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An Expert Insider's Account and Understanding of What Led
Lee Boyd Malvo to Murder


The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo             

The D.C. Sniper 


Carmeta Albarus, MSW, LCSW, with forensic analysis by Jonathan H. Mack, Psy.D.           

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Read an excerpt from the introduction, A Nation in Fear -- The Crime | Read interviews with Carmeta Albarus and Jonathan Mack | Listen to an interview with Lee Boyd Malvo  | Table of Contents  


"Lee Boyd Malvo's chaotic life at the hands of 'caregivers' didn't make headlines until he pulled the trigger. Carmeta Albarus's detailed account -- from extensive interviews with the boy who was groomed by a predator to murder-provides compelling insight into the mitigating circumstances of his story." - Kathleen Carty (Read more reviews)


Called in by the judge to serve on Malvo's defense team, social worker Carmeta Albarus was instructed by the court to uncover any information that might help mitigate the death sentence the teen faced. Albarus met with Malvo numerous times and repeatedly traveled back to his homeland of Jamaica, as well as to Antigua, to interview his parents, family members, teachers, and friends. What she uncovered was the story of a once promising, intelligent young man, whose repeated abuse and abandonment left him detached from his biological parents and desperate for guidance and support. In search of a father figure, Malvo instead found John Muhammad, a veteran of the first Gulf War who intentionally shaped his prot�g� through a ruthlessly efficient campaign of brainwashing, sniper training, and race hatred, turning the susceptible teen into an angry, raging, and dissociated killer with no empathy for his victims.

In this intimate and carefully documented account, Albarus details the nature of Malvo's tragic attachment to his perceived "hero father," his indoctrination, and his subsequent dissociation. She recounts her role in helping to extricate Malvo from the psychological clutches of Muhammad, which led to a dramatic courtroom confrontation with the man who manipulated and exploited him. Psychologist Jonathan H. Mack identifies and analyzes the underlying clinical psychological and behavioral processes that led to Malvo's dissociation and turn toward serial violence.

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