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Rev. Dr. Julie Roberts-Fronk, Pastor                                                                                                                           Rev. Mike Fronk, Pastor


The Christian Caller

April 7, 2017


Julie's Jar
~Resisting the Irresistible~
Do you resist God? Do you find yourself having thoughts of self-judgment: "I should have or shouldn't have..."? Do you find yourself having thoughts of blame, whether of yourself or others? These internal thoughts and movements are ways we resist God, truly.
Softening our own hearts is one way to ease our resistance. We can soften our hearts by inviting the presence of God to settle in us regularly. Those of you have undertaken to engage in the Compassion Practice are feeling the spiritual stretching that this brings.
The way of Jesus is one all of us, as Christians, seek to follow and be on. It is a way that engages God's compassion for us. God's compassion invites us to see ourselves as Beloved of God, just as Jesus was Beloved of God. God's compassion invites us to have compassion for our own woundedness and giftedness. When we lack self-compassion we resist the movement of God.
The same is true when we are unable or unwilling to see other people with compassion. We are actively resisting the movement of God. Eventually, as we give ourselves to spending intentional time with God, the irresistible power of God smooths out our sharpness and buoys us to be the compassionate presence of Christ for ourselves and for our world. This is resurrection.
Resurrection is the ongoing process of coming near to God, allowing God to come near to you and transforming you into the person you are created to be. Resurrection is the ongoing process of the people who practice coming near to God, putting their collective ear to the heart of the world and responding with compassion that brings healing, health and hope.

Easter Lilies For Sale
Every Easter we celebrate our loved ones by decorating the sanctuary with lilies.
The cost is  $10.00 per plant.

Order forms are available in the entry way of the church on Sundays. Or you may call the office to place an order.
Thank You, Bunco Babes
A big "thank you" to Maria Kurtek's Bunco group, the Bunco Babes, for their generous donation of food to Hope Partners. The donations fill the entire top of the serving cart.

Maundy Thursday April 13 - Dinner at 6:00 pm and Worship at 6:40
            We commemorate the Last Supper through scripture and song. Join in the watches of the night, as recorded in the gospel of Mark, to walk with Jesus in the time leading up to his arrest.
Good Friday April 14 - Worship at 7 pm
            The service is in the manner of Taize worship: scripture, meditative singing and silence. Worship is structured around the story of the crucifixion of Jesus as recorded in the gospel of Mark. Worshippers are invited to participate as readers if they are so moved. Worship is designed to allow participants the space and time for experiencing and connecting with the story in a way that is meaningful for each person.
Follow the steps of Jesus: Virtual Experience Online 
Beginning on April 13th at 6:00 pm
            You can keep vigil with others during Jesus' last days as recorded in the gospel of Mark. The gospel of Mark divides this time into the watches of the guard: 3 hour segments. Every three hours you can receive a reminder or simply go to the web link and listen to the scripture that corresponds to that time of day. Disciples and UCC congregations in our area are participating in this and each have provided 2 or 3 readers to the effort. Our readers are Bob Smith, Julie Zivnak and Cristina Kurtek. You are not limited to the precise time to view the scripture reading.
Easter Sunday April 16, 2017 
8:30     Continental Breakfast in Fellowship Hall. You are welcome to bring a                         continental breakfast item to share. 
10:00   Worship includes additional music featuring trumpet and choir.
11:30   Easter Egg Hunt for all ages outside.

Following Jesus: A Virtual Vigil

From 6 pm on Maundy Thursday (before Easter) to 6 pm Saturday, you are invited to follow in the footsteps and timeline of Jesus. Every three hours, another scripture reading will be posted online. You may receive notices by text or e-mail. Every three hours after the story of Jesus burial, we will read a Psalm, taking us through the final hours of the vigil. Each reading includes questions for reflection, personally or with a partner.

Sign up for e-mail notices by visiting:
Sign up for text notices by texting the word HOLY to 31996

Spiritual disciplines are about the ones you keep, not the ones you miss. All video will be posted on Youtube, so if you miss one, you can go back and catch up.

This event is presented in partnership between Urban Mission Church, First Christian Church of Pomona, Diamond Bar United Church of Christ, and San Dimas Community Church- UCC. While our members share the readings, we invite all who would journey to the cross to join us in prayerful reflection.

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April 2017
March & April Birthdays
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   o ffice know at  909-622-1144 or .

  •  4th ~ John Alcazar & Beth Parker
  •  7th ~ Harry Pearson
  • 11th ~ Tom Hunter & Julie Roberts-Fronk
  • 16th ~ Jamie Bailey
  • 17th ~ Marvin Pitts, Marsha Wolfersberger
               & Werner Tillinger
  • 25th ~ Kristen Thies
  • 26th ~ Elaine Reed
  • 27th ~ Bill Bailey
  • 28th ~ Hank Mollet
  • 30th ~ Mandy Beaucer
Tim & Peggy Kovacs Anniversary is April 26th.

We'd love to wish you a happy anniversary here in The Caller!
If you would like to have your anniversary listed,
contact the church office.






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