Message from Executive Director Joel Sutherland
Hi everyone,

Well, in the latest issue of Generations, I mentioned that there are a number of changes coming from the NAF in 2017. One of those changes, or in this case additions, is the production and distribution of a monthly NAF e-Newsletter. Well, here it is!
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60th Annual Ataxia Conference (AAC), March 10-11
There is still time to register for the conference being held in San Antonio, TX, March 10-11. The early-bird registration ends January 29. Regular registration rates begin January 30-March 3. Registration at the door is not recommended.

The Southwestern Meet and Greet Reception will be held on Friday at 5p.m. and the conference will conclude with the Diamond Jubilee Banquet on Saturday at 7p.m.

The AAC is being held at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio. When making reservations please
remember to ask for the NAF's group rate under "2017 Annual Ataxia Conference"  1-888-421-1442 or (210) 224-1234
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" buys research and research finds ANSWERS."
After a successful research drive and the generous $200,000 matching gift, the National Ataxia Foundation with the support of the Ataxia community will buy nearly 1.1 million dollars worth of research that will find answers in 2017. Researchers from institutions in the United States, Australia, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, and Canada were awarded funding for their Ataxia research studies. The 27 research projects include the launch of a US-Europe neuroimaging partnership, an intensive home based speech rehabilitation study, understanding of newly discovered genes, the National Ataxia Database and many other studies focus on finding answers to the very challenging disease - Ataxia. The lay summaries of these projects will be posted on the National Ataxia Foundation website soon and printed in the Spring issue of Generations.
bioblast PHARMA
Bioblast Announces Phase 2a Results of Trehalose in PAtients with Spinocerelbellar Ataxia Type 3 (SCA)

"60 For 60" Campaign

This year consider joining us for the "60 For 60"
campaign. Walk 60 miles - one mile for each NAF Anniversary and help build awareness about Ataxia along the way.

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Support Group Meetings

Hopefully attending a support group meeting will leave you with a sense of hope and inspiration knowing that if others can cope, so can you. 

Come. Learn. Share. But most of all, know that you are NOT alone!
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Upcoming Events

Friday, January 20-22
Toronto Abilites Expo
International Centre
Friday and Saturday 11a.m. - 5p.m., Sunday 11a.m. -4p.m.

Tuesday, February 28
Rare Disease Day
Let's join our efforts to give hope to rare disease patients all over the world!  Get Involved

Friday, March 10
60th NAF Annual Ataxia Conference
San Antonio, Texas
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CoRDS/Ataxia Patient Registry
It was in July of 2013 that the National Ataxia Foundation launched the CoRDS/Ataxia Patient Registry, an important tool to inform those with ataxia of research studies for which they may qualify. Now three and one-half years later, the registry has 1,134 participants. This is a great start, but we need everyone who is affected with any form of ataxia or who is at risk to develop ataxia to enroll. This is essential as ataxia research moves into the clinical phase. Enrollment can be done on-line by clicking on this link or by mail. If you want to enroll by mail or have any questions about CoRDS, please contact CoRDS personnel at or 1 (877) 658-9192
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