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Since 1857, the AIA has represented the professional interests of America's architects. As AIA members, more than 83,000 licensed architects, emerging professionals and allied partners express their commitment to excellence in design and livability in our nation's buildings and communities. Members adhere to a code of ethics and professional conduct that assures the client, the public, and colleagues of an AIA-member architect's dedication to the highest standards in professional practice.

AIA is a three-tiered membership organization. Members join and maintain membership at local, state and national components.

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2014 AIAOC Holiday Party! Come and Celebrate!
Thursday, December 11thCome celebrate the season with friends and peers at the AIAOC Holiday Party! 

WHEN:Thursday, December 11, 6PM-8PM 

Libations and Appetizers provided 

LOCATION: Peter Blake Gallery- 435 Ocean Ave. Laguna Beach, CA 92651 


Space is limited, so please register today!

Catering by

Country Garden Caterers



ADA Related Lawsuits: What to Know
Wednesday, January 7th- The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) creates multiple triggers for lawsuits against architects.  Knowing the triggers and scope of such lawsuits may aid architects in avoiding such suits. Attendees will review a broad range of ADA related suits, including the involvement of a Certified access Specialist Program (CASp)  and discuss what to do if you or a client get involved or sued.

AIAOC Lunch Program- CA Supreme Court Decision Increases Litigation Exposure of Architect
Wednesday, January 14th- This program is for AIAOC AIA members- California Supreme Court decision in Beacon Residential v SOM expands an architect's duty of care to future residential property owners, where there is no contractual relationship. Attendees will receive a factual background of the case and learn how the court arrived at its finding. Attendees will understand how the case is applicable to California architects and design professionals, and how this potential liability will impact future business for California Architects. 

Architecture Beyond Earth: The International Space Station
Tuesday, January 20th- The International Space Station is mankind's most complex and challenging construction achievement beyond Earth. Begun on the drawing board in 1979 and completed in 2010, it has become a leading edge research center with many nations involved in its operation. David Nixon, an architect who has specialized in the space field since the early 1980s, has written a book about the Station's design history to be published next year. In this lecture he gives an overview of the project from an architectural standpoint and discusses the key differences between designing for space and designing for Earth.

Technology for Storytelling - How to Reach New Clients and engage a Global Community
Friday, January 29th- For design professionals, technology tools extend far beyond space planning and drafting. Today, technology is used to communicate more effectively with clients, tell engaging stories about you and your portfolio of work and market your business with scale and efficiency, in the office or on the go. During this session, discover how you can harness Houzz and integrated technologies to do just this - improve business efficiency, reach new prospective clients and streamline communications.

SUPER NotLY JANUARY 8-11, 2015

The announcement is coming soon.  Be ready to register.  All classes are free.  veryone is welcome to attend.  You do not have to be a USC Alumnus.  


Looking for ways to streamline your path to getting licensed? Check out our newest resource and empower yourself to meet your jurisdiction's requirements in a way that fits your lifestyle. Learn More Here

ARE 5.0 Transition Plan

Some of you may remember when we transitioned candidates from ARE 3.1 to ARE 4.0. It is safe to say that the Council learned several valuable lessons from that transition that we have applied to the ARE 5.0 transition plan.

Join an ARE Study Group!
ARE AIA ORANGE COUNTY NOW HAS THE NEW 2014 KAPLAN STUDY MATERIAL IN STOCK! Email: smiller@aiaoc.org for more information.

A growing group of AIAOC Associate members have been holding weekly study sessions in Irvine from 7-9pm on Wednesday evenings. Email executive director Jeffrey Gill at jgill@aiaoc.org  for more information or to add your name to the interest list.

AREInterested in passing your first ARE? (or your last?)- The following reference materials are now available for check out at the AIAOC Office:
  • The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice Joseph A. Demkin, AIA, Executive Editor The American Institute of Architects John Wiley & Sons, latest edition
  • Architectural Graphic Standards
    Charles G. Ramsey and Harold R. Sleeper
    The American Institute of Architects
    John Wiley & Sons, latest edition
  • The Architect's Studio Companion: Technical Guidelines
    for Preliminary Design
    Edward Allen and Joseph Iano
    John Wiley & Sons, latest edition
  • Design With Nature
    Ian L. McHarg
    John Wiley & Sons, 1992
  •  Designing Places for People
    C. M. Deasy, FAIA
    Whitney Library of Design, 1990
  • Modern Architecture
    Alan Colquhoun
    Oxford University Press, 2002
  • A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction
    Christopher Alexander, Sarah Ishikawa, and Murray Silverstein
    Oxford University Press, 1977
  • Programming for Design: From Theory to Practice
    Edith Cherry John Wiley & Sons, 1998
  • Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture
    John Musgrove, Editor Butterworths-Heinmann, 1996
  • Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the
    Decline of the American Dream
    Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zybeck,and Jeff Speck
    North Point Press, 2001
  • Sustainable Design Fundamentals for Buildings National Practice Program
    Canada, 2001
  • Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data 
    Donald Watson, Michael J. Crosbie, and John Hancock Callender, Editors 
    McGraw-Hill, latest edition  
You can find the ARE Study Material Check Out Form HERE
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Your Advocacy in Action

Did you know part of being an AIA member is to support local advocacy efforts?  Click here to find out more about how AIA is making a difference in California and how you can participate.


Learn More Here 
AIA San Fernando Valley IDP Design Competition


The AIA San Fernando Valley got some strong feedback about the timing of the IDP Design Competition.  Many didn't want to spend the holidays on this competition.  They spoke- we heard.  So we are revising the dates and hope that you can  redistribute the info as appropriate.


The competition involves the design of the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. Recently, this mission was lost due to fire. A new site has been selected and the AIA San Fernando Valley has worked with the staff of the mission to provide the programmatic requirements. While Survival Outreach Services has served as an emergency stopgap, the loss of the production, donation, residential facilities and half of the vehicles fleet has caused a significant loss of support of the mission's work with the homeless. This new facility will be enlarged enabling the mission to reduce the homeless population by offering self-sufficiency, life skills classes and training to the homeless.



edirector@aiasfv.org or 818-907-7151 


Also, more information HERE


2015 TurnKey Conference


Enter Your Project to Win a 2015 TurnKey Award

The TurnKey Conference, hosted by ALN Magazine and ALN World, presents a yearly award to recognize outstanding achievements in the design/build of a new building or renovation project that includes a laboratory animal facility. The award is intended to showcase new ideas and accomplishments in facility design, construction, renovation and operation.


The successful nomination should include a case study of the project including goals, scope of the project, any special requirements or restrictions that had to be considered, new ideas or technology that were incorporated, compliance issues, and the communication and coordination between the different stakeholders involved in the project.


Note that in order to be considered, the facility must have been completed no earlier than July 1, 2013.


One representative of the winning Facility of the Year team will receive a free registration to attend the TurnKey Conference, as well as hotel accommodations and a travel stipend (up to $500). A plaque of achievement will be presented at the TurnKey Awards luncheon during the conference along with an announcement appearing in ALN Magazine.


Nomination Deadline
Nomination package deadline: February 17, 2015
Winner notification: March 4, 2015


About the TurnKey Conference
The TurnKey Conference, sponsored by ALN Magazine and ALN World, is an annual conference offering programs specifically geared toward building or renovating laboratory animal facilities. The TurnKey Conference will be held in May 7 & 8, 2015 in San Diego, Calif. Click on the following link for details and to learn more about the TurnKey Conference.



Send submissions to:

Elizabeth Doughman
Editor in Chief, ALN Magazine and ALN World


General Information
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC)

The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC), the premier transportation hub in Southern California is opening December 13, 2014 to the public and will offer a unique variety of travel, dining, retail and entertainment options in one convenient location.

Read More Here



ACE Mentoring Program - Mentors Needed


Are you interested in mentoring high school students? The ACE Mentor Program of LA is looking for architecture mentors in the Orange County area for the fall semester. Founded in 1994, the ACE name stands for Architecture, Construction and Engineering. The ACE program helps to mentor high school students and inspires them to pursue careers in design and construction. For more information, visit Here


If interested, please contact Paulette Dallas, ACE LA Administrator

infoacela@acementorla.org, OR Katie Darter katied@whainc.com .

AIA Contract Documents

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) announced the addition of eight new AIA Contract Docs documents to the AIA Contract Documents� portfolio. Seven of these new documents belong to the Conventional (A201) family; the remaining two documents belong to the Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) family and the Program Manager family, respectively. The November 2014 launch includes the following new documents:


Conventional (A201) Family

  • A121™-2014, Standard Form of Master Agreement Between Owner and Contractor, where work is provided under Multiple Work Orders
  • A121™-2014 Exhibit, A: Determination of the Cost of the Work
  • A221™-2014, Work Order for use with Master Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
  • B121™-2014, Standard Form of Master Agreement Between Owner and Architect for Services provided under Multiple Service Orders
  • B221™-2014, Service Order for use with Master Agreement Between Owner and  Architect
  • C421™-2014, Standard Form of Master Agreement Between Architect and Consultant for Services Provided under Multiple Service Orders
  • C422™-2014, Service Order for use with Master Agreement Between Architect and Consultant

Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) Family

  • B133™-2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect, Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) Edition

Program Manager Family

  • C172™-2014, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Program Manager for use on a Single Project

Download new document samples for free today!

Do you have a project nearing completion?

Let us know about it! Provide estimated dates that the project may be toured by the Chapter membership, as well as the architect member/s we should contact for follow-up.

Contact Jeff Gill via email at jgill@aiaoc.org

Need an Intern?
You may want to consider students at the OCC and Saddleback architectural programs.  Please contact RoseAnne Kings or following the link provided here for OCC, or contact Lem Chin at Saddleback.


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