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Fall 2013
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Sharing the Gospel alongside my son 


If you haven't seen him recently, the man-child in the bottom left hand corner of the picture is my son, Kyler.


Not only is he brilliant... not only does he speak fluent Spanish (which was an incredible asset on our Nicaragua trip, I might add)... not only is he handsome (the senioritas flocked around him down in Central America)... But his faith in Jesus is strong. 


This was by far one of my favorite expeditions because we had the opportunity to share the Gospel with people as a father/son team. There is nothing like watching the Lord work through your child in such a tangible way. 


(Warning Shameless Plug) you should join me on an expedition and bring one or more of your children!


The Witch Doctor (Stories from Nicaragua)


While in Nicaragua this year we worked in a new area, called Danta. Danta is WELL known for witchcraft and having many witches.
This area is futher out than we have worked before, and we sent a team there to prayer walk one afternoon, and the next day sent in a team with the senior pastor from TN (pastor Barry from Believer's Chapel in Murfreesboro, TN) and  Pastor Miguel.  Pastor Barry had given a devotion in the previous morning from ephesians 6 about putting on the armor of God and that morning we had spoken about knowing our identity in Christ.
The team went out with boldness and all of the people from the local church in Cuajiniquil (the village of home church) that we are working with were shocked at the end of the day to find out that 10 people in Danta received Christ!




A New Venture


Just to let you know, I am now an insurance agent working with Farmers Insurance Group. 


Why? Fund raising has been up and down, but more downs than ups.


What does this mean? Two things. I will continue to work with e3 and take a part time salary, as I have been for some while. And I will also be providing insurance for folks in Tennessee at the same time.


My Supporters? My goal is to be self supported by October 2014 and still working with e3. So if you are on my financial support team, I'm asking you to please remain on my support team until October 2014. This will be very helpful for me providing for my family in the mean time.


As usual, thank you so much for your support!




Nicaragua 2013



Late May 2014

Early August 2014

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