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March 2016 Newsletter
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Search Warrants in Animal Cruelty Cases 

When drafting and executing a search warrant it is important to be prepared, to be as inclusive as possible, and to properly document and label all evidence. Read more about Search Warrants in Animal Cruelty Cases, and also Items to Take When Executing a Search Warrant and our recommended Animal Cruelty Investigation Checklist.

Georgia Legislation that Affected Companion Animals in 2016
It has been a great year so far for animals at the Georgia Capitol. Learn more about 2016 Georgia Animal Legislation by visiting the GA Pet Coalition website here
ALS Co-Founder Jessica Rock to Speak at Upcoming Child Abuse Prevention Symposium
Jessica Rock, Attorney at Law and co-founder of Animal Law Source™, will be a keynote speaker at the 2016 Child Abuse Prevention Symposium on Wednesday, April 13th. Join Jessica, along with fellow keynote speakers Maya Gupta, PhD, and Myra Rasnick, for their presentation, Some Victims Have More Than 2 Legs: Connections Between Child Abuse, Family Violence, and Animal Abuse. 
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Upcoming GACCA Conference
Join the Georgia Animal Care & Control Association for their annual conference on April 21-22, 2016 in Macon, GA.

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