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Winter 2017
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 The Doctor's Note  

Greetings KHS Families,
Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote "Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind." Last week, we began a new semester and, while it seems to have ended as quickly as it began, our students and staff left their mark in the world. The accomplishments from fall 2016 range from academic to athletic to extracurricular, and they have been nothing short of spectacular. You can find the Keller High School highlights by clicking here.

This semester will prove to be even more fruitful for our students as we continue to engage in high quality learning experiences. Our students are encouraged to keep striving for excellence, and although there is still much to do this semester, you and your student will be planning for the next school year. Whether you're a senior planning your first-year college experience or a freshman planning for your sophomore year, we are here for you. Please put Indian Showcase on your calendar. It will be held on February 6, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. and will be a great opportunity to hear registration information, co- and extra-curricular and athletic opportunities, as well as Advanced Placement courses from our teacher and student panel. 
As time is something that we can never get enough of, I know that you will find that your student's time at Keller HS is well-spent. Our attendance rate for the first semester was 95.95%, very close to our goal of 96% for the year, and slightly better than it was at the beginning of December. Thank you for assuring that your kids get to school! 
Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success-both in school and in life. When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behavior and have a better chance of graduating from high school.
As a parent, you can prepare your child for a lifetime of success by making regular school attendance a priority. By figuring out the reasons for your child's absences - whether they're physical or emotional - and taking advantage of support services - such as tutoring and after school activities - you can help set your child on the path to success.
I wish each of our students and families a positive and successful spring semester.
Go Indians!
Dr. Michael Nasra
Get to know the Faculty
Keller HS Faculty
The faculty of Keller HS are undoubtedly our most valuable resource. Our faculty stand among the best in their profession. The average years of experience for our teachers is 11.9 years (TAPR Report). Nearly 1% of faculty hold a doctorate degree while 29% hold a master's degree. Meet a few faculty members below.
David Clemmons
David Clemmons is a passionate, brilliant, and excellent role model for the students at KHS. He has been teaching US History to the junior class since 1986.

Clemmons has a passion for history because he likes to learn about all different types of subjects and topics. "I like studying about everything, so in my history classes, I can talk about anything I want to," Clemmons says. "History is my thing."

"I had some great role models and some great teachers that helped me along the way, so I wanted to do the same for young people," Clemmons explained. He really wanted to impact the lives of adolescents and says, "I really felt a vocation or a calling to work with teenagers."

Clemmons has gone back and forth from being a youth minister to a teacher, leading the youth of today to reach heights they never knew they could go to.

"One of the things I'd like to do is help my students become lifelong learners," Clemmons said, "so I feel like if I can get my students interested in the subject that I teach, and get them interested in history, get them excited about whatever aspect of history that they like, then they will be lifelong learners and they will want to learn more."

In addition to helping students inside the classroom, he is also the sponsor of the Current Events Club. With the motto "Don't hate, debate," the club gives students the opportunity to talk about popular issues in today's society, all while in a safe environment.

"In the 170 students that I have, I hope that I develop in them an interest in my subject and a lifelong interest in being lifelong learners," Clemmons said.

Clemmons has been a prominent teacher throughout all of his years in Keller High School and he has sparked the interest of learning in many students.

-Submitted by Kate Carlin, Staff Writer 

Jamie Siegel
Not all of us are as lucky as Coach Siegel when it comes to finding our passion. While the rest of us aimlessly wander, searching for the thing that completes us, Siegel came face to face with her passion right after high school when she coached at sports camps for kids.

"From that moment on, I knew it was the thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life," she stated while thinking back to that moment.

After coaching for twelve years, she still can't wait for the next season and all the challenges it will bring the team, wanting to see how the team will deal with and apply the challenges to the season. She's also looking forward to seeing how the girls develop on and off court and how every season, every day even, they grow closer and closer together, becoming more of a family rather than a team. Loving to see the girls grow and accomplish their individual goals as well as team goals, coaching has proven to truly be Siegel's passion.

"My favorite part of the season is developing students on and off court and [being able to overcome obstacles]. I want them to be successful in life and [be able to] help develop them into strong individual leaders."

Now all that's left is to wait for next season so we can show our school spirit and support the volleyball team, right there next to Siegel.

-Submitted by Emily SemlowStaff Writer

Sutton Stevens 
One thing that everyone can agree on at Keller is that the people there are what make it great, especially the teachers. Keller has had many new, awesome teachers come into the district this year, including English teacher, Sutton Stevens.

Stevens has taught English for the past three years, teaching at Timber Creek High School before coming to Keller. Stevens teaches freshman and senior English, but loves her job, not just for the
teaching aspect, but having "a platform to influence this generation." She believes that the bigger part of her job is about building character.

Stevens went to Radford University in Virginia and Texas Tech. She played college volleyball and loves coaching.

Keller is very lucky to have such a compassionate, kind teacher who genuinely wants to touch the lives of her students and help them better themselves. She wants to remind each of her students that she's there to build a relationship with them.

What Stevens values most about her job is the personal moments that she has with her students, those where she gets to talk about life with them. She's looking forward to when she's been at Keller for an extended period of time and will get to have the same students she had freshman
year as a senior.

Stevens is such a kind and genuine young teacher whom Keller is excited to have on staff. She has the potential to better the lives of any student who enters her class and is an asset to KHS.

-Submitted by McKenna Hixon, Staff Writer 
Connect with Keller HS
Faculty are committed to providing high quality experiences to our students, both in the classroom and beyond. Take a look at some of the clubs and organizations that KHS students engage in.

The Debate Team encompasses both Speech and Debate. Students on the team compete several weekends a month throughout the school year.  

Fashion Club
The Fashion Club serves as an informative club for members to learn about fashion and how it applies to and affects society. As well, it allows members to explore their own unique styles in a non-judgmental space. 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a non-denominational Christian group of students, both athletes and non-athletes, who meet bi-monthly on Monday nights in the Lecture Hall. Each meeting is full of fun, fellowship, singing, and snacks. All KHS students interested in participating are welcome. Students who want to attend may just show up at the meetings. 


For additional club offerings, visit KHS Clubs and Organizations.
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