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Winter Maintenance Tips
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Car Care Tip of the Month
  Keep your gas tank more than half full to prevent gas lines from freezing.
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Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter is upon us, and winter driving comes with it. While safety is an important consideration all year long, there are certainly some auto maintenance jobs and safety checks that are specific to chilled air and winter driving that are good to check into before we're knee deep in the season. As with any change of season, you should go to your regular maintenance log to make sure you are up to date on the maintenance items that should be taken care of throughout the year.

Winter Specific Maintenance
Freezing temps, salted roads and wintery precipitation can gang up on your car. These winter maintenance jobs will keep you out of trouble:
  • Check your antifreeze
  • Inspect your tires
  • Replace your wipers
  • Check your windshield washer fluid
Annual Maintenance Procedures
On top of the checks you need to perform to ensure safe winter driving, now's a good time to do some annual maintenance. These aren't necessarily specific to winter driving, but it's a good point on the calendar to get around to doing this stuff:
  • Clean your battery posts
  • Inspect your spark plug wires
  • Inspect your brakes
  • Check your engine oil
We invite you to stop at any of our Schierl or Hartje Tire and Service Centers, and we would be glad to assist you with any of these items .
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Featured Tire
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Cold-Weather Emergency Kit      
Having a cold-weather emergency kit ready will give you peace of mind when you are out driving, especially on a trip. It will also be helpful to have this emergency kit should you come upon another motorist who is unprepared.

Purchase a duffel bag and include the following items:
  • Emergency road flares or reflective triangles, jumper cables, fix-a-flat, approved gas can, basic tools
  • Flashlights and batteries, battery-operated radio, cell phone with a car charger, folding shovel, tire traction material such as sand or cat littler, rope, compass
  • First aid kit, maps, medication, cigarette lighter, white handkerchiefs to tie on the handle of your car door
  • Extra clothing including jackets, boots, gloves, scarves, and extra blankets
  • Nonperishable snacks such as high-calorie food bars and containers of water
  • A HELP or CALL POLICE sign to place in your car's window
We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you all the best in the new year !
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