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Allandale Farm
Slow Food Boston invites you to our summer kick off event ...
A "Salads in the Garden Supper & Membership Meeting" will be held on Wedenesday, July 17 from 6-8:30 pm at Allandale Farm located at 259 Allandale Road, Brookline, Massachusetts.
For additional information about Allandale Farm (Boston's last working Farm), please visit the following page link:
Please RSVP to Slow Food Boston here via Meetup and indicate the number of people attending and what type of salad are likely to bring.
Call Annette at (978) 618-8006 should you have any questions or you simply prefer to RSVP in person.
What to bring:
  • Please provide a salad for 4-6 people. It could be a salad of greens, grains, chicken, meat , fish or a combination of any of the above.
  • A card listing ingredients
  • A beverage of your choosing
  • A plate, napkin, glass and utensils
  • A friend who'd like to know more about Slow Food and may be interested in getting involved
Have you ever made a paella salad or a curried rice salad with shrimp and green peas? What about a wilted kale salad with spiced pecans? This is your opportunity to step out and be a bit adventuresome. We would love to have you use as many local ingredients as you can procure from you home gardens, farmer's market or farm stand.

Dessert and bread with be provided by Slow Food Boston
** There will be a 10.00 per person donation to Slow Food Boston

We will eat, laugh, share salads and ideas, talk about the state of Slow Food USA under the new leadership of Richard McCarthy and share with our members Slow Food Boston's upcoming events.  Slow Food Boston is pleased to announce that it is under new leadership as well.  In June, five of our six board members have turned over and we are excited to introduce ourselves at this membership meeting.
Please note that this meeting is encouraged for existing members of Slow Food USA and Slow Food Boston.  The annual membership dues to support Slow Food USA and Slow Food International is currently set at a modest fee of $60.00 per year.  We encourage members to to maintain their support to Slow Food USA so that we can continue to enjoy the membership benefits available from national movements that impact our local food community on a global scale.  If your membership contribution to Slow Food USA has lapsed, please visit the following link to renew your membership now:
We look forward to seeing you on the farm on July 17th!

Hi All,

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet here at Slow Food Boston HQ over the past nine months or so.  Indeed, you may even have wondered, "Hey, where's my annual grass-fed beef extravaganza?" or "When's the next heirloom eggplant tasting and author event?"  The simple answer to these questions is that real life intruded on our leadership team in a big way in 2012.  Between myself (Alex), Nicole, Annette, Anastacia, Marisa and Wendy we've had grad school acceptances, book contracts signed, new babies, home sales and just a whole lot of life happening.  Something had to give and, unfortunately, that something was the time we had available to spend on Slow Food. 

I am, however, very happy to report that this is all changing now.  Since last fall we had been looking for some good people to take over the leadership responsibilities for the chapter, and I'm happy to report that we have found them.  Last month, I stepped down as president of Slow Food Boston and handed my responsibilities over to Jack Welch, a very energetic supporter of our mission who will introduce himself below.  Also stepping down with me are all the current leaders except Annette Lee who has graciously agreed to stay on and help move the group forward.

In parting I'd like to say thank you to the many of you who supported SFB as we grew (and grew and grew) over the past 10 years.  Having had the chance to interact with so many interesting people at our events has been a great joy not just for me but for all of us on the leadership team.  It's also been fascinating to witness the changes in the Boston food scene over these years.  I remember sending out emails circa 2006 explaining the purpose of a CSA and how to find a farmers market.  Today I feel like I can barely walk out my door without tripping over an artisanal cheese maker, a hyper-local microbrewery or someone selling heirloom tomatoes.  It's great.  Really great!  And I think I speak for all of us on the retiring team when I say that we were thrilled to be a part of that change, however small a part it may have been. 

I wish you all the best and, of course, the best eating.

Thank You,

Alex Loud
Ex-President, Slow Food Boston.

On to you Jack...

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Thank you Alex, Nicole, Annette, Anastacia, Marissa, and Wendy for your wonderful leadership of Slow Food Boston for the past decade.  You all have been amazing pioneers of the Slow Food movement here in Boston and we can not thank you enough for your service.  Your shoes are going to be tough to fill!

Slow Food Boston will hold its "Salads in the Garden Supper & Membership Meeting" this coming Wednesday evening to introduce to you the new board of directors and our plans for this Slow Food community for the near and distant future.

Many of you may have already noticed that Slow Food Boston has expanded its presence online with the digital media.  We have outlined this change as a major priority for the rest of this year and beyond.  We have rolled out a new website that fully conveys the vision and mission for Slow Food Boston.  To enhance our online presence, we have improved our presence on the social media with the giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Meetup.  Our social reach has expanded wonderfully in just the past few weeks and we intend to keep it up.  Of course, we can use all of your help.  There is no social media presence without an engaging and passionate community.  Our message is your message and we can use all the sharing that we can!

We are proud to have hosted a wonderful event just a few weeks ago at Tupelo Restaurant in Cambridge.  We hosted a unique Crawfish Boil and sold out the event in just 24 hours.  We thank you all that came and participated!  This was a wonderful opportunity to say goodbye to Alex!  We have also had a few wonderful people step forward within the community with interest in helping us with our cause.

This week is an amazing week for Slow Food Boston.  The Brooklyn Brewery (long time supporters of Slow Food USA and Slow Food NYC) are hosting a week-long series of events here in Boston called the #BostonMASH.  This promotion is designed specifically to support Slow Food USA and Slow Food Boston.  In fact, the Slow Supper this Saturday evening will have all of its proceeds donated directly to Slow Food Boston.  We have done much over the past few weeks to support the Brooklyn Brewery and Slow Food USA with the local promotion of this event via Facebook and Twitter.  If it isn't too late, please consider attending the Slow Supper at Lowell's Boat Shop in Amesbury on Saturday evening.

There is much on our horizon at Slow Food Boston.  We are identifying as a local priorities the formal introduction of two of the Slow Food banner programs entitled the "Snail of Approval" and the "Ark of Taste".  We are also working diligently to get further acquainted with some major local affiliates like the Sustainability Business Network of Massachusetts, Slow Money Boston, the Boston Local Food Festival, the Boston Public Market Association, our Boston area university-based Slow Food chapters, and our local schools and hospitals.  To succeed, we need more help.  We are a volunteer run organization so resources are always limited.  We have a huge vision and to succeed, we need volunteer assistance in many areas from web-design, publication development, fund-raising, membership development, and more.  Most importantly, get involved with us in the social media.  Our message starts there!  We need to continue to "TOUCH, MOVE, and INSPIRE" this community so that our passions turn to ACTION.

Get involved today and join us on Wednesday evening at Allandale Farm!  We look forward to meeting you in person there!

Jack Welch
Slow Food Boston

Jack Welch
Cell: (508) 692-0115

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