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Fall 2016
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 The Doctor's Note  

Dear Keller High School Families,
Excitement is not nearly the word that describes the start of what will prove to be an intentionally exceptional school year! Construction is starting to wind down and it is exciting to see our students engaging in learning and utilizing our new spaces. Our commitment at Keller HS is to prepare our students to meet their personal goals through high academic and social expectations while focusing on meaningful collaboration and relationships. Keller High School is destined for amazing things in 2016-17.
The invigorating spirit of our faculty and students is evidenced in the excitement that is clear in the learning environment. It is common for students to be actively engaged in their commitment to learning and for teachers to be facilitating those exciting moments in the classroom. Excellence at Keller HS is not defined by any singular moment, but apparent in the pursuit of "process excellence" that we continually commit to through the Keller experience.
Success is not a matter of luck, but planning and organization. Our faculty commits to process excellence through purposeful and passionate planning for high quality learning environments. Process excellence is also demonstrated through the habits of our students, among many things, the simple act of being present. When students are present meaningful engagement occurs. The purposeful planning and the quality of the discourse in the classroom is enhanced with the participation of our students, and we continually encourage, inspire, and expect high attendance of our students. As it relates to student attendance, I am proud to say that the attendance rate for Keller HS students in the 1st 6-week marking period was 97.2%. We are celebrating our students for this exciting attendance rate and providing free ice cream on November 10th, donated by our Sodexo partner.
One of our goals this year is to maintain a 96.0% attendance rate (95.3% in 2015-16). Parents, you can support your student during high school by continuing to monitor student attendance, checking to make sure that assignments are completed, and staying in contact with teachers via email or phone. While there may be opportunities to make up assignments if students are absent, it is a challenge to replicate the high quality discourse between teacher and student that is taking place in the classroom. The consistent support and encouragement of parents result in greater success for all students. Thank you for your support in this area and your commitment to the value of being at school every day.
We look forward to another exciting and successful school year. Please stay involved, and call on your student's teacher, counselor, or administrator for any assistance you may need during the 2016-17 school year.
Dr. Michael Nasra
Get to know the Faculty
Keller HS Faculty
The faculty of Keller HS are undoubtedly our most valuable resource. Our faculty stand among the best in their profession. The average years of experience for our teachers is 11 years (TAPR Report). Nearly 1% of faculty hold a doctorate degree while 33% hold a master's degree. Meet a few faculty members below.
Heather Duckworth
Heather Duckworth is starting her second year teaching chemistry at KHS this year, and this is also her second collective year teaching. She attended Louisiana Tech University where she earned a master's degree in education with a major in environmental science and a minor in chemistry.
Since she began teaching at KHS, Duckworth has developed a love for the people and the amount of positivity at KHS. Her favorite part of coming to Keller High School every day is working with the students, other teachers, and administrators.
"I love my students, I love my coworkers, and I just love the whole working environment,"
Duckworth said of her experiences at KHS.
Duckworth also brings a unique passion for helping students to KHS. She believes that teachers should not only instruct students in terms of the educational material, but that they should also engage with their students on a personal level. Duckworth brings this idea to life in her career at
KHS and in her own teaching philosophies.
"Teaching, to me, is not just content. Teaching, to me, is forming that relationship with the students, kind of putting a smile on their face. I want them to know when they come in here that I love them," Duckworth said.
In her mind, a teacher's attitude, positivity, and sensitivity towards the students has an enormous impact. Her philosophy is that teachers have the power to make or break a student's day.
"I personally think teachers have a huge impact on students. Your attitude as a teacher can completely change a kid's day. I can tell when my kids who are normally happy aren't, and I think I can have either a positive or negative impact. I hope that every impact I have is a positive one," Duckworth said.
Duckworth's evident passion for teaching, interacting with, and helping students makes her an amazing member of the KHS family who always strives to improve the lives of her students and those around her. Keller High School is truly lucky to have such a special educator teaching its students.

-Submitted by Hannah Webb, Staff Writer 

Paul Shabay
One of the most underappreciated jobs, yet one of the most impactful jobs, is teaching. At Keller we have many wonderful teachers that deserve to be recognized for their accomplishment with their students. One of those teachers is Coach Shabay.
Not only is Coach Shabay a senior English teacher, he is also a strength coach. A strength coach trains pupils through exercise routines to improve their performance in athletics.
Teaching for over twenty years, Coach Shabay has had many interesting experiences teaching.  But the ultimate experience in "teaching is about the connection," Shabay said. He enjoys building relationships with students and teaching material while making it relevant to obstacles they will face in their lives.
Shabay graduated from TCU with a degree in English and physical education. Before he went into the field of teaching, he debated about being a pastor. Looking back on his life, realizing the impact his teachers had on him, he ultimately decided to teach to impact the future America.

-Submitted by Sandra DecaignyStaff Writer

Wes Upton 
Wes Upton is new to Keller High School and is excited to be a Keller Indian. After teaching science for five years, Upton finally decided that he wanted to be a counselor because he was interested in doing something outside of the classroom.
Upton also expressed how much he loves making an impact in the lives of others. "I try to demonstrate my passion for what I do through demeanor but also have fun in the process," he said.
Upton received his Bachelor's degree in Physiology from Texas Tech University and his teacher's certification from the University of North Texas. Afterward, he earned his Master's degree in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman's University.
Upton counts his teachers from high school as influences, and his parents "definitely instill in me the values and work ethic, things that I think have driven me to this point."
Upton also loves his students. "You help usher them into their next phase of life. You will see a lot of students come back and share how they have done well, and often times express gratitude for the input you've had as they go along."
Upton is excited to be working in a fresh environment and also be able to impact the students at
Keller High School.

-Submitted by Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer 
Connect with Keller HS
Faculty are committed to providing high quality experiences to our students, both in the classroom and beyond. Take a look at some of the clubs and organizations that KHS students engage in.
Biology Club

Biology club strives to enhance and provide a platform for the passion KHS student contain for biology. They will explore many facets of the biological field including activities that allow students to gain in depth knowledge and explore future career possibilities in the science world. 

The bowling club allows students to learn about the sport of bowling while enjoying social interaction and competition with other area schools. All practices, competitions and coaches are sanctioned by the Texas High School Bowling Club (THSBC).
Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club exists to let students write freely without the pressure of grades and specific assignments.


For additional club offerings, visit KHS Clubs and Organizations.
Indians in the News
  • KHS awarded First Six Weeks High School Attendance Champs.
  • KHS Band honored by the Foundation for Music Education
  • KHS Varsity Boys and Girls Cross Country and JV Girls Cross Country are 3-6A District Champions and will advance to Regionals. 
  • KHS Band awarded Grand Champion of the Duncanville Marching Invitational. 
  • KHS Theatre students join TCHS, FRHS & CHS theatre students on the stage at Timber Creek HS to perform the musical, Grease. Tickets on sale now. Performances run October 27th-30th. 
  • Need a Recommendation Letter for a College Application or Scholarship? Click here for more information.
KHS Goals 2016-17

Goal 1: Academic Rigor

G oal 2: Create a



G oal 3: Simplify and


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KHS Core Values
The KHS community commits to achieving high academic and ethical standards.
The KHS community competes in extracurricular, athletic, and fine arts competitions.
The KHS community involves ourselves with our school and community.

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