The Mind/Brain Debate
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For the past few years, I've been attending several discussions related to the mind/brain debate.  This debate centers on the question as to whether our minds and brains are component parts of the same physical entity or are two different things, i.e., monists versus dualists.


One of the best venues for these discussions is the wonderful Rubin Museum of Art which has a yearly program called Brainwave wherein noted neuroscientists dialogue with those who have achieved notoriety in the arts or other interesting disciplines or endeavors.


Most of the neuroscientists seem to be in the monist camp and that, often, makes it difficult for them to understand the mind process of those who are creative or spiritually-oriented.


Since the issue, ultimately, has implications related to approaches to mental health, I feel the desire to put forth my own thoughts based on my work in the areas of Negativity Clearing and Past Life Regression in particular, as well as my reflections on circumstances from personal experience.


Those, who know me well, know I face most philosophies or esoteric endeavors as a skeptic.  That is especially true of the work I do.  Things have to "make sense" or be proven before I get involved.  Yet, even though I've always considered myself a dualist with regard to this particular subject, I've never proven it to myself until recently.


Although I've always had difficulty in remembering names, lately, I went through a period where I seemed unable to find the words to articulate many of my thoughts or to describe images that were clearly in my consciousness.  It was almost as if I'd forgotten the English language.   I, finally, came to the realization that, although my mind knew exactly what it wanted to express, my brain was failing to release the required information.


I began to think of my brain as a vast library of my experiences and knowledge in which I sometimes found myself lost in the "stacks" (as we referred to the shelves of books in college) and couldn't find what I sought.  In other words, my mind was perfectly lucid, but my brain was not delivering.


I, then, wondered if, in more radical situations, such as those involving coma victims or those afflicted with strokes, bi-polarity, dementia or even Alzheimer's, the minds of these people were, actually, functional and it was only their brains that were failing them.  If that is the case, there may be ways to reactivate or repair their brains being missed by the monist focus that a dualist vision might provide.  And, I'm continuing to pursue this possibility.


I always go back to square one to build my train of thought...


If our souls enter this world as blank slates with free will, then our brains become  the repository of our distinctive experiences.  The feelings that are part and parcel of these experiences, gradually, awaken the mind to its individual view of why it chose this incarnation and what it was intended to learn or do on its path to enlightenment. 


If properly nurtured and mentored, our unique view will develop a contemplation of consciousness that will allow it to work with those of evolved others to construct a world that will best reflect the idea behind Creation. 


Co-creation is, therefore, a team effort in which we are like the separate notes in a grand symphony.  And, our minds utilize our brains as their tuning instruments.


However, if the latter is damaged or becomes defective, the progress of the mind may become stagnant or rest in limbo.  And, when the brain and/or the body housing it, eventually, gives out, the mind moves back to the soul dimension and may choose to begin the process again. 


So, neuroscience may provide us with a useful Dewey Decimal System of how our personal libraries operate, but it is up to our individual minds to absorb the information contained on the shelves of our experiences and prompt us to act in order to fulfill the purpose for which we have chosen to be here.


For me, dualism rules!


What's your perception?                      


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