Dear Shaker Resident,

Welcome to the The Mayor's Report . I look forward to using this electronic newsletter to keep you informed about initiatives I am focused on and to report on important news and developments from around the City. Below is a short video message from me followed by additional information that I want to share with you.
Click the video (left) to watch a welcome message.
In the video, I briefly outline three priorities that are an immediate focus for me. Below you will find more details about those priorities.

1.     Economic Development

Economic development activity has grown at an impressive rate in recent years. I am working hard to maintain this pace by pursuing and creating opportunities to continue the expansion of the business, commercial and retail areas throughout our City.
Two of our main retail districts are attracting new businesses to the City. This creates an opportunity to attract additional investment in the City.
Van Aken District
Through our regular updates from RMS, the developers of the Van Aken District, I am pleased to share that work is progressing at a steady pace. Visit the Van Aken District website for the latest information on businesses and tenants slated to open in the District . The timeline below shows just how soon we will be gathering in the District to enjoy all that it will offer: 
  • May: Restaurant building facing Farnsleigh under construction
  • May: Office building opens and tenants begin moving in
  • June: Residential leasing begins on Upstairs at Van Aken apartments
  • August: First residential tenants move into Upstairs at Van Aken apartments
  • August: Retailers begin to open
  • August: Mitchell’s ice cream store opens
  • October: Market Hall opens
It is exciting to see that after many years of planning and the successful transformation of the Chagrin/Warrensville intersection, Shaker’s new downtown is taking shape and soon it will be a destination for Shaker residents and others from around Northeast Ohio.
Chagrin-Lee Commercial District
Business activity continues to grow with storefront improvements and new businesses opening and expanding in the Chagrin-Lee commercial district. I, along with our community partners, look forward to building on that positive momentum.

2.     Fiscal Stewardship

The City has a long history of sound financial management. Among other benefits, this fiscal stewardship has resulted in strong bond ratings from the City's independent rating agencies. I am committed to ensuring that the City continues to operate prudently, efficiently and cost effectively.
3.     Attract and Retain

The City has been at the forefront of creative efforts to attract and retain residents - one of our community's greatest strengths. This is a high priority as we look for opportunities to ensure that Shaker remains a unique and special place to live and work.

I look forward to working with all our residents, City staff and community partners as we pursue these initiatives.

And lastly, as a reminder, the Memorial Day Ceremony and Parade will take place on Monday, May 28 when we will gather to honor those who have served in America's wars and remember those men and women who have given their lives in service to our country. The ceremony begins at 9 am by the Veteran's Memorial in front of City Hall on Van Aken Boulevard and is followed by a parade down Van Aken to Thornton Park where the pool will be open. This long-time, multi-generational community event is the kick-off to summer in Shaker. I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Mayor Weiss Signature
David E. Weiss