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Stanley Hefner, LUTCF
President's Message

Stanley Hefner, LUTCF
NAIFA-West Virginia President

Hello fellow NAIFA members!

Winston Churchill said that never in history have so many owed so much, to so few.  He, as you know, was referring to the Royal Air Force during WWII that stood between the Luftwaffe and the British people. 

This makes me think of all those in NALU and NAIFA that have stood between big government and the insurance agent for all of these years.  There has always been a minor percentage of membership in this industry and I guess probably will be.  Meanwhile, we keep getting strafed and bombed as it were. I am grateful for the few who have stood in for the rest of us and protected us all these years.  I don't believe the average agent knows (or even cares) about this, but the readers of this newsletter do.

March 15th is designated as March Madness Membership Day by NAIFA.  Please take a moment to invite someone to join NAIFA or set up an agency meeting.  We will be happy to assist with a presentation ... phone call ... or whatever you need to make it happen.  We need your help!!

I attended a Horace Mann agency meeting in Columbus, Ohio last week and I did a spur-of-the-moment plug for NAIFA and asked those non-members to join.  Maybe many of you have a group meeting coming up with the company you represent.  Why not ask for 5 minutes to put a plug in.  You might turn someone's career around for the better.  Maybe you might recruit a new NAIFA leader to stand in guard for the next generation of insurance agents.

Stanley Hefner, LUTCF
Tom Hegna on ClientCast on March 9th

Because you support NAIFA with your membership, we're bringing you an opportunity to learn from one of the greatest minds in the industry,  Tom Hegna! Don't miss Tom's newest presentation "Retirement Challenges for Women" on Power Session LIVE by NAIFA ClientCast®. This fast-paced webinar will leave you with tons of ideas to help you fill your calendar and close more sales!

This session is valued at $100, but your seat is FREE as a NAIFA Member!

Save Your Seat

This session will be held on

Friday, March 9th, 2018   at   11:30 AM ET

The Power Session LIVE Advisor Webinars and NAIFA ClientCast® Automatic Marketing Program are part of your benefit as a NAIFA Member. Learn more about this benefit that helps thousands of advisors get more appointments and close more sales.

President's Message
Tom Hegna on Power Session LIVE on March 9th
You're Invited! NAIFA Membership Meeting in Charleston on Tuesday, March 13th
NAIFA Advocates With States To Help Veterans Become Advisors
NAIFA 2018 Congressional Conference in Washington, DC
Marc Silverman and Other Experts to Present at NAIFA's Performance + Purpose Conference
Think BIG! Coaching & Training Newsletter for NAIFA-WV members
Member Benefit of the Month: LUTCF Scholarship for YAT Members
Leadership in Life Institute Taking Applications for 2018
NAIFA LACP Certification Program
Government Advocacy: NAIFA's Mission Aided with IFAPAC and APIC
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Hildebrand Insurance Services

 For information on Sponsorship Opportunities with NAIFA-West Virginia, please contact Executive Director John E. Pauley, CLU, ChFC, CLTC at (304) 345-4343 or email

Happy St Patricks Day

Next NAIFA-Charleston Membership Lunch Meeting and CE Opportunity:

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Edgewood Country Club



"Disability Income - An Attorneys Perspective" (#103266, 1 Hour)

Tim Kiesling "Using Home Equity in Retirement" (#102038, 1 Hour)


"Addressing Retiree Risk During Retirement"

Join  Tim Kiesling, CLU, ChFC, RIPC, CRPC for an energetic and informative discussion about the many risks faced by today's retirees. Tim provides straightforward solutions to the questions being raised by current retirees who face a unique set of risks as they enter their Golden Years. Learn how we are perfectly positioned to help them address these risks and enjoy the retirement of which they have always dreamed.

NO CHARGE  for NAIFA Members and  $40.00  for Non-Members -  Includes lunch and CE filing fees!

Register Online


For more information and RSVP, contact Executive Director John Pauley, CLU, ChFC, CLTC:

Phone (304) 345-4343 or Email  johnpauley@ft.newyorklife.com

NAIFA NAIFA Advocates With States To Help Veterans Become Advisors

NAIFA has spearheaded an effort to encourage state insurance commissioners to participate in a  Veteran's Administration program that pays licensing and certification fees, up to $2,000, for former members of the military pursuing new professions.

So far, nearly two dozen states have gotten their insurance licensing regimes approved by the VA, most at the urging of NAIFA state associations. A new  Advisor Today article provides more details about this highly successful NAIFA advocacy initiative.

NAIFA Congressional Conference

NAIFA 2018 Congressional Conference in Washington, DC 

Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

In the past four years, over 3,000 NAIFA members from every corner of the country came to Washington, DC and visited Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers and advise them on how their decisions affect agents, brokers, and their clients.

NAIFA held its 2016 Congressional Conference to establish and cultivate relationships with lawmakers, to share the expertise of NAIFA members from all 50 states, and educate them on the value that NAIFA members bring to their clients and the solutions they provide for 75 million American families.

For the latest updates and registration, visit  www.naifa.org/events/congressional-conference.

Marc Silverman and Other Experts to Present at NAIFA's Performance + Purpose Conference

NAIFA members who are planning to attend the association's 2018 Performance + Purpose Conference are in for an experience they will never forget. The conference, which takes place September 13 to September 16 in San Antonio, promises to deliver everything that is on the wish-list of many attendees: a chance to give back to the community, unparalleled opportunities for networking, and top-notch presentations by some of the best speakers in the industry.

One of these speakers is Marc Silverman, CLU, ChFC, CFP, president of Silverman Financial in Miami. During his session titled, Prospecting Your Way to the Top, attendees will gain best practices on prospecting and marketing, and walk away with practical ideas they can implement as soon as they get back to the office.

When we caught up with Silverman recently, he explained why he chose to focus his presentation on prospecting and marketing. "Prospecting is the lifeblood of our business," he told us, "and it should be top of mind for all agents and advisors. It is the key to success in the business."

All agents and advisors need to prospect, Silverman stressed; if they don't, their business will suffer. But like many other disciplines, prospecting must be done in a consistent manner if advisors hope to achieve any level of success. So, they need to learn how to get in front of prospects and how to ask for their business. "If you don't prospect well and prospect consistently, you will soon be unemployed," he said.

For his part, Silverman focuses primarily on workshops and dinner seminars when he prospects. For one of these events, he recently brought in a star from Broadway to sing for over 200 people. "That was a huge success," he said.

Silverman has been in the financial-services industry since 1989. He is a highly sought-after speaker who has been invited to present at many high-level industry meetings. He decided to add P+P to his long list of speaking engagements because of the high regard he has for NAIFA. "Anything that NAIFA does is good for the industry and for members," he said. "So when I was asked to speak at the P+ P Conference, I said yes."

NAIA's P+P Conference for 2018 is a new kind of meeting - a meeting where you will learn from experts like Silverman, and also have a chance to be an expert yourself, thanks to Braindates - a new peer-to-peer learning system. And no matter what stage of your career you are in, you will find something at the meeting you can use to take your practice to a higher level of success.

So stay tuned for more information on this exciting conference - it is one event you cannot afford to miss!

NAIFA Annual Meeting in San Antonio Texas

Ayo Mseka
Advisor Today Editor-in-Chief
Think BIG!       Herman Dixon
Think BIG! Coaching & Training Newsletter

from Herman Dixon, CLU, CLF, LUTCF, LTCP

NAIFA-WV Past President, Speaker, Executive Advisor

Herman is the author of the forthcoming book, "Principles of Life and Leadership My Cat Taught Me" and guest speaker at the NAIFA-West Virginia 2017 State Convention in Charleston.

To connect with Herman Dixon, you may sign-up to receive his weekly Biz Tips or monthly Think BIG Newsletter here: 


LUTCF Scholarship for YAT Members!

The 2018 LUTCF® Scholarship Program

NAIFA and the College for Financial Planning (CFFP) are offering two full LUTCF® Scholarships this year. Each scholarship recipient receives tuition credits for each of the three courses that compose the LUTCF designation program. The application deadline is May 1, 2018.

In order to be considered for a scholarship, applicants must:

* Be a NAIFA member in good standing.
* Be YAT-eligible (40 years of age or under OR have been licensed for less than five years as of May 1, 2018).
* Have the endorsement of a member of NAIFA.

CLICK HERE to apply for the LUTCF® Scholarship.

For more information about the LUTCF designation program, click  HERE for flyer or visit  www.cffpinfo.com/LUTCF.

For a complete and comprehensive list of all the exclusive benefits of NAIFA membership, please visit www.naifa.org/Practice-Resources.

It Pays to be a Member Ask a non-member to join NAIFA today!

NAIFA is the largest financial services membership association in the United States, comprised of more than 700 state and local associations representing the interests of 200,000 members and their associates nationwide. NAIFA's goal is to protect your livelihood and your clients' financial security.

To join or renew securely online, please visit  www.naifa.org/membership.

Leadership In Life Institute
Leadership in Life Institute Taking Applications for 2018

The Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) is a six-month leadership development program devoted to advancing your personal growth and professional success.

The course offers:
  • The best in leadership and personal-development thinking
  • Tools to improve your practice and create a business plan
  • Increased understanding of self and improved interpersonal relationships
  • Expanded professional network and opportunities for growth through LILI alumni programs
  • Leadership opportunities in NAIFA
  • The One Page Business Plan® by Jim Horan
  • The Kolb Learning Style Inventory
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - the #1 predictor of success in business and leadership. Learn what your EQ is and how to increase it.
  • Credibility by James Kouzes and Barry Posner - all new and revised edition with sharpened focus on how leaders earn and sustain credibility
  • Study of Jim Collins' entire body of work on Good to Great companies, what drove some to fail, and others to thrive in uncertain times
Taking the course is an investment in oneself and the returns on the investment can be infinite. Graduates consistently report that LILI gives them the tools to succeed and 70% report a measurable increase in the growth of their business since graduating.

To learn more about the LILI experience and how to apply, CLICK HERE (PDF).

For more information about the program, please visit:


Mission: The NAIFA Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) develops leaders by fostering personal growth, enhancing business practices and developing skills necessary for effective leadership.
NAIFA LACP Certification Program
NAIFA LACP Certification Program

The NAIFA Life and Annuity Certified Professionals (LACP) certification serves consumers by recognizing financial professionals with a mark of distinction for their product knowledge, consultative sales process and compliance to ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements. LACP practitioners are held to a standard of excellence that defines and differentiates them from their peers and to the clients they serve.

To become an LACP, practitioners will meet the  eligibility criteria and successfully complete the LACP examination.  For more information about NAIFA's LACP Certification Program, please visit: 


NAIFA's Mission Aided with IFAPAC and APIC

The core mission of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors is advocacy. There is a common misconception that NAIFA membership dues include all the dollars needed to fund our national and state advocacy efforts. The fact is that NAIFA spends over 25% of its 12 million dollar annual budget to pay for lobbyists and programs to support our advocacy efforts. However, additional funds are needed to help gain access to our elected representatives. The source of these funds are from the Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee (IFAPAC). 

IFAPAC's goal is to help the associations advance the legislative and regulatory interests of the members of NAIFA. While any U.S. citizen can contribute to IFAPAC, only members of NAIFA may be solicited to do so. Contributions must be voluntary. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Of approximately 4,600 political action committees registered with the Federal Election Commission, IFAPAC ranks in the top tier. IFAPAC is the largest insurance PAC in the country. In the last election cycle, the national IFAPAC contributed approximately $1.8 million to federal candidates and committees.

For  Three Easy Ways to Contribute to IFAPAC, please click  HERE. To contribute online, please visit  www.naifa.org/advocacy/IFAPAC.

Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Involvement Committee (APIC)

 Our business is based on building relationships. The world of politics is no different. One of NAIFA's greatest strengths is that we have membership representation in each Congressional District in the country.

It is vitally important that we know which of our members know elected officials and how well they know them. Please click on the link below and complete the legislative contact form:

It Pays to Be a Member!

NAIFA-West Virginia  
Check our website for the latest news and updates: 


For more information, please contact NAIFA-West Virginia Executive Director John Pauley, CLU, ChFC, CLTC at (304) 345-4343 or email johnpauley@ft.newyorklife.com.