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Rev. Dr. Julie Roberts-Fronk, Pastor                                                                                                                    Rev. Mike Fronk, Pastor


The Christian Caller

July 7, 2017


Julie's Jar
The first two Sundays of July were focused on Christian unity. In what has been called "the priestly prayer" from the gospel of John, Jesus prays for his followers. In the setting, Jesus is alone, praying this long prayer. Who wrote down the prayer? Who recorded it?

It is a memory of what Jesus meant to a community of Christians over a hundred years after the death and resurrection event. It is their understanding of what Christ would hope for them in their current circumstance. In my sermon on July 2 nd, I reflected on the impulse to seek Christian unity that was part of our heritage as a denomination. In our current circumstance, I imagined Christ might pray for us, something like this: 

 "Father, I have made you known to those you gave me. They are yours and they are trying to keep your word. Give them the power to be still and know you, to be still and know you are also theirs. Protect them, even from themselves God. Interrupt their thoughts with your grace to remember they are yours and you are theirs. Open their hearts to see into the hearts of their neighbors. Give them courage to gaze upon your compassion that pulses through them and patches the world together. And through this they will come to recognize and realize that they already are one, with you, with me, with each other, with all of creation." reaching_hands.jpg

July 22 at 3:00 p.m.
Bring your favorite topping for this fellowship event. Vanilla Ice Cream will be provided. Bring a friend! This is a simple opportunity to gather for refreshment and conversation.

Compassion Practice Update
Want some practical tools to live the way of Jesus, the way of compassion? Want to live from a more grounded, less reactive center? Want to learn practical ways of developing self-compassion and compassion for people you like and people who irritate you? Consider participating in two upcoming events.

July 23rd and August 20th after worship, Pastor Julie Roberts-Fronk will lead practices that open us to the possibilities of transformation God's compassion can bring. The sessions will include conversation and two practices. A practice can be a guided meditation, a quiet activity, writing, etc. There will be a variety in order to appeal to different learning styles.

July 23: Grounding - ways to catch our breath when something knocks us off center.
August 20: Self-Compassion - paying attention to and having empathy
for our own suffering.

Look for a new Compassion Practice course coming in the Fall.

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July 2017

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