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May 2017
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A sampling of gently used boats available

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Adaptive equipment and design for para rowers
Events & Regattas

Check out the upcoming events & regattas where we'll be in 2017. Be sure to contact your Z Rep for demo & rental availability. 

View the complete list HERE

Contact Us If You Would Like To Arrange RESOLUTE Services at any upcoming events. 

May 19 & 20
Stotesbury Cup Regatta (Philadelphia)

May 19-21 
USRowing Junior Regionals 
(Lake Quinsigamond)

May 27 
NEIRA Championships (Lake Quinsigamond)

May 27 & 28 - ACRA Championships (Lake Lanier, GA)


Rowing Reading
5 Keys to Success From The Author of The Boys in the Boat

"This is a story that reminds us of who we are at our best...A perfect metaphor for almost any team effort." (From: Urban Land Magazine)

Lights Off, Fuel On

Take advantage of elevated growth hormone by providing your muscles with the tools they need to grow. (From: Rowing News)

Coxswains are often compared to jockeys, quarterbacks, or some other form of screaming taskmaster. But our role is greater than that. (From: Rowing Mag)

Your Summer Reading List:

A must-read for athletes of all kinds (but especially rowers). This is Emory Clark's riveting tale of an oarsman's drive for the gold. Learn more or get your copy here

T. Gary Rogers
1942 - 2017

Coach's Quote
"I want to thank you for all of the kindnesses sent my way over the years ... you have helped me and my crews to achieve success in small (always "club") arenas at Middlebury, San Diego State, and here at Cal ... I am absolutely certain that we have never been "out-boated" = suffered ANY loss due to being in inferior equipment = because our biggest races have ALL been done in Resolutes!"

~ Doug 'Doc' Perez, 
Head Coach, California Lightweight Crew Association

Instagram Shout-Out Of The Month
Finding gold at the end of the rainbow with @wpimensrowing V8 at this year's NERC  

Photo Credit: Jim MacDonald   (Pun credit to @dschifilliti)
The Latest From RESOLUTE
A Shoe For Every Crew:
New Premium Rowing Shoes At RESOLUTE

RESOLUTE is proud to offer an array of rowing shoe options to fit the budget and performance needs of every rower. Included with every boat purchase is our most basic model of rowing shoe, but many crews desire something more performance-oriented --  and since optimal performance is the name of the game at RESOLUTE, we've got the shoe for every crew. 

All-New Carbon Fiber Wing Riggers
On Sale For a Limited Time.

Resolute's carbon fiber wing riggers just got better. 
Lighter, stronger and more durable, they are also:
  • Low to allow maximum hand clearance, yet still allow full shoe/foot stretcher adjustment.
  • Narrow inside the boat to allow 90 degree compression and full lay-back.
  • Aerodynamically shaped to  be faster and provide excellent water clearance. 

As an introductory special, we are offering the new riggers for the remainder of 2017 at the same prices as we offer aluminum wing riggers. Given proper care, including using  padded bags for transport, they will last longer than aluminum. Crews demo'ing the new  carbon fiber wing riggers observed that they were noticeably lighter, stronger and more comfortable, with the proper level of stiffness. (Not to mention, they said they looked really cool).   

RESOLUTE Boat Trailers Now Available!

Bring your fleet to every regatta safely & easily. Our new trailer system is exclusive to RESOLUTE and features galvanized steel, fully equipped features & competitive pricing. Available with financing when you finance a boat through us. Contact your  Regional Z Rep for details.  See The Specs

Looking for Used?
Check Our Classifieds

1995 MO Trailer 
Offered at $13,000

Seen the movie Patriot's Day yet?
Play a game of 'I Spy' and watch for the RESOLUTE in Mark Wahlberg's 2016 dramatic and respectful film about the Boston Marathon terrorist attack in 2013. (Hint: You'll see it at 9:19 - a quick clip  of Harvard rowing the Everett Abbott under Weeks Footbridge). 

News From The #resolutenation
RESOLUTE Maintenance Tip of the Month
How do you know how tight to set the torque on your rigger bolts? "Two finger tight" is what we always hear as the standard measurement...but what exactly does that mean? Depending on the wrench you use, you could be over-tightening. We measured it out, and 10 foot pounds should be sufficient. Obviously, you likely don't need to take a torque wrench to every mounting bolt, but if you try it with a torque wrench just once, at least you'll get a better feel for the correct level of force required. Our suggested torque setting for rigger bolts is: 10 ft. lbs. (120 in. lbs.) Questions? As always, give us a ring. We're here to make you go FAST. :)  

Need More Technical Info? You'll find it on the ZONE... Including a handy-dandy Technical Manual for setting your RESOLUTE up for success. Get it here or contact your regional Z Rep