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December 8, 2017


Julie's Jar 
There is a lot of getting ready going on. In addition to everything else going on in our lives: work, doctor's appointments, exercise, class, finals, looking for work, grieving, running errands, going to holiday concerts and programs, cleaning, etc., etc., etc., we are getting ready for Christmas. There is a lot of getting ready going on: decorating, writing cards, getting gifts to give, baking, more cleaning, etc., etc., etc.

Sometimes, this getting ready helps us better anticipate the Christmas that is coming, the light that is coming into the world again and again. Sometimes, this external getting ready becomes another task to complete with little benefit to our spiritual well-being.

Consider this; how can I more fully prepare my soul, my heart, my spirit, to fully receive the gift that God gives to me and the world every Christmas? Consider how you might attend more mindfully and heartfully to the tasks at hand, pondering the presence of the sacred in each activity. Consider seeking something (an activity or a time of quiet) that genuinely softens your soul to be more receptive to the deep and abiding love God wants you to receive. 

The gift of God's unconditional love is amazing and even overwhelming when
 we are open and receptive to accepting it. The gift
 transforms us into more loving people. Jesus came into the world to invite us to follow him on this way. As we grow up in Christ, we become more capable of unconditional love ourselves. Surely, this is a project worth being part of.
Global Ministries - Christmas Card Project

We have participated in this project for 5 years at the invitation of one of our missionaries in Japan, Jeffrey Mensendiek. Rev. Mensendiek writes:

"Christians in Japan account for 1% of the population. Many churches are quite small. In rural settings where the culture is quite conservative, it is particularly difficult to witness to the Christian faith. I have included prayer concerns for each church. In some of the prayer requests you will find a deep concern for the future survival of the church. Some churches have kindergartens and nurseries. These facilities provide the church a vital connection with the wider society. Otherwise, the Christian community can become quite insular and isolated. Though the challenges that our Japanese partners face are great, I do not intend to imply that they are in need of our help. I have found that we in the US have just as much to learn from them, as they do from us. What they need is not help, but relationship. I believe that an annual relationship through prayer will be just as meaningful for churches in the US, as it is for churches in Japan."

Christmas cards have been sent with our greetings. Let us also remember our brothers and sisters in Christ this Advent season. Together, across an ocean, we seek together to prepare the world to let more of God's light shine through the hope of our shared ministry.

Koriyama Hosonuma Church
Rev. Nanami Sato (interim)
Membership: 10 Established: 1910
Prayer Concerns: ◆ We are planning to rebuild the parsonage that was damaged by the earthquake of March 2011. Please pray that all will go well. ◆ For our faith community, that we will be able to place our trust in God, be nurtured by God's Word, and reach out to share the love of God.
About the church: Koriyama is one of the major cities in Fukushima Prefecture. This is one of the areas that was exposed to high levels of radiation. The old church building was badly damaged by the earthquake, but now it has been renovated and has been designated as a national heritage building. Now the church is more beautiful than ever. The senior pastor retired in 2015. Now Rev. Sato, a retired pastor, is serving as interim until the church is able to find a new pastor. The goal for the church this year is to prepare to call a new pastor, and renovate the parsonage. They are also happy to report that the cleansing (scraping top soil from the church grounds) was completed.

Miyagino Aisen Church
Rev. Sachiko Ogawa (interim)
Membership: 13 Established: 1989
Prayer Concerns: ◆ Our Wednesday night prayer service has been discontinued for some time. We pray that we will be able to restart the weekly Bible study and prayer service. ◆ We are praying for the day that our church will be able to call a fulltime pastor.
About the church: Located in the eastern part of Sendai city (population one million) this church was forced to relocate on account of city planning. Therefore, they moved and rebuilt, and had just finished the building when the earthquake struck. The timing couldn't have been worse. They still have debts to pay back. Last year they were able to have Rev. Takakuwa come to speak. He had pastored the church many years ago, and the church was blessed to see many people who had returned on this one day to hear the pastor preach. They have also been able to publish their newsletter. These are small signs of God's goodness. They pray for God's guidance.

Advent Series: Handel's Messiah and Compassion at Christmas
December 13, 6-7:30
Mike Fronk will be leading a session on Christmas portions of Handel's Messiah. You'll learn about how the texts were chosen and their meaning. These sessions include Bible study, conversation and listening to portions of this music so familiar during the season of Advent and Christmas. This class is a more conversational class.
 Julie Roberts-Fronk is leading the Compassion practice, introduced last Lent with an eye for how we can embrace this season, often filled with some stress, with more compassion for ourselves and others. Each session will include guided meditations and conversation. This class is a more contemplative class. 
December 17th & 24th
On Christmas Eve there will be two services.

10:00am: Morning Worship
8:00pm: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service red-candle-banner.jpg

The church office will be closed Wednesday, December 20th through Wednesday December 27th.

The office will be open again on Thursday, December 28th and Friday, December 29th from 9am - 2pm
**=Non-Church Activity

December 2017
December Birthdays
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   o ffice know at  909-622-1144 or .

  •   3rd ~ Jackie McCallister & Ellie Mollet
  •   6th ~ Lois Godfrey
  • 10th ~ Sue Hunter
  • 15th ~ Tim Kovacs
  • 17th ~ Dee Nelson
  • 19th ~ Karen Sabicer
  • 21st ~ Chris Abbott & Jeff Schindler
  • 22nd ~ Julie Jolly & Christi Wiley
  • 23rd ~ Skye Smith
  • 24th ~ Erle Saunders

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We join together in prayer for our community and our world.


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