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Nick Ameli
President's Message

Nick Ameli, Jr., CLU, ChFC, REBC
NAIFA-West Virginia President

As I ponder over the last 50+ days, my head starts to spin. We've been through the Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare with a new Trump Care and it seems like it will still take a lot of negotiations. The Fiduciary Rule seems to be put on hold and there is still a lot of controversy. All of this reminds me of why we need to re-enforce our membership to help offset anything that affects our vocation.

Thinking back over the first few years of joining New York Life and becoming an insurance agent; I'm sure I experienced a lot of the frustrations that new agents face today. I remember in my training talking about making a sale one evening and feeling great. Then, the worst sound the next morning you can experience is the phone ringing. As you answer, you hear something like this, "We have been thinking and decided that maybe we had better wait to place the insurance."

That reminds me of the story about an old farmer who had a favorite mule that he called Sam. Sam had been a wonderful help too him taking care of his farm. One day the farmer said, "Sam, you have been a wonderful servant for 20 years and I am going to retire you. I'm going to retire you and put you out in this field and whatever you want to do is yours."

This went well for several months until one day when the farmer looked into the field for Sam, but he was nowhere to be seen. Finally he found Sam had fallen down into a well. The farmer got ropes and block and tackle and tried to pull Sam out of the well, but to no avail. The farmer decided to just bury Sam there rather than let him starve to death. As he took a shovel and threw dirt onto Sam, it landed on his back and Sam shook it off and stood on top of it. This continued until the dirt was high enough for Sam to just step out of the well.

The moral of this story is that sometimes we have setbacks and disappointments, but it depends on how we handle it. We can stand still and let the dirt of adversity overwhelm us or shake it off our backs and go on to a rewarding career.
Allan McVey In case you missed it...

Allan McVey Chosen as Next WV Insurance Commissioner

Gov. Jim Justice announced that Allan McVey will serve as the next state insurance commissioner. McVey is the vice president and agency manager for BB&T-Carson Insurance Services in Charleston, and has 48 years of experience in the insurance industry. This includes working with the West Virginia Workers Compensation Fund as a medical claims examiner.   

President's Message
Allan McVey Chosen as Next WV Insurance Commissioner
DI Day in West Virginia on Tuesday, March 14th!
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NAIFA 2017 Congressional Conference in Washington DC
Health Care Highlights by NAIFA-WV Lobbyist Thom Stevens
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West Virginia Di Day on Tuesday March 14th at Edgewood Country Club

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Think BIG!       Herman Dixon
Think BIG! Coaching & Training Newsletter

from Herman Dixon, CLU, CLF, LUTCF, LTCP

NAIFA-WV Past President, Speaker, Executive Advisor

Herman is the author of the forthcoming book, "Principles of Life and Leadership My Cat Taught Me" and will be speaking at the NAIFA-West Virginia State Convention on Friday, May 12th in Charleston!

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NAIFA Urges Congress To Reject DOL Exemption For State-Run Retirement Plans

The Department of Labor last year  implemented regulations permitting state and local governments to create mandatory retirement savings plans for private-sector employees and exempting those plans from investor protections required under the federal ERISA law.
Congress is now considering a pair of measures under the Congressional Review Act that would negate the DOL rules. NAIFA has sent letters to the leadership in the  House and the  Senate urging Congress to invalidate the DOL regulations.
NAIFA strongly supports efforts to promote retirement security for all American workers and has encouraged innovative improvements to our voluntary retirement system. However, it should not be the role of state and local governments to compete with existing, successful private-sector companies. Numerous private-sector firms offer retirement plans currently available to employees, including those who lack access to employer-sponsored plans. These include traditional and Roth IRAs.
It is particularly unfair (and potentially dangerous to consumers) that under the DOL rules these state and local plans are not subject to the same federal regulatory protections as private-sector plans.
Private-market plans have many advantages over state-run plans, not the least of which are the investor protections provided under ERISA. Workers who participate in employer-sponsored plans often benefit from employer matching contributions, auto enrollment policies, and auto escalation provisions. NAIFA believes that the government's resources would be better used to encourage employee-sponsored plans than to set up plans to compete with the private market.
State-run plans are also problematic in that they often place burdensome and contradictory mandates on employers. The DOL has acknowledged that a patchwork of municipal- and state-run retirement plans could require companies to contend with more than 100 jurisdictions with overlapping and conflicting mandates.
NAIFA's primary concern is that state-run plans will ultimately result in fewer plans, limiting the choices available to employers and employees. More robust private sector plans having to compete with state-run plans on an unequal regulatory footing could fall by the wayside. This would not benefit employees or employers, particularly small businesses.
NAIFA believes that the federal and state governments should use their limited resources to encourage workers to save for retirement, but should not compete with the private sector when it comes to setting up and administering those plans.

The NAIFA Blog can be found at www.naifa.org/news-publications/naifa-blog.


 Registration Now Open for NAIFA's 2017 Congressional Conference in Washington DC!

2017 NAIFA Congressional Conference

NAIFA will hold its next Congressional Conference May 23-24, 2017.

The first 500 NAIFA member registrants will be eligible for a $300 stipend to assist with their expenses, if they meet eligibility requirements! Click HERE for details!

In the past four years, over three thousand NAIFA members from every corner of the country came to Washington, D.C., and visited Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers and advise them on how their decisions affect agents, brokers, and their clients.

NAIFA held its 2016 Congressional Conference to establish and cultivate relationships with lawmakers, to share the expertise of NAIFA members from all 50 states, and educate them on the value that NAIFA members bring to their clients and the solutions they provide for 75 million American families.

Make plans to join the 2017 Conference and make an impact with your NAIFA association! Click HERE for complete details and registration.

Thom Stevens
Subscribe to Health Care Highlights!

Published by Thom Stevens, NAIFA-West Virginia Lobbyist

We are celebrating the 27th anniversary of our unique health care publication. Health Care Highlights is published weekly during the regular legislative session and monthly during the periods in between legislative sessions by the firm Government Relations Specialists, LLC.

Health Care Highlights provides a special focus on health topics of interest, legislative health deliberations, and a special section featuring the history and status of all health care bills introduced in the West Virginia state Senate and the House of Delegates.

For more information and to subscribe, please contact Thom Stevens, NAIFA-WV Lobbyist at 304-344-8466 or healthhighlights@aol.com.

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