The Lucky Cat of Great Fortune is Shining on You! 
Bringing you radiant good fortune

Lucky cat

Years ago I went to Japan to visit my daughter who lived there for a while, and I saw ceramic cats everywhere. These cats called Maneki-neko are believed to be talismans of good luck. For centuries, these cats with arms that beckon to you are said to bring you radiant good fortune.  It may also be that your belief contributes to that, and so whatever force is bringing it in is for the highest good. A new time of expansion is upon us - not an apocalypse, but an opening of potentialities. May this new era bring your wishes into the fullness of their manifestation, and may you prosper in every way.  


If you live in Northern CA, you may want to come to a program I'll be giving in January at the beautiful East West Bookstore in Mountain View.

Free Intro Talk 7:30 pm, Friday, Jan.11, 2013: The Wise Mind & Brilliant Transformation
Discover a profound and inspiring method for working with the brilliance of the Wise Mind, the life-transforming power of innate wisdom.

Full-Day Program 11:30 am to 4:30 pm, Saturday, Jan 12, 2013; The Power of Spiritual Healing and Transformation. Make a direct connection to a force-field of healing that can lift up emotions, mind and physical issues. $65 before the event.

Find out about these programs here.

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Miraculous Prosperity Breakthrough: Little-Known Tools and Techniques to Create More Money in Your Life!

An informative, simple to grasp, inspiring ebook, a set of 4 mp3s of the spoken word version of the ebook, a special mp3 guided meditation called "Miraculous Prosperity, a 6-minute mp3 of new kinds of affirmations to listen to any time!
It's on sale for only $27 for the whole package!

It's filled with great material. It goes beyond a lot of programs in this field because it works on a deep subconscious level and helps you to clear out anything that's in the way. You learn to think more expansively and bring more opportunities in your direction. It's dedicated to helping you become a magnet for money!

And for no additional fee, you can now become a
Certified Prosperity Breakthrough Practitioner!


For a very short time, receive a discount on private sessions and mentoring with Marilyn in person or by phone (end date to be announced).
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Sessions and mentoring - only $125 each for a short while
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Abundance sky

Consultants, hypnotherapists, coaches, healers and all others who love to assist others to excel at anything in their lives! A 5 module home study program with recordings and handouts.


Come learn secrets for your clients and yourself to overcome setbacks and obstacles and excel in any area of achievement...and increase the quality and bottom line of your life and work! This is an extraordinary program filled with techniques to assist people in the areas of: Learning and test-taking, Creativity: writing, performance, arts; Business and career: consulting, coaching, Hypnosis or any other business; Job search; Performance areas such as sports and public speaking; Other areas of achievement


Was $177; then $77 - and NOW $47. Receives rave reviews!
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Here's what someone just told us: 

"I love, love all your programs.  In all the years that I have done many trainings, yours is the best I have ever taken. You give exact information on what to do and how to succeed.  I am currently also, taking the Achievement since I want to take everything you have.  I am blessed to have found you."

Yoli Valdes, Italy

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Hypnotherapy Certification Program on weekends. Begins February 9 

One person from our class that ended about 2 months ago said this: "I am overflowing with gratitude for the course! It has raised my vibration and I've already booked 5 clients and doing my recordings and they love it!"

Are you ready to go to the next level of your work and life? Come be with us!


NGH Certificate

And more to come!

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With  love and gratitude for your interest and your presence!

Marilyn Gordon             
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