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Catanas in the Cascades
TMC Launches New Website
See You at the Miami Boat Show
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Post-Survey Negotiations
TMC President, Phillip Berman, discusses one of the most difficult aspects of a boat purchase for everyone involved - post-survey negotiations.
Originally published in Multihulls Quarterly Magazine, the article provides both buyers and sellers a detailed look at one of the most trying aspects of any boat sale. 
Featured Multihulls
1998 98' Nautitech Charter Cat
La Belle Mer

1992 65' Lindenberg

2002 62' Gunboat 62
Cucu Belle

1997 60' Fountaine Pajot Marqueses
Equinox II

2006 60' Fountaine Pajot Eleuthera

2003 60' Fountaine Pajot Eleuthra 60
Grand Bleu

2009 60' Fountaine Pajot Eleuthera 60

2003 58' Catana 582

2004 58' Privilege 585
Go Free

1983 56' Custom Cross Trimaran Pilot House Ketch

1996 56' Fountaine Pajot Marquises

1989 55' Lagoon

2010 54' Gold Coast
Day Sail Catamaran

1994 53' Catana 531
Mantra I

1996 52' Perry
Little Wing

2000 51' Sud Composites Switch 51 Grand Cruiser
Following Tides

2008 50' Catana 50

2009 50' Catana 50
Double Max

2004 50' Contour

2011 50' Morelli and Melvin Custom
Shooting Star

1997 50' Nimble Custom Offshore

1999 50' Outremer Light

1998 50' Voyage Voyage Yachts Mayotte 500
Rendezvous Cay

1997 50' Voyage Mayotte 500
Sea Chateau

1993 48' Catana 48 S

2004 48' Looping

1992 48' Privilege 482
L'Etoile II

2000 47' Catana 471

2002 47' Catana 471
Da Mojo I

2006 47' Catana Ocean Class

2006 46' Dolphin

2002 46' Fountaine Pajot Bahia Maestro

2005 44' Dean 440

2007 44' Lagoon 440 Owners Version

2004 44' St. Francis 44 Mark II

1999 43' Catana 431

2000 43' Catana 431

2006 43' Fountaine Pajot Belize

2010 42' Lerouge
VIK 125

2006 41' Lagoon 410 S2
Ocean King

2003 41' Lagoon 410
Lagoon 410

1973 40' Custom
Custom 40

2008 40' Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi OV
Tight Five

2007 40' Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi
Merci Kermaro

2003 38' Admiral 38
Morning Star

1998 38' Catana 381

1998 38' Prout 38

1996 37' Privilege EZ Sail 37

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Catanas in the Cascades
The Seattle Boat Show, January 27- February 5, 2012
2012's Seattle Boat Show marks the return of Catana to the North American boat show scene.  Matthew Dunning, our Multihull Company Northwest agent, will be exhibiting the Catana 50' Pandora at the Seattle Boat Show's Lake Union location January 27th through February 5th.  Pandora has just arrived after a spirited 31-day North Pacific crossing and is available for viewing and sale.  She exhibits the ideal beam/length ratio, torpedo hulls, tulip-bows, adjustable daggerboards, and aerodynamic coach-roof that have made Catana performance legendary and the ease-of-handling, comfort, detail, and style that make Catana owners the envy of anchorages worldwide.

Come learn more from Matthew about the entire range of new Catanas from 42 feet to over 70 feet.  Matthew has just returned from a visit to the Catana factory in the South of France where he inspected the tooling for Catana's newest 59 foot luxury performance catamaran.  "I was impressed with how the Catana 59 gives new meaning to the concept of sailing on-the-level.  The modern minimalist design keeps the the cockpit and salon on the same level creating a truly expansive living environment.  Really the ergonomics are incredible.  And the performance, strength, and durability have all been enhanced with reverse bows, inward curving daggerboards and very intelligent application of carbon infusion,"  says Matthew.

Of course, Matthew can also provide useful information and insight on The Multihull Company's brokerage catamarans worldwide as well as advice on the best ways to 'herd cats' to the West Coast.  Catamaran sailors, including many Catana owners, are discovering the unique and extensive cruising grounds the Northwest has to offer.  They are finding that catamarans out-trawl the local trawlers, out-cozy the local pilothouses, and out-sail just about everything.  Catamarans are very well suited for Northwest waters upcoast to Alaska and they have the advantage of being able to easily take a left out the Straits and explore the entire Pacific downwind and down current.  So come join the fun and become one of hundreds of multihull sailors enjoying the Northwest.  For further details contact Matthew Dunning at 206-297-1151 or
Matthew Dunning brings fifteen years experience cruising multihulls on Puget Sound and points north to the TMC brokerage team. Along with his practical knowledge of multihull designs and seamanship, Matthew is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in Geography. He has an intimate knowledge of the Northwest's unique maritime geography that he describes as, "One of the world's most beautiful, intricate, and extensive cruising grounds. The joys of which are advantageously and endlessly displayed to the owner of a cruising multihull."
           TMC Launches New Website

The Multihull Company continues to expand its digital platform with the launch of its new website,, that is designed to provide users with an unprecendented educational and shopping experience.

The new version of the website is optimized to quickly render on all browsers and screen sizes without sacrificing any of the valuable content that frequent visitors of the site have grown to love.  

Visitors will immediately take notice of the fresh new design of the site that possesses a clean and easy to use experience.   As visitors engage in the site, however, they will notice that the redesign was much, much more than just a visual enhancement and a change of color scheme.  With a vast amount of pictures, videos and educational articles by our expert team, visitors of the site will be amazed at the depth and quality of the information presented.

"The goal with our new website was to create a site that members of the catamaran community can come to to get all of the information they need in one place,"  says Phillip Berman, President of The Multihull Company.  "Whether they are thinking about buying a cat, selling a cat, looking for a marina, educating themselves on the current market or looking to replace equipment on their current boat, we wanted it all to be just a few clicks away and we've done that."

TMC's completely revamped website provides a host of new and significantly enhanced features including:
  • TMC Learning Center with educational articles
  • Catamaran TV - Rich with entertaining and educational videos
  • Full Screen photo viewing
  • Video embeds in Boat Listings
  • Complete site translation to over 50 Languages
  • Global Multihull Search Engine
  • New Charter Section

Visit the new website at and be sure to send your feedback by emailing




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See You At The Miami Boat Show
Come see us at Strictly Sail Miami from Feb.16-20, 2012
The Multihull Company will be on hand at this years Miami International Boat Show.
TMC President, Phillip Berman, as well as Alexis de Boucaud, Darrel McDaniel, Matthew Dunning, Derek Escher, Tim Mahoney, Will Miller and Andrew Holland will be on the docks to swap stories and answer any questions that you might have.
On display at the TMC tent will be our full list of brokerage boats as well as well as our featured yachts that will be significantly discounted at the show. 
In addition, Phillip Berman and Matthew Dunning will be holding two free educational seminars for potential catamaran buyers.
Seminar Schedule:
"Outfitting a Catamaran for Liveaboard Cruising"
Presenter: Matthew Dunning
Date: Thursday, February 16, 2012
Time: 2:15
Location:  Dock B
"Ten Biggest Mistakes When Purchasing A Catamaran"
Presenter: Phillip Berman
Date: Saturday, February 18, 2012
Time: 2:15 PM
Location: Dock B
"Finding the Right Catamaran to Suit Your Needs and Budget"
Presenter:  Phillip Berman
Date: Monday, February 20, 2012
Time: 11:45 AM
Location:  Dock B
See you in Miami!
Post-Survey Negotiations
This article was written by TMC President, Phillip Berman, and was just published in Multihulls Quarterly.
After-survey negotiations are a difficult and trying job for everyone involved, from the yacht broker to the buyer and seller.  Why?  Because buyers and sellers often lose sight of the fact that every yacht - no matter the condition - has a value.  And determining what that value is...well, that is where the friction comes in.
Inexperienced buyers might claim that a catamaran "failed survey," reject it and end up back on the market.  In truth, very few yachts actually fail survey unless they are salvage jobs.  And if they don't fail, what happens?  They just finish up the survey process with a host of problems or issues, nearly always repairable or correctable - but at what cost?