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October 2016 Newsletter
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Veterinarian's Guide For Spotting Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence
The team at Animal Law Source developed a guide specifically for veterinarians and veterinary technicians to spot animal cruelty and domestic violence and encourage reporting suspected abuse to authorities. Animal abuse is often the first sign a family is in trouble. Such reporting is for the benefit of the animals, but there are often inplications for people as well.  By working together, professional and public awareness will be raised which, in turn, will lead to safer and healthier communities.  Click on the flyer to the right for the full version.  Also visit our website here for the Domestic Violence Section of our website dedicated to veterinarians and veterinary technicians.
Focus on Fulton County
Fulton County man accused of setting fireworks on his porch to scare his dog gets to keep his pet, but he was ordered to pay a $500 fine.  

See the full story from WSB-TV by clicking on the picture to the left.
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