- $150.00 -
(Package retail price $185.00)
[ 6 ]  12oz. Rib Eyes
[ 4]  12oz. Strip Steaks
[4 1.5lbs. Packs of Ground Beef   
Thats OVER $30.00 in savings!
Bundled with care for your May grilling occasions.

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When placing order please let us know the general location for delivery and times/days that are convenient for delivery.

Custom Orders
We deliver any order of at least $150 locally. Create your own order or add to the existing bundle special. Call or email for pricing and availability on specific cuts.

  • Naturally Raised
  • No Added Hormones
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Humanely Handled
  • Dry-Aged 21 Days

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We hope to see you there!