Politics and the Pulpit of FBC

On Thursday the President signed an executive order that generated lots of conversation in the religious world.  Here is how USA Today summarized it:

“Trump's executive order…calls for easing of Internal Revenue Service enforcement of the so-called ‘Johnson Amendment,’ which prohibits churches from getting directly involved in political campaigns…While only Congress can formally do away with the law, this will pave the way for churches and other religious leaders to speak about politics and endorse candidates without worrying about losing their tax-exempt status.”

Now, I ain’t speakin fer the President’s order and I ain’t speakin’ agin’ it.  (Plenty of people are lining up to do both.)  What I want to say here is that, as for me and my role as pastor, it changes nothing.

Of course I will speak about issues as I believe appropriate.  I intend not to be reckless, but to be prudent.  Yet if I believe I have something helpful to add, in light of my understanding of Scripture, and seeking to be obedient to God’s Spirit, I will speak.

Furthermore, as a congregation, we will discuss issues.  We will do that in Sunday School classes and small groups and even in settings to which we all are invited.  If a church is not engaging in, and adding a voice to, discussions taking place in our culture, we will become increasingly irrelevant.

However…as Pastor I’m not going to endorse or condemn parties and politicians.  I’m not going to champion them or belittle them.  The President’s executive order might give me the leeway to do so, but my convictions do not.  Remember 1 Corinthians 10:23:  “All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify.”

So, for what it’s worth, don’t worry that you are about to hear political commercials from the pulpit of First Baptist.  I don’t think you want me to be political, and I know you don’t need me to be political.

Your pastor,
Sunday, May 14, 2017
Sermon by Travis Collins
Hannah, Samuel, and Us
1 Samuel 1-3

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Down in the River to Pray - arr. Tunney

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