day, May 8.

All the best,  
Joseph S. Karp
Joseph S. Karp
Genny Bernstein
Ge nny Bernstein
Adele S. Harris
Adele S. Harris
Chad Steskal
Rachel G. Zetouni
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Senior Survival Workshops
Our workshops return this month.  You can spread the word about these events (and share this entire newsletter) by clicking the "Forward to a Friend" link just above. 
Beware the mandatory arbitration clause
When admitting a loved one to a nursing home, you may discover a mandatory arbitration agreement lurking in the fine print. Think twice before signing: It could cost you the right to take any future dispute to court.

Married couples should revisit older trusts
Federal estate tax law has changed dramatically in the past 15 years. Married couples with older AB (credit shelter) trusts should revisit their plans, since prior tax planning built into the plan may now create unnecessary complications for the surviving spouse. 

Your HSA and Medicare: It's complicated
Employers sometimes offer Health Savings Accounts alongside high-deductible health insurance plans. But if you are working and sign up for Medicare, continuing to contribute to your HSA may create a tax penalty.

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Prince was no pauper. And maybe, no planner
Did the recently deceased musical superstar have an estate plan? That's the $64,000 question - well, more like the $300 million dollar question.

Do you have minor children to protect?
As noted in prior newsletters, Florida now allows parents and guardians to draft a  Health Care Surrogate for a Minor, appointing another person(s) to make their child's health care decisions. This is an important step to take if you are a single parent, or are frequently unreachable due to travel, etc. Please  contact us  if you wish to retain us to make this provision part of your estate plan.

Too busy to visit mom? China's not buying it
It doesn't matter how busy they are: Adult children in China are expected to look after their aging parents.  Now, children who neglect their parents may be sued - and even compromise their credit scores. 

Lomax and Biggs return
Who is the perfect hitman? Someone without long to live. That's the premise of the latest Lomax and Biggs crime novel by Marshall Karp (Attorney Karp's brother).  Click here to watch a video about the book.

New consumer guide on paying home care workers
The Department of Labor just released an extensive consumer guide to the new federal wage and overtime rules for home care workers. Click here
Keep your house secure 
Are you getting ready to go back North? Whether you're a snowbird away for six months or a full-time Floridian spending the morning at the mall, check out these tips on foiling would-be home burglars.

Our Speakers Bureau
A reminder that our attorneys are available to give presentations to your business, social or other organization. For more information, phone Debbie at 561-472-6062 or   
Watch out for medication - supplement interactions
Some dietary supplements may not mix well with certain prescription drugs or even with over-the-counter medications. A recent University of Chicago study recommends discussing all supplements with your physician. 

Thank you for your referrals
We are unwaveringly grateful to our wonderful clients, who continue to be the best public relations campaign any law firm could ask for! If you refer someone to us, please urge them to mention your name. We want to thank you personally for your confidence!