“Parents should be informed before they sign up their kids to play football
that the sport can cause long-term neurological damage,
even to players who don't have obvious concussion symptoms.”
-NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson to a congressional panel .
I wonder if the parents of Carlos Sanchez knew the facts?
Carlos Sanchez, 16, died on October 22nd.

"Sanchez was blocking, landed on the ground and hit his head,"
according to Gary Welchel, state commissioner Arizona Interscholastic Athletic Association.

"This was a football play," Welchel said in a statement.

What does this mean? Exactly what it says. This is what happens in football.

Headlines You May Have Missed:

Big settlement keeps a Canadian case from the courts.
Had the case proceeded to court, it would have been "one of the largest personal injury lawsuits … involving a Canadian university,"

A state appellate court [in PA] has refused to block a proposed class action
over concussion-related injuries against Pennsylvania’s governing body for high school sports.
The PIAA had argued that,
because the plaintiffs knew of the inherent risks,
it did not owe t he players
a duty of care .  

How can the plaintiffs be aware
…when professional medical groups refuse to endorse primordial prevention ?
…when parents, teachers, and administrators pressure students to beat other students?
…when our public schools continue to build culture around physical domination?

Here again Pop Warner argued that head trauma is an inherent risk of tackle football .

They know it, the doctors know it, but public schools are still offering these violent activities.
For children!

Hooray for Devin Shivers, 17, who quit football!

After playing for 12 years.
During a practice in June, Shivers took a nasty hit
and got his third concussion in three years .

His entire demeanor changed.

Shivers had raging headaches , trouble thinking and he felt depressed .

After researching about concussions, Shivers knew it was time to call it quits.

"My health is more important than just a game." Shivers said.

There are safer options!