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December 22, 2017


Julie's Jar 
What Makes us great?
"Great job," we tell someone when we like or approve of something they've  done. "He's a great man," we say of a man who has wielded power for the benefit of other people. "Great" was also an adjective used to describe the nemesis of Harry Potter: Voldemort. Voldemort was described as great; he did terrible things but great things, big things, consequential things.
Being great at something can be consequential in ways that help and in ways that hurt. What makes us great? According to Psalm 18, we are made great by God's care. To acknowledge our greatness in such a way requires us to recognize our utter dependence and reliance on God. This takes humility: knowing we are never self-made.
God provides us with an object lesson in the birth of a baby. Even the essence of God comes into human life utterly dependent on the care of other people. Jesus, we believe, is God's love incarnate for the world. This love is unreservedly reliant on the care of people whose only power is to love. The care of Mary and Joseph, the care of community from the shepherds, wise men and a faith community in which Jesus will grow, this is what makes Jesus great; this is what makes God's love great.
Together with God, we birth love incarnate into the world. God is made great by this care we give and we are made great by the care we allow God to give us, even the care through other people. It takes humility to be great. All you have to do is look at the manger to know this is true. 

Rev. Werner Tillinger to Lead All Church Retreat
Jan. 20th Saturday, 9:30-3:00
Epiphany is the season between Christmas and Lent. The word 'epiphany' means to make known. It is a time in which Christ is made known to the Gentiles in the story of the three wise men. It is a time in which Christ is made known as God's beloved in the story of his baptism.
Epiphany is a season in between. Sandwiched between Christmas and Lent it can be a time for reflecting on what has been, a time for being still and letting God make something known to us. Out of his own experience of being in between, Werner will lead us in a day of conversation, reflection and contemplation to consider for ourselves what God is making known in each of our lives.
This retreat is a prototype that Werner may use with other congregations in the future. As his congregation, this is an opportunity to also provide Werner with a test case for future ministry. Save the date and plan to start the New Year with your church community in this retreat. Werner will also be preaching in worship on Jan. 21st.

The church office will be closed Wednesday, December 20th through Wednesday December 27th.

The office will be open again on Thursday, December 28th and Friday, December 29th from 9am - 2pm
Congregational Meeting Jan 7
th after Worship
The General Board will present a balanced budget for 2018. The purpose of the meeting is for the congregation to consider the proposed budget and vote on it. FCC Pomona is a congregationally ordered community. Therefore, the congregation as a whole is needed to approve certain elements of our communal life, like our yearly budget. 
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December 2017

January 2018
December & January Birthdays
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  • 21st ~ Chris Abbott & Jeff Schindler
  • 22nd ~ Julie Jolly & Christi Wiley
  • 23rd ~ Skye Smith
  • 24th ~ Erle Saunders
  •   1st ~ Jarod Davis
  •   5th ~ John Eckeard
  •   6th ~  Carol Bremer
  • 13th ~ Jane Spees & Russ Bohse
  • 17th ~ Stan Adams
  • 22nd ~ Charles Kurtek & Alicia Martin
  • 23rd ~ Mel Adams
  • 30rd ~ Bea Ross

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