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July 2016 Newsletter
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Cost of Care Act
In April, Governor Nathan Deal signed the Cost of Animal Care bill into law. This new law will hold offenders accountable for the cost of caring for animals during a pending case. This law will be of great use in cases involving costly impound, such as with horses or multiple animals.  Click here to read the law
State Passes Adoptable Dog Act
On June 27th, Georgia Pet Coalition's State Council Member Cheryl McAuliffe made a presentation to Representative Joe Wilkinson and gave him an award for his unwavering effort to make the "Adoptable Dog" the Georgia State Dog. The official Georgia State Dog emblem will drive many more people to shelters where they will not only adopt dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even horses! Thank you Representative Wilkinson!
Georgia Leads in K9 Hot Car Related Deaths
It’s great to be in the spotlight, but not for this. In the wake of the disturbing news that Georgia is leading the nation in K9 hot car related deaths, there is an effort in the works to make a law that would protect those attempting to rescue animals suffering in hot cars. Click here to read more.
Hot Dog Campaign Saves Lives
Through a strong PR campaign and diligent patrolling, the Henry County Animal Care and Control Department is raising “Hot Dog” awareness. The Department parks a decorated truck around town and patrols parking lots for signs of pets left in hot vehicles. Through the campaign, they are educating the community and saving lives. Way to go Henry County! 
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