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Rev. Dr. Julie Roberts-Fronk, Pastor                                                                                                                                     Rev. Mike Fronk, Pastor


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October 6, 2017


Julie's Jar
Jesus was born into a culture of violence. Games of brutality were popular with men fighting one another, sometimes to the death. Often they were forced to fight for their lives. This was considered entertainment. Keeping the peace or Pax Romana, was done by military force. It is not so different today.
Games of brutality are played on fields where brain trauma is inflicted and bones broken. Games of brutality are played on TV and computer screens. Games are played with laser guns and paint guns. Where does the line of "game" and "reality" lie?  
Jesus was born into a culture of violence and as God's ambassador lived and taught a different way. Jesus still shows us the way out of violence. It is to care for the outcast, heal the sick and wounded in body and spirit, feed the hungry, shelter those without shelter, and love our enemy.
Paul saw that he and all others who bear the name "Christian" were ambassadors for God.

Let us continue to run the race that is set before us, looking to Christ our savior, the pioneer and perfector of our faith who shows us a far better way, God's way. It is the way that brings hope, deepens compassion and transforms us into people of peace.
We are on this way at FCC Pomona where we are working with other faith communities to address the crisis of housing in our place and time, providing space for emergency shelter on our campus, supporting food security programs in our communities, providing a safe place for young children to receive quality education and care and so much more. We are God's antidote to the culture of violence. Let us continue to support each other and grow this important work of God.
Coming to Sunday Worship
Oct. 15 - Ginger Eckeard is our guest preacher. As we prepare for  The Gathering, the meeting of Disciples from across our Pacific Southwest Region, Ginger will lead us in reflecting on the gifts we bring and the joy that is found in sharing them together.

Oct. 22 - Many of us will be tempted to stay home on this Sunday after The Gathering. You may be pooped but you will be re-energized in worship as we celebrate a job well done. Julie will be preaching from Exodus 33:12-23 in which Moses asks to see God's glory. Have you seen God's glory lately?  
An Update from Your Pastors

Mike and Julie no longer have a landline at their home. If you need to get in contact with them, please contact them via cell phone.

Mike: 909-374-8345
Julie: 909-720-5424
Pomona Spiritual Practices Meet up
Gentle Yoga, Nov. 7, 7-8 pm

Bonnie Schindler will lead this hour of Gentle Yoga. Whether you are experienced with yoga or this is your first time, you are welcome. Yoga is both physical activity and spiritual practice. We are embodied spirits. Learning to connect with the movement of our body can be a door way to deepening our connection with spirit. This evening's gentle yoga is designed to help us connect with our spirit and even the sacred. It may be practiced in a chair or on the floor. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it. There will be floor mats available for those who do not.

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 October 2017
October Birthdays
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  •   1st ~ Ray Akin
  •   4th ~ Joshua Kovacs
  •   6th ~ Janice Newborn
  • 13th ~ Alice Murillo
  • 15th ~ Wanda Sodoma
  • 22nd ~ Maria Kurtek
  • 26th ~ Brandon Fisher
  • 27th ~ Julie Zivnak
  • 30th ~ Amber Kovacs

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