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May 2016 Newsletter
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New Fulton County Doghouse Program from LifeLine and Animal Law Source

Typically, animal control officers are in the endless cycle of impounding animals and issuing citations – but not seeing long-term change.  Animals continue to suffer.  Animal Law Source (ALS) aims to help Fulton County Animal Control/LifeLine get to the root of the problem. Officers need to assist community members with proactive and positive education that helps not only modify behavior and understanding of animal ownership in an effort to keep animals in homes and out of the shelter, but also to build vital trust within the community they serve. ALS will provide funds for doghouses for the next 12 months that will be distributed on an as needed basis by LifeLines Community Outreach Coordinator.  

People who abuse or severely neglect animals should still be arrested and prosecuted, but rather than looking at the number of citations or impoundments as a measure of success, proactive animal control uses the way people treat their pets as a better assessment of effectiveness. To get there, we should be providing community members with information and resources and building relationships that foster trust in animal control agencies.  This will in turn keep more dogs with their owners and less dogs in the shelter, thus saving dogs' lives. 

Name the Program Contest! 

Do you have a great name in mind for the Doghouse Program? Email us at with your idea!
State Taxpayer Animal Relief Act PASSED!
On April 26th, Governor Nathan Deal signed the State Taxpayer Animal Relief Act into law. Be on the lookout for some training materials from us on how to effectively use this new law to hold offenders accountable for the cost of caring for animals during a pending case.
Counterfeit Rabies Tags - Be Alert  
Can you spot the fake? Chris Bussey, Animal Services Supervisor for the City of LaGrange, alerted Animal Law Source about an imposter rabies tag he recently encountered. Please make note of what a real rabies tag from your jurisdiction looks like, and be on the lookout for this fraudulent activity. (photo: counterfeit tag on left, real tag on right)
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