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Gina Tonic's escapades continue - find out how she coped with GDPR and its surprising positive outcome of encouraging human interaction! If you want to get something off your chest and be Gina Tonic for a week in our warts and all view of what goes on in the day-to-day life of a Global Mobility professional, get in touch with Myrianthe.
The Secret Diary of a Global Mobility Manager
To whom it may concern ...

How much pain did GDPR cause you? Are you now writing emails about "you know who going to you know where?"

Gina reveals the pains she experienced - from the staff living on another planet for the last six months asking if GDPR affected them, to the 42-page disclaimer the legal team helpfully drafted. Gina did find some positives though .... like spurring on some staff to interact as humans rather than send numerous emails.
From our Global Mobility experts
10 top tips for avoiding embarrassing cultural faux pas in Russia
With the FIFA World Cup in Russia dominating the news, Crown Mobility has some advice on how to prevent social and cultural faux pas in-country.

“There’s no need to become fluent in Russian or to read War and Peace before you travel but you do need to bring your curiosity and a willingness to shift out of your cultural comfort zone."
What can my company do to promote success on international assignments?
International assignments can come with a hefty price tag, so it’s important that you are doing everything possible to set the relocating employee and their families up for success.
Details of the EU Settlement Scheme (announced June 2018)
There has been an update to the European Union (EU) Settlement Scheme for EU citizens and their family members. These changes will come into effect later this year but will not be fully implemented until 30th March 2019.
Is your Diversity & Inclusion policy fit-for-purpose?
The internet is saturated with articles about fostering a diverse culture in the workplace and they all make it seem so easy – we just need to celebrate diversity in all its forms. In practice creating a diverse workplace is far more complex. How can we find a balance between the chaos of diverse approaches and values and the need to have a standardized diversity and inclusion policy?
Ways to prepare everyone in a family for repatriation
It may surprise an assignee how long it takes to settle in, even if they return to the same neighbourhood or a familiar city. They may find their home culture to be the foreign one. To avoid feeling displaced, here are things everyone in an assignee's family can keep in mind to prepare for their repatriation.