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Stanley Hefner, LUTCF
President's Message

Stanley Hefner, LUTCF
NAIFA-West Virginia President

Hello Fellow NAIFA members throughout West Virginia!

Things are winding up for the year 2017 and we soon will sit back and enjoy our accomplishments. Some of us have had an award winning year, some mediocre and well... some have work to do like myself. No matter what your year looks like, if you have had any success ever in this business, you can appreciate what you have. Freedom to work your own hours, freedom to give yourself a pay raise and if we are dedicated and hit company goals we can go places we wouldn't be able to in any other profession.

How did we get to this level of prosperity in our business? I guess we would have to credit all those who have gone before us. From the agent on horseback to the agent in an electric car (don't know any who would have one of those though). Many of those built the assets of all our companies and many of them belonged to NALU and NAIFA spending money and time to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.

I would like to recognize one of our peers, who work tirelessly and way beyond the call of duty to protect those in our industry, many who don't even know who he is. John Pauley, CLU, ChFC, CLTC is our Executive Director of NAIFA-WV and has been a part of NALU/NAIFA as long as I can remember. Whenever there is anything NAIFA, John is always there. Probably can't tell you what our industry would look like now without agents like John in our ranks, but I'm thankful for John and those who have taken the initiative on our behalf.

What the future holds is anybody's guess, but we need to press on and impress upon others the importance of supporting NAIFA. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but maybe you know someone you can show this letter to. Even if they don't spend the time, they can support financially as a tribute to those who sacrificed before them. Hopefully that will ensure that we all can sit back and enjoy our accomplishments at the end of year 2018, and for years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving! Stanley Hefner, LUTCF


How to Check Your CE Credits with Sircon

Sircon-Vertafore You must complete 24 hours of CE each biennium to keep your WV Insurance License including a minimum of 3 Hours Ethics courses and 4 hours of LTC credits in order to be able to sell LTC insurance. 

All paid NAIFA-WV members as of 12/31/2017 will receive 2 hours CE credits for their NAIFA Membership.  Be sure to check your transcript and advise of any discrepancies.  All agents may carry forward up to 6 hours CE credits in excess of the 24 hour requirement each biennium.

NAIFA-Charleston will be offering the 3-Hour ETHICS CE Course on Tuesday, December 19th.  See below for complete details and registration.

President's Message
How to Check Your CE Credits with Sircon
NAIFA-Charleston Membership Meeting plus 3-Hour ETHICS CE Course on December 19th!
NAIFA - Charleston 2017-2018 Membership Meeting Dates
Thank You NAIFA-WV IFAPAC Contributors!
Legislative Update: DOL Delays Fiduciary Rule
NAIFA 2018 Congressional Conference in Washington, DC
Think BIG! Coaching & Training Newsletter for NAIFA-WV members
Member Benefit of the Month: NAIFA Introduces LACP Certification Program
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Hildebrand Insurance Services

 For information on Sponsorship Opportunities with NAIFA-West Virginia, please contact Executive Director John E. Pauley, CLU, ChFC, CLTC at (304) 345-4343 or email


NAIFA-Charleston's Next Membership Lunch Meeting 
plus 3-Hour ETHICS
 CE Class Opportunity: .

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Edgewood Country Club: 


11:30 AM - 1:00 PM:

NAIFA Membership Lunch Meeting


1:00 - 4:00 PM:
3-Hour ETHICS CE Class ( #102471 )

$60.00 for NAIFA Members / $75.00 for Non-Members


Or RSVP to Executive Director John Pauley, CLU, ChFC, CLTC at  (304) 345-4343 or  johnpauley@ft.newyorklife.com.

Make check payable and mail to:

"NAIFA-Charleston", PO Box 3586, Charleston, WV 25336

Save the Date!
NAIFA - Charleston 2017-2018 Membership Meeting Dates

NAIFA - Charleston Membership Lunch Meetings are held at  11:30 am at Edgewood Country Club, 1600 Edgewood Drive, Charleston, WV 25302. 

CE class opportunities prior to the luncheons will be announced on our website at www.naifawv.org as well as our email membership newsletter.
All NAIFA members encouraged to attend... 

December 19, 2017
January 9, 2018
February 13, 2018
March 13, 2018
April 10, 2018
May 8, 2018

Sponsorships available for all NAIFA events! For more information, contact John Pauley, CLU, ChFC, CLTC at  (304) 345-4343 or  johnpauley@ft.newyorklife.com.

IFAPAC Please Consider a Contribution to IFAPAC

If Insurance Is Your Profession, Then Politics Is Your Business 

Bob Hurley By Robert B. Hurley, CLU ChFC

Special Thanks to NAIFA-WV's IFAPAC Contributors!


When I first entered the insurance and financial services industry in 1976, I didn't grasp the gravity of the legislative challenges the industry faces every day on both the federal and state levels. Whether it's fighting for our place in the advisory world, overcoming misconceptions about our professional integrity or advocating on behalf of our clients to ensure they have access to affordable services, I was na├»ve, to say the least. 

After about a year of being a NAIFA member, I was asked to contribute to IFAPAC. I did. Not because I fully understood what the PAC accomplished for us, but because I respected the person who asked me. Later that year, I met with our state lobbyist and that was the moment when I began to understand that our power is about educating lawmakers. 

In 2013, I attended NAIFA's first Congressional Conference in Washington, D.C. I wanted to learn about the process. I wanted to see grassroots efforts in action and see if they were effective. 

At the conclusion of my first Capitol Hill meeting, I discovered that my members of Congress were ordinary people. They had families and businesses back home-just like me. I realized that they-just like me-could not possibly have expert knowledge about every subject on which they would have to cast a vote-and that included our industry. 

As an individual constituent, my voice can only have so much sway with my members of Congress. That is why IFAPAC has played a crucial role in my passion for NAIFA. IFAPAC provides agents and advisors with a strong and unified voice on Capitol Hill. IFAPAC is a critical tool in our efforts to protect the industry from harmful legislation. IFAPAC gives all NAIFA members the ability to educate Congress and our state legislators about the impact that proposed legislation, or regulation, will have on consumers, financial services professionals, insurance agents and the economy as a whole. For these reasons and more, I contribute monthly to IFAPAC and make additional contributions at national and state association meetings. More importantly, I try to spread the word about the significance of IFAPAC to my fellow NAIFA members and commit to regular grassroots activities with my members of Congress. 

I love what I do. I want to make sure I can still do what I love 30 years from now. But I can't do it alone! All NAIFA members must be active. Won't you join me? 

NAIFA cannot contribute to political candidates. IFAPAC can, and that's what we do! In fact, IFAPAC consistently ranks in the top tier of more than 4,600 federal PACs in its political receipts and contributions to candidates. 

For Three Easy Ways to Contribute to IFAPAC, please click HERE

For more information about IFAPAC and to contribute securely online, please visit:


DOL Delays Fiduciary Rule


Statement from NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux, CAE:

"The Department of Labor today filed its rule with the Office of Management and Budget to delay the applicability date of the fiduciary rule by 18 months, which is a step in the right direction.

"NAIFA has worked diligently throughout this process to educate the administration and members of Congress about the rule's potential unintended consequences that could deprive middle-market savers of access to professional, individualized advice. We will remain vigilant to assure the DOL rule does not disrupt the marketplace, increase costs for retirement savers, and eliminate access for middle- and lower-income workers to individualized retirement planning services.

"NAIFA members are on the front lines in communities across the United States serving the individuals, families and small businesses the rule is likely to impact the hardest. NAIFA, ACLI and our coalition industry leaders will continue to inform lawmakers on the impact the rule is having on the industry and consumers. We look forward to working with the Department of Labor and Congress to ensure advisors are able to serve their clients and guide them to secure financial futures."


NAIFA Congressional Conference NAIFA 2018 Congressional Conference in Washington, DC


The 2018 Congressional Conference is scheduled for May 22-23, 2018!

In the past four years, over 3,000 NAIFA members from every corner of the country came to Washington, DC and visited Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers and advise them on how their decisions affect agents, brokers, and their clients.

NAIFA held its 2016 Congressional Conference to establish and cultivate relationships with lawmakers, to share the expertise of NAIFA members from all 50 states, and educate them on the value that NAIFA members bring to their clients and the solutions they provide for 75 million American families.

For the latest updates and registration details, visit  www.naifa.org/events/congressional-conference.

Think BIG!       Herman Dixon
Think BIG! Coaching & Training Newsletter

from Herman Dixon, CLU, CLF, LUTCF, LTCP

NAIFA-WV Past President, Speaker, Executive Advisor

Herman is the author of the forthcoming book, "Principles of Life and Leadership My Cat Taught Me" and guest speaker at the NAIFA-West Virginia State Convention on Friday, May 12th in Charleston.

To connect with Herman Dixon, you may sign-up to receive his weekly Biz Tips or monthly Think BIG Newsletter here: 


NAIFA Introduces LACP Certification Program

The NAIFA Life and Annuity Certified Professionals (LACP) certification serves consumers by recognizing financial professionals with a mark of distinction for their product knowledge, consultative sales process and compliance to ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements. LACP practitioners are held to a standard of excellence that defines and differentiates them from their peers and to the clients they serve.

To become an LACP, practitioners will meet the eligibility criteria and successfully complete the LACP examination.

For complete details and registration, please click  HERE.

For a complete and comprehensive list of all the exclusive benefits of NAIFA membership, please visit www.naifa.org/Practice-Resources.

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NAIFA is the largest financial services membership association in the United States, comprised of more than 700 state and local associations representing the interests of 200,000 members and their associates nationwide. NAIFA's goal is to protect your livelihood and your clients' financial security.

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