Basket Blessings

S hare with those in need this Thanksgiving!

1.  Please bring non-perishable, unexpired food items to the church by this Wednesday, Nov. 15.  Place on tables in lobby.

2.  Also welcome: grocery gift cards and turkeys ... bring them to the church office by this Wednesday, Nov. 15.

3.  Baskets will be delivered from the church during Nov. 15-16 (Wednesday evening and all day Thursday).  Call the church office (672-1821) if you want to help with delivery.



Gifts for Children in the Philippines

Help make Christmas more special for kids in the Philippines.

In support of our mission work there, Riverbend is sending Christmas gifts that our missionary, Nilo Sanchez, will distribute to children in his area of service.

To be involved, all you have to do is bring the items listed below to the church by this Wednesday, Nov. 15 (leaving them at the table near the church offices). 

You do not need to box up the items (bring them loose), as they will be sent in bulk packaging from the church and re-packaged in the Philippines before being given to the kids.
  • GIRLS:  Hair clips, Beanie Babies, dolls under 4 inches, socks, underwear (ages 4-10).
  • BOYS:  Matchbox cars, yo-yos, Silly Putty, socks, underwear (ages 4-10).
  • BOTH (boys & girls):  Crayons, pencils, markers, glue sticks, scissors, Play Doh.
  • CASH:  For $20, you can sponsor one of the Filipino children's Christmas.
For more info, call the church office (672-1821).
supper menu
November 15


COST:   Under 4 and over 90, free ... ages 4-12, $4 ... others, $5 ... family, $20 max


A business meeting exclusively for members of Riverbend is scheduled Thursday, Nov. 16, at 6 p.m. in the Worship Center.  The purposes: discussion on the proposed 2018 church budget ... staff changes 
 ahead ... 2018 church plans.

The church's affirmation on the proposed 2018 budget will be during Morning Worship on Nov. 19. 

NOTE:  Copies of the proposed 2018 budget are available at the Welcome Center  
Tickets ($14) available in the Bookcart Lobby
Sundays & Wednesdays through Nov. 26
Blake Knaebel

'Over the Edge'
At One Daytona

Riverbender Blake Knaebel will descend eight stories down the side of the International Motorsports Center (the headquarters of NASCAR and the International Speedway Corporation) this Saturday, Nov. 18. He will do it rappel style at about 9:30 a.m.

The reason? He is trying to raise a minimum of $1,000 for local children with healthcare needs.

If you want to help with a pledge, visit Blake's donation page (click here).

This is a joint project of Easter Seals and The NASCAR Foundation to help children in the Greater Daytona community.  The event's total goal is $200,000.

Saturday, Nov. 18
Youth Center
8:30-11:30 a.m.

It's time to give your feet a treat.  Take them to Sole-Savers, and they will be abundantly happy.  Get a free pedicure, foot/calf massage, nails painted, tasty refreshments & sweet fellowship.

Final foot-care opportunity until January 20, 2018


Riverbender Maria Calder
Board Member
Alpha Women's Center

Alpha Pregnancy Center, newly renamed " Alpha Women's Center," enjoyed a great banquet hosted by Riverbend on Friday, Nov. 3.  We had more than 280 guests and an exciting time, with excellent  food and fellowship and a challenging ministry update. A very touching, relevant testimony was presented by guest speaker Candy Gibbs, who explained the need for crisis pregnanc y centers. Many Riverbend members gave their time volunteering to help with this event, and we at Alpha Pregnancy Center are truly grateful.  

Pastor Scott Menez

the Word

Last Sunday
The Incomparable &
Unrivaled Lord Jesus Christ

Revelation 1:1-8

Last Wednesday

Pastor Michael Harsch
Linda Giovanni (center) was given a surprise "Thank You!" at a recent meeting of Sarah's Circle.  The occasion: her recently concluded 17 years of leadership of the women's ministry group.  She is shown with some gifts she was presented, which included the framed signature momento she is holding, the unique table runner being held by Marie Cortese (right) and some placemats being held by Arleen Fortson (left).
  • Now-15 -- Food collection for Thanksgiving baskets
  • 15 (Wed) -- Gabriel's Thanksgiving Feast
  • 15-16 (Wed-Thu) -- Delivery of Thanksgiving Baskets
  • 16 (Thu) -- Riverbend Members-Only Meeting
  • 19 (Sun) -- New Member Welcome ... Affirmation of 2018 Church Budget ... DTP for men
  • 20-23 (Mon-Thu) -- Church office closed
  • 20 (Mon) -- Be Renewed at WARM cancelled ... Men's Basketball cancelled
  • 22 (Wed) -- All Wednesday events at Riverbend cancelled
  • 23 (Thu) -- Thanksgiving
  • 23-24 (Thu-Fri) -- Promise Land preschool closed

'Spirit Week'
Riverbend Academy

Each day was different during Spirit Week at Riverbend Academy last week--with specific attire worn by the students and faculty each day.

ABOVE:  'Twin' Day
Academy art teachers Laura Johnsen (left) and Sasha Davis (right) became twins for a day wearing identical outfits they had purchased the day before. The students--Emma Rains and Kaitlyn McBride--came as Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

RIGHT:  'Senior Citizen' Day
Rebecca Davis (left) and Aubrey Knaebel came as two elderly ladies, supported by canes and donning spiffy hairdos,  


Upcoming on Sundays

Discipleship Training Program
Nov. 19 -- Men, 6 p.m.
Nov. 26 -- Women, 5 p.m.
Dec. 3 -- Men, 6 p.m.
Dec. 10 -- Women, 5 p.m.
Dec. 17 -- Men, 6 p.m.
Jan. 7 -- Women, 5 p.m.

This 'n that

Parents who wish to be a part of the Parent/Child Dedication Ceremony on Sunday, Dec. 3, must attend an orientation session on Wednesday, Nov. 29, in the Library (Room 128). It begins at 5:15 p.m.
# # #
Orchestra players needed:   trumpet, french horn, tuba, flute, clarinet, strings ... Please contact Pastor Rick Cobb (672-1821 or click  here ).
# # #
Joy Bible Fellowship Group luncheon is Tuesday, Nov. 14, at 11:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.


Looking Ahead

Sunday  -- Bible Fellowship Groups, 9 am ... Morning Worship, 10:30 am
Wednesday  -- Fellowship Supper, 4:30-6 pm ... Mid-Week Worship, 6:15 pm

Other Regular Weekly Activities
Sunday -- Riverbend Praise Team Warm-up, Worship Center, 7:45 am
Sunday -- Riverbend Worship Choir Rehearsal, Worship Center, 8 am
Sunday  -- Nursery opens (birth to pre-K); Children's Wing, 8:45 am
Sunday  -- Children's Church, Children's Wing, 10:30 am
Monday  -- Men's Basketball, Worship Center, 6-9:15 pm ... [CANCELLED on Nov. 20]
Monday -- Be Renewed at WARM, Vince Carter Sanctuary, 6 pm ... [CANCELLED on Nov. 20]
Wednesday -- Solid Rock & Cornerstone choir rehearsals, campus, 5:15 pm ... [CANCELLED on Nov. 22]
Wednesday -- Music & More (children) choir rehearsals, campus, 6:15 pm  ... [CANCELLED on Nov. 22] 
Wednesday  -- Youth: Family Group 'Breakouts,' Youth Center, 6:15 pm ... [CANCELLED on Nov. 22]
Wednesday -- Worship Choir (adults) rehearsal, Choir Room, 7:30 pm ... [CANCELLED on Nov. 22]
Wednesday -- Worship Orchestra rehearsal, Worship Center stage, 8 pm ... [CANCELLED on Nov. 22]
Thursday -- Morning Worship, Avante Nursing Home, 10 am ... [CANCELLED on Nov. 23]

14 (Tue) -- Joy BFG Luncheon, Fellowship Hall, 11:30 am
15 (Wed) -- Food collection for Thanksgiving baskets, tables in main lobbies
15 (Wed) -- Collection of items for kids' Christmas gifts for the Philippines, near church office
15 (Wed) -- Ticket sales for Dec. 1 Senior Adult Christmas Party, before/after worship
15-16 (Wed-Thu) -- Distribution of Thanksgiving baskets
16 (Thu) -- Riverbend Members-Only Meeting, Worship Center, 6 pm
17 (Fri) -- Drop-in Bridal Shower for Naomi Carswell, Rachel Mergener home, 6-8 pm
18 (Sat) -- Sole-Savers (foot care), Youth Center, 8:30-11:30 am
19 (Sun) -- Ticket sales for Dec. 1 Senior Adult Christmas Party, before/after worship
19 (Sun) -- New Member Welcome, during Morning Worship, 10:30 am
19 (Sun) -- Affirmation of proposed 2018 church budget, during Morning Worship, 10:30 am
19 (Sun) -- DTP (Discipleship Training Program) for Men, throughout campus, 6 pm
20 (Mon) -- Be Renewed at WARM, CANCELLED
20 (Mon -- Men's Basketball CANCELLED
20-24 (Mon-Fri) -- Church office CLOSED ... Riverbend Academy Thanksgiving break
22 (Wed) -- All regular Wednesday events CANCELLED
23 (Thu) -- Thanksgiving
23-24 (Thu-Fri) -- Promise Land preschool CLOSED
26 (Sun) -- Final ticket sales for Dec. 1 Senior Adult Christmas Party, before/after worship
26 (Sun) -- Lord's Supper, during Morning Worship, 10:30 am
26 (Sun) -- DTP (Discipleship Training Program) for Women, throughout campus, 5 pm

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Family Matters

Joseph Paul "Jep" Wagner III, a son, was born Nov. 9 to Joe & Sarah Wagner

Hamp & Kaye Johnson & Family on the loss of his cousin

Stewardship Update
November 12, 2017
Regular Tithes/Offerings ... $28,788.26
 Missions ... $1,103.00
Designated ... $376.00

2017 Totals
Weekly Budget Need ... $35,802.60
2017 Budget Need to Date ... $1,646,919.60
Total Tithes/Offerings ... $1,332,138.98
+/- Budget (19.11%) ... -$314,780.62
Missions (since 2/1/17) ... $54,619.12