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 Mother's Day Special
40% off all ladies apparel and 20% off full price green fees for everyone  on 
Mother's Day, Sunday May 14th.
Happy Mother's Day
From All of the Staff & Management at HPG

Offered for the month of May 
7:00 am - 8:00 am times Monday - Friday
$10 off your green fee
Maintenance Department

The maintenance department is in full swing now doing its best to compete several tasks. Some of these include:
  • Continually working on the gardens, new mulch, pruning and new plants
  • Fairway aeration and verti cut has started but with solid tines only (no core)
  • Fairway top dressing will start again as the verti cut is complete
  • Sod repair to Pacific 7 is complete
  • Tee sign on Highland 5 has been repaired
Good golfing to everyone at Highland Pacific. We strive to make it as enjoyable as possible. 
Geoff Sheffield
Course Superintendent
Highland Pacific Team Member Profile

Each month we will be introducing a member of the Highland Pacific team for you to get to know a little better. This Month's Team Member Profile is all about Fred Green

Our Food and Beverage Manager, Fred Green, has seen his share of action in the world. Originally from Terrace, BC Fred's formative experience in the food and beverage industry came while living and serving in the rugged, mystic Haida Gwaii. Working as a server at the Sand Spit Inn Fred developed a knack for catering to guests and learned the art of serving the masses in logging camps and fishing lodges. Mr. Green certainly has shown that type of work ethic at Highland Pacific Golf. Fred then accepted the opportunity of becoming the General Manager of the Sand Spit after stints in the various camps leading a dynamic team of service professionals at that fine establishment.

Fred took a bit of a break from the hospitality industry and served in the capacity of paramedic in the Haida Gwaii as well which helped hone his skill and passion in Health and Safety. Fred is a keen member of our Health and Safety Committee here at the course and helps keep our internal and external guests safe every day! Ask Fred to tell you some of his stories from his time as a paramedic as they are nothing less than hair raising!

Fred has also completed his pilot training here in Victoria but as prices sky rocketed, air time hard to come by and career opportunities scarce Fred gravitated back to the hospitality industry. He joined the team here as chef in 2011 and was promoted to Food and Beverage Manager shortly there after. We are lucky to have someone leading our Café team with as much vast experience as Fred Green and, as with the rest of our team, he looks forward to serving all of our guests at Highland Pacific Golf.

TaylprMade logo
Taylor Made Demo Day
Saturday May 6th
10:00 am-2:00 pm
Cobra Demo Day
Wednesday May10th
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Academy Tip of the Month
Chipping is one of the most important parts of the game that is easy to learn.  It can also drastically lower ones score but very few people practice it properly. We execute chipping when we hit the ball just a few yards from the green in an attempt to give our selves a makeable putt. Follow these rules to improve your chipping:
  • Rule #1 - Weight forward, hands slightly forward at address and keep them there. This allows you to hit slightly down on the ball and catch the ball solidly.
  • Rule #2 - Pick a landing spot just on the green (a few feet on, just past the fringe). When the hole is close in proximity choose a lofted club to allow for less roll. If the hole is further on the green (lots of green to work with) choose a lower lofted club such as a  7 or 8 iron to let the ball release to the hole with a shorter swing. With smaller more concise swings you will get more consistent contact and better overall results.
  • Rule #3 - Consistent tempo. Make sure you have the same smooth rhythm both backswing and forward, this will allow for predicted results on how far the ball will roll out. If you get quick with the tempo the ball will come out hotter with more rollout and exactly the opposite if you decelerate through the shot.
If you focus these 3 basics the next time you go to practice you will see increased results in your chipping and lower scores. Always remember a good short game can make up for a lot of mistakes that can happen throughout a round! As always, consult our PGA of Canada Professional at the Highland Pacific Golf Academy with any questions and they will be glad to help.

HP Academy logo
  Group Lesson & Junior Programs
We are now taking registration for our
Junior Summer Camps. 

Our group drop in lesson schedule is always available on the website, please visit it

Whether you are a beginner golfer or are  just in need of a spring tune up,  we offer instruction for men,  women, seniors, couples, & juniors. 
  Want to learn more?

Any questions regarding any lessons please contact Axle Riley, Associate Pro

The Range Café
Hours of operation are
8:00am - 6:00pm daily
Be sure to check out some of our
fantastic daily features.  As well as
fresh homemade soups and chili
served daily.
Running short on time?
No problem,  call ahead and we can have
your order ready for you to eat in or take out.
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