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February 11, 2018


Julie's Jar
There is a practice among Christians during the season of Lent. That practice is to "give something up". The practice is ostensibly for the purpose of appreciating in some small way the suffering of Jesus. How about we flip that practice and all of the underlying assumptions it perpetuates?
Everyone suffers. Even Jesus suffered, during his life and on the cross. The human condition is a container of joys and sorrows, work and respite and so much more. I propose this season of Lent that we consider this: Jesus knew suffering and has compassion for our suffering. Instead of giving up something, take a moment each day to allow Christ to come to you in a memory or a present moment of suffering. Invite Jesus to accompany you, bringing with him the source of divine compassion. Let Jesus do his job.
Christ did not come to add suffering or perpetuate suffering. We recognize the suffering he endured because we too know suffering. Jesus came so we may have life and have it abundantly. The underlying assumption of "you better appreciate the suffering of Jesus" is, I believe, "you are unworthy to begin with." There is no saying of Jesus inside or outside the bible in which Jesus condemned humanity as unworthy. The position of Jesus vis-à-vis humanity is decidedly full of grace, especially for people who are suffering.
This season of Lent, invite Christ each day to a conversation, a time of quiet, or whatever works for you in which you allow the love of God to soothe any suffering you experience or have experienced. When our suffering is tended by the divine source of compassion, we have more resources to be compassion with ourselves and with the people around us. When we have more compassion for ourselves and the people around us, we begin to notice the many ways in which our lives are abundant. So, don't give something up; let Christ in.

God's Garden at Amy's Farms
March Mission Project - March 23rd 9-Noon

Amy's Farms is a privately owned farm in Ontario. Hope Partners is a ministry that provides supplemental food and housing services to people marginalized by poverty in the Inland Empire. Together, they partner to provide fresh vegetables and fruit to food banks operated by Hope Partners. Amy's Farms donates regularly to the food security program of Hope Partners.

Our congregation is a charter member of Hope Partners and supports their work. One additional way we can do that is to help out at the farm, Amy's Farm. Master Gardener, Tim Constantine, will lead us in a morning of tending the garden for the benefit of people who need food. There is room for 10 people to be part of this hands-on mission morning. Sign up by contacting Julie Roberts-Fronk on a Sunday or calling the church office.
~~Communion Elements~~
If you would like to contribute for the communion elements (bread and juice), the cost is $20 for a month's supply.  You can make your check out to the church and put on the memo line "Communion Elements", or you can make a check payable to Nancy DeWolf and/or cash, as she is the person who purchases the products.  Either way it will be noted on your giving record.  Your name will also be listed in the Sunday bulletin as the person or persons who donated the elements.  Thank you for your consideration.
Gentle Yoga 
February 21 - 7-8 p.m.
This evening's gentle yoga is designed to help us connect with our spirit and even the sacred. Bonnie Schindler will be our teacher.

Bonnie's yoga journey began in 2005 when she was introduced to hatha yoga at a voice teacher's training program. After practicing regularly, she was stunned by how drastically yoga could influence one's mood, health and overall sense of well-being. She was inspired to deepen her learning and completed her 200 hour teaching certification in Curative Yoga in 2011. Bonnie believes that yoga can benefit everyone and that even a very short very gentle practice can clear the mind sooth the body and lift the spirit!

Bonnie lives with her wonderful husband and many beloved cats in Altadena and when she is not yogatating (her husband's term), she teaches voice from her home studio and performs in many southern California venues.

It may be practiced in a chair or on the floor. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it. There will be floor mats available for those who do not. 

Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day Arrive Together
February 14 - 6-8 PM
They don't seem a good match, but Ash Wednesday and Valentine's do go together. Ash Wednesday is a day of turning and returning to God, who is the source of all Love. Valentine's Day is a celebration of love. Dinner is often a Valentine's Day ritual, shared with one we love. Ash Wednesday will be a dinner shared in the community of the beloved. A service of worship we follow in which we are invited through a variety of hands on prayer exercises to find our own ways of turning and returning to the source of Love.
Learning in Lent

Two different opportunities for spiritual growth and faith formation are offered this year.
The first is "Hallelujah: The Bible and Handel's Messiah" led by Mike Fronk. During Advent, the Christmas portion of "Messiah" was covered. During Lent, six sessions will focus on the life of Christ.

The Bible and Handel's Messiah meets Tuesday evenings, Feb. 20-March 20 6-8 pm dinner included. Freewill offering taken for dinner.

The second opportunity is "Finding God in the Suffering: A Journey with Job" led by Julie Roberts-Fronk. The group will read together a book of the same title by Bruce Epperly who writes,

"Death. Illness. Divorce. Unexpected. Undeserved. In this world there is going to be suffering and pain. As a person of faith, we are not exempt from that undeniable fact. What do we do? Where is God when the pain is unbearable and the night so long? How do we reach out to others with something more than platitudes? It has been said that theology begins in the experience of suffering. At the very least, debilitating suffering challenges our images of success and security, and invites us on a quest for something solid and dependable when the foundations of our lives are shaking. The book of Job emerges from one person's unexpected encounter with suffering. Job seeks God's presence, and to find a God he can trust again, he must jettison his previous images of God."

This easy to read book combines reflections on the story of Job with reflections on real life experience.

Finding God in Suffering meets Sundays after worship, Feb. 18 - March 19 and Tuesday evenings Feb. 20 - March 20, 6-8 pm, dinner included. Freewill offering taken for dinner.

Sign Up at church on a Sunday or call the church office.
Logos - February 18
th 4:30-6:30
Our monthly gathering will focus on the story of Jonah. Singing and story and activities begin at 4:30. Dinner follows thanks to the culinary stylings of Erle. Logos is a ministry of Christian formation for families with children under the age of 18.
**=Non-Church Activity

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