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Rev. Dr. Julie Roberts-Fronk, Pastor                                                                                                                                     Rev. Mike Fronk, Pastor


The Christian Caller

March 23, 2018


Julie's Jar
~Purpose of the Church - Part 2~

Four weeks ago during worship, I asked those present to finish this prompt: The purpose of the church is... and my part in its.... In this Caller, I present the rest of those responses. There are some overarching themes: radical welcome, sharing God's love in deed and word beyond our walls. There was also great variety among the responses. As you read through them, you may recognize yours. I hope all of you will continue to reflect on this and talk to other people inside and outside church about "the purpose of the church is...."

To love God, our neighbors, and ourselves, and to provide space, time, and grace to learn and grow in this; individually and together.

Be closer drawn to Jesus. Sanctuary - a safe place to worship. Be in community with others. Find friends in fellowship, support those suffering and in need. I find myself serving where needed.

The church gives me hope and a loving supportive community. Julie and Mike facilitate the programs of the church and share your spiritual knowledge with us.

To be open and hospitable to all. To reveal Christ to the community. To educate people about Christ. Be a force of social uplift and oppose evil.

Love. Love God. Love others. These things are incredibly difficult to do with authenticity, consistency, and broadly. If the church can do these things, the church carries onward the mission of Jesus. As part of the church, my commitment is to understand how to love God daily, authentically and in all areas of my life. THEN, I need to apply that to the people around me, specifically those I find most difficult to share it with. Love God. Love others.

To give voice to all who ask and seek out those that don't. Re-center all with Christ.

To come together as community. To study and hear God's word through sermons and classes. It is also, for many, a spiritual hospital where a person comes to be healed!

To offer a home and community to those who need a little faith. My place is to welcome those people with open arms and an open heart.

To be a place that all can call home and a place that all can learn together how they can reach out.

To provide a place where we can experience and grow God's love as a part of a vibrant living and world loving community.

Proclaim the gospel of Jesus the Christ by being a community of care, support, action, study, worship, and prayer. I have been called to pray for others with head, heart, mind, spirit, feet, hands.....

To teach people about God and Jesus and show how to love each other. Be friend and hospitable to each other. To spread love to all the world.
Calling All Easter Bunnies!
We are now collecting Easter Eggs and goodies for our Easter Egg Hunt that will follow the worship service on Easter Sunday. 
If you have any donations, please bring them to the church office.
Donations must be at the church office 
no later than Wednesday, 3/28/18 
Easter Lilies For Sale
Every Easter we celebrate our loved ones by decorating the sanctuary with lilies.
The cost is $10.00 per plant.
Order forms are available in the entry way of the church on Sundays. Or you may call the office to place an order.
Search for New Music Director Underway 
      Jeffrey Schindler will not be able to be our permanent Music  Director.  Staff is starting a search with the help of the personnel committee. The moderator appoints the personnel committee. Those who have agreed to serve are: Linda Church, Tom Reed and Peggy Kovacs. They will meet soon to update the job description and compensation range. The job will be posted at universities and on the Associated Guild of Organists website. Mr. Robert Gaylord will be serving as our interim director. Mr. Gaylord has been with us since December, coming all the way from near Los Angeles Airport. We appreciate his dedication to helping us during this time. 
Board Action Item
The General Board met for its regular bi-monthly meeting March 8, 2018. There is one action item to report. Stewardship and Finance committee brought a proposal to replace the church car: - the current church car has 140,000 miles on it and is in need of repairs or replacement. The car is using a lot of oil and the suspension is in need of a repair. The Board approved the proposal to purchase a new church car, not to exceed $30,000 from the Common Fund of the congregation's monies held with Christian Church Foundation, for a new church car: a Camry hybrid. 
Palm Sunday
Worship at 10am
Maundy Thursday March 29
Dinner at 6:00 pm
Worship at 6:40
Good Friday March 30
Worship at 7 pm
Easter Sunday April 1:
Continental Breakfast at 8am
Worship at 10am
Egg Hunt after worship
**=Non-Church Activity

March 2018

April 2018
March & April Birthdays
If someone should be added to this list, please let the church
   o ffice know at  909-622-1144 or .
  • 25th ~ Cristina Gomez
  • 26th ~ Rod Parrott
  • 27th ~ Ginger Eckeard
  • 28th ~ Beverly Burton
  • 30th ~ Tom Reed
  • 4th ~ John Alcazar & Beth Parker
  • 7th ~ Harry Pearson
  • 11th ~ Tom Hunter & Julie Roberts-Fronk
  • 16th ~ Jamie Bailey
  • 17th ~ Marvin Pitts & Marsha Wolfersberger
  • 25th ~ Kristen Thies
  • 26th ~ Elaine Reed
  • 27th ~ Bill Bailey
  • 28th ~ Hank Mollet
  • 30th ~ Mandy Beaucer
Tim & Peggy Kovacs Anniversary is April 26th.

We'd love to wish you a happy anniversary here in The Caller!
If you would like to have your anniversary listed,
contact the church office.






We join together in prayer for our community and our world.


Please let us know if you would like to add someone to the list or if someone should be removed.  We review the list quarterly and will give you a call if it is unclear if someone should stay on the list.  Please let us know if someone has inadvertently been removed.


HOMEBOUND & convalescing
Hilda Faulkner
Janice Newborn
Bob & Jackie McCallister

Annette Anderson
Jan Akin
Malori Lane
Rick Larson
Bret Wiley
John Miller
Mary Hunter
Robert Vazques
Carey Smith
Julio & Edwin Torres
Nelson Mann
Robin Priede
Cindy Koskan
Kovacs Family
Nicole Brooks Rios
Ross Family
Eloise Williams
Laura Zivnak
Nini Mejia
Stan Adams
Gary Paulson
Lily Lane
Onelia Cruz
Sue Hunter
Harry Pearson
Lorraine Rogers
Paris Reed
Tammy Mayes
Jose Mendiola
Jake Sullinger & Family
Evelyn Lepire & Family
Sandra Strother
The Charlie Weaver Family
Ron & Martha Gorsuch


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