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 Events and calls under the UNFCCC
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The adaptation knowledge portal goes regional and multilingual
To strengthen the partner ships with regional  centres and networks around the world, the
adaptation knowledge portal offers regional pages and aims at becoming more multilingual. 


Views from NWP partner organizations on the outcomes of the Paris Agreement 
In three video clips, the United Nations Environment Programme and the Global Water Partnership, discuss the post-Paris Agreement challenges and opportunities, as well as the role of the NWP, in terms of adaptation knowledge and action.


NWP at SBSTA 44 (16-26 May 2016)SBSTA
SBSTA 44 is an important session for the NWP. Parties will take stock of progress in the implementation of the NWP  and elaborate additional activities (decision 17/CP.19), including the timing of such activities. Parties will also consider activities that support the process to formulate and implement national adaptation plans (in accordance with SBSTA 41 conclusions ). 

Note on the progress made in implementing activities under the NWP
The report provides an overview of the progress made in implementing activities under the NWP, and introduces possible areas of future work, including in collaboration with the Adaptation Committee and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group.

Information note on the activities of regional centres and networks on adaptation planning processes
The information note reports on the 68 diverse  knowledge-sharing and training activities carried out by 13 reg ional centres and 8 international organizations with a focus on available tools, good practices and lessons learned for adaptation planning and for  linking national and local adaptation planning . It also identifies possible next steps.  

Compilation on the use of local, indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices for adaptation - a joint initiative with the Adaptation Committee and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group

Th e compilation  gathers 64 examples of good practices, tools, methods and data collection initiatives on the use of local, indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices for adaptation, shared by 24 international organizations, NGOs, and universities around the world  
Synopsis series
The NWP has issued a series of 7 synopses, summarizing the key findings of the technical work undertaken under the NWP on adaptation planning in general, and on adaptation for ecosystems, water resources, human settlements, health, as well as on the cross-cutting issues of indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices, and gender-sensitive approaches in particular.


Events and calls under the UNFCCCNewsadapt
Adaptation Committee
During SB44 in Bonn, on May 17, the AC will conduct a side event to discuss the possible role and operational modalities of a partnership platform to provide technical support on adaptation to developing countries. 

Least Developed Countries Expert Group
  • During SB44 in Bonn, on May 17,  the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) side event will present experiences and progress made by the LDCs in addressing adaptation, in particular on national adaptation plans (NAPs) and on the national adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs)
  • NAP Expo 2016 will be held in Germany from 11 to 15 July 2016, and will bring together a wide range of stakeholders around the theme "Advancing National Adaptation Plans in the post-Paris era".  


The Eighth Research Dialogue

The research dialogue will take place d uring SBSTA 44, on May 19. It provides a forum for research organizations and Parties on scientific knowledge and needs, and capacity building. The themes are the pathways to achieve the global temperature goals of below 2 degrees and 1.5 degrees, and slow onset events.

Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage
  • During SB44, on May 18, the Excom will hold its first side event "Shining the light on non-economic losses: challenges, risks and lessons learned for addressing them ".
  • On May 19, the Excom will participate in the poster session at the 8th Research Dialogue to present its work regarding slow onset events. 
  • The 4th meeting of the Excom will take place from 19-23 September in Bonn, Germany.
Opportunities for information sharing and collaboration with the Excom
  • Efforts on  slow onset events >>>
  • Internal and cross-border migration, displacement and other forms of human mobility >>>
  • Best practices, challenges and lessons learned from financial instruments >>>
Invitation to participate in UNFCCC sessions! 
Join the community of about 2,000 organizations officially admitted as observers by the Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC. Admission is a one-off process and provides following advantages: admitted observer organizations can register delegates for participation in UNFCCC sessions, apply for a side event and an exhibit at sessions and join one of the Constituency networks, which allows receipt of informal advance information on up-coming sessions from the secretariat and timely information through constituency daily meetings at sessions. 
Admission for NGOs and for IGOs. 

News from NWP Partnersnewpartners
Since the release of the last edition of the eUpdate, the following three organizations have joined the NWP as new partners:
Call for inputs to the eUpdate  
The NWP invites partners to share information on upcoming adaptation events and publications to be featured in the next eUpdate. Please contact us at