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November 10, 2017


Julie's Jar
Thanksgiving is filled and fraught with tradition. When you think of the traditions of Thanksgiving that were part of your life 20, 30, 50 years ago, what has changed and what has stayed constant? The people change as loved ones and friends come in and out of our lives through death, birth and moving. Even the food may have changed for some as families blend and bring their special dishes.
The changing of our cherished traditions can be disruptive. "It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without...." Fill in the blank. Our Thanksgiving celebration has changed over the years. We've hosted only once, camped a lot and been to my Dad's and his wife, Marilyn's. There's always turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, green beans prepared in a variety of ways, etc. The constant is gathering over a long meal that takes a lot of prep and a long time to clean up with people we don't often get to see.
Churches in our country remember Thanksgiving each year, not because it's a holy day in our calendar, but because it is a holy reminder that we are called to live from a place of gratitude. Thanksgiving resonates with our conviction that all we have and are is gift from a generous Creator.
Congregations across our country are facing disruption, regardless if they are seen as traditional or contemporary in their worship style. The practice of gathering with people over the sacred meal of communion is more and more an anachronism, a relic for many people. Regardless of the traditions around which we gather at Christ's table, the constant we share is the welcome of God in Christ, the hospitality we experience through the grace of God. It is a constant worth keeping and worth sharing with people who still do not know how deeply and richly they are loved. It is a constant worth keeping and sharing so people can come home to their true home in God. 
CDC Thanksgiving Dinner
Join us Thursday, November 16 at 5pm for the Child Development Center's Thanksgiving Dinner.

Giving Tuesday  

Kick off your season of gift giving with a charitable donation to Hope Partners on Giving Tuesday, November 28th! This year we are asking for contributions towards our "White Christmas" campaign asking for donations such a toilet paper, paper towels, feminine products, etc.

This global day of philanthropy directly follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is designed to help people like you give back to the causes you care about.

Use our secure website,, to make your donation, mail in your contribution or bring in the items to our Administration office 

Christmas is Coming! Be on the lookout for more information about this year's Adopt-A-Family...
Consecration Sunday Lunch - Nov. 19

Each year our congregation gathers for lunch after worship the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It is a time to celebrate and give thanks for all that God has done and continues to do through us as a congregation. It is a time to celebrate our ability to be part of this ministry through the pledging of our financial resources for the coming year. Every contribution makes a difference for the ministry of Christ happening in and from First Christian Church of Pomona.
You are invited to make a reservation for lunch and be part of the celebration. You are invited to the banquet where everyone is welcome with the gifts they are able to bring. You are invited to share with others in the great thanksgiving that is our shared work as laborers in God's vineyard.
Martin Luther and the Making of the Protestant Reformation 
Nov. 19 after Consecration Lunch 
Nov. 26 after worship
This dramatized documentary chronicles the development of Martin Luther from a guilt ridden priest to a man intoxicated by God's grace. His thoughts and actions altered the world of his time and beyond, often in ways he did not intend. Every word spoken by the actor who portrays Martin Luther are the actual words of this historic figure. The documentary is well done and very engaging.
The format of each of two sessions is an hour viewing and 30 minutes of conversation. 
Hanging of the Greens and 
Caroling Coming in December
Dec. 2  is a Saturday and the day we will decorate the church. Decorating begins at 4 and a potluck appetizer supper will be shared at 5:30. Bring an appetizer to share. There are decorating jobs for people of all ages and extra activities for younger children.
Dec. 10  after worship you are invited to be part of the Carolers that visit members to bring holiday cheer. We will meet after worship for a light lunch and proceed to visit members who are currently unable to be with us on Sunday. Caroling usually ends around 2 pm. 
**=Non-Church Activity

 November 2017
November Birthdays
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   o ffice know at  909-622-1144 or .

  •   4th ~ Nancy DeWolf & Guy Abbott
  •   9th ~ Monique Escodedo & George Escobedo
  • 16th ~ Mary Davis
  • 18th ~ Carol Wiley
  • 20th ~ Peggy Kovacs
  • 25th ~  Lois Thompson
  • 28th ~  Lou Ann Parsons
  • Bev and Ed Burton's Anniversary is November 24th.

We'd love to wish you a happy anniversary here in The Caller!
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contact the church office.






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