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Dr. Kathryn Downer, National Director

Pallium Canada Stakeholders,

Pallium Canada has had an exciting year to date engaging with stakeholders and partners alike at the HPCO 2016 Conference , the Advance Learning in Palliative Medicine Conference , National LEAP Advisory Committee Annual meeting and at the Pallium Canada - CARDUS Round-table session.

Pallium also participated in the Canadian Frailty Network conference and presented a keynote address at the BC Hospice Palliative Care Association conference.

Each of these opportunities has enriched our work to date and we thank all organizers for such great hospitality. We look forward to engaging with more of you at the upcoming CHPCA Learning Institute in Banff.

Dr. Kathryn Downer,
National Director
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LEAP Mini - Now available in French!

LEAP Mini is now available to LEAP Participants and Facilitators in French! LEAP Mini was launched at the 26e Congrès Annuel Du Réseau de Soins Palliatifs du Québec. To bring LEAP Mini in French to your community, contact !

Pallium Portal Resources for LEAP Participants, Coordinators and Facilitators
New supports include dedicated pages for:
  • LEAP Participants
    • Important terms
    • How do I make an account?
    • How do I reset my password?
  • LEAP Coordinators
    • How do I become a LEAP Coordinator?
    • How do I set up a LEAP session?
    • How do I take attendance after a LEAP session?
  • LEAP Facilitators
    • Who are LEAP Facilitators?
    • How do I become a LEAP Facilitator?
    • Where can I download the "Pallium Portal How to Guide?"
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