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September 8, 2017


Julie's Jar
~Trying Something New~
The first Spiritual Practices of Pomona Meet Up group met last night. 12 people RSVPd who are not associated with the congregation. One actually was brave enough to show up! Four church members were present, the visitor and a Disciples clergyperson serving at Urban Mission in Pomona.
Our time together was amazing and transformative. It was remarkable how deeply we connected in such a short time. Everyone left with an increased sense of well-being. It was clear to me that God's Spirit was present in and among us all.
As we practiced together, I looked around the room and thought, "If groups of people did this every week all over the world, the world we be a different and more compassionate place." In many ways, I believe that the gathering of people in worship is one of the activities that holds the world together. Worship in different faith traditions holds space for thinking and caring for people who are hurting and marginalized. What was significant about our time on Tuesday night as we practiced Reiki was our collective openness to the working of God among us, without reservation.
What if our Sunday worship was a collective openness to the working of God among us, without reservation? It's not an easy thing to do. Each of us comes from a variety of situations that includes deep concern and hopeful celebration. Each of us brings various distractions and various degrees of willingness to be open.
God is indeed at work in and among us at FCC Pomona. I invite you to consider what you might do to enter the space and time of worship with more intentional, conscious openness to God. And I invite you to consider joining one of our Reiki Share events to experience for yourself this prayerful presence of God in the company of God's people.

Meet Courtney Armento 
Our Ministerial Intern
( Periodically, FCC Pomona hosts a student from Claremont School of Theology for their field internship. Courtney Armento is our intern for the school year 2017-2018.)
I am a native of Chicago, and have happily re-transplanted here in So Cal. I lived in Los Angeles in the 80's and was always eager to return. After raising two children in   Chicago, I knew it was my time to answer a call that had been welling up inside of me to pursue ministry. I was excited to find a seminary home at The Claremont School of Theology, in January of 2016.  My sense of call to ministry is centered around the pull in my soul and my natural proclivity to care for others. A part of my journey included an increase of divine appointments, where I was aligned with people who needed comfort, care or spiritual guidance. Friends and strangers alike, came to me and unearthed the issues of their heart. I was led to not only hold space with them but offer spiritual guidance that mattered. I could see lightness replace stress and pain in the faces and embodiment of others.    I knew that I needed to undergird my natural caregiving inclination with a solid theological foundation.    

I came to Claremont School of Theology based on their intentionalityregarding diversity, inclusion and interfaith education. I also embraced CST because of their progressive posture. I am in my second year of a three-year Masters of Divinity program. I am enjoying my classes and the journey. I am excited to join a warm and progressive congregation and look forward to our journey together.  
Jeffrey Schindler on "Sabbatical"
Our music director has been concertizing more and more. We celebrate this success in his conducting career. This has required his presence elsewhere on more and more Sundays. We have mutually agreed that he enter a season of unpaid sabbatical. He does not want to terminate his relationship with the congregation and we want him to return if at all possible in the future.
The plan is to hire an interim music director, possibility through June 2018. More immediately, a substitute is being secured at least through October while we look for an interim director. The choir has met to discuss this and plans to move to a bi-monthly rehearsal schedule this year. It is possible Jeffrey will be with us in worship, leading music from time to time during this season. We are grateful for the gifts he has brought to the worship life of our congregation and want for him success in his orchestral conducting career. We look forward to continuing the relationship in some way as the future unfolds. 
Logos Returns Sept. 13

Logos is our spiritual formation ministry for families with children and youth. We will begin our Fall season on Wednesday, Sept. 13 th at 5:30. The evening begins with singing and learning together about our Christian faith in active ways. Dinner is shared family style with other members of the congregation and we finish the evening with play and games at 7 pm.
Reiki Share - Sept. 30
Saturday 2-4 pm.
Reiki promotes stress reduction and
 relaxation that promotes physical healing: people experience deep calm, reduction of pain and for some, spiritual wellness. It has been shown that stress is a significant contributor to illness. Many people report feeling a reduction of stress when practicing Reiki, especially over time.
A "Share Event" is a great way to get introduced to Reiki and also for people with Reiki experience to practice and connect with other Reiki practitioners. We begin with a brief introduction which includes a guided meditation.  The rest of the time is spent in the practice of Reiki, giving and receiving for those who are interested. Wear comfortable clothes. Reiki is given through gentle touch or simply holding the hands over the body.
Ice Cream Social Back By Popular Demand
Sept. 16 - Saturday - 3 pm
It was such a hit that another one has been scheduled while we are still in the throes of the Inland Valley summer! Yes, making and eating ice cream sundaes was great. Even more than that was the wonderful sharing of stories and life. Connecting and building relationships is a vital part of church community. Bring your favorite topping and build community too! The ice cream is provided.

Diaconate Meeting Sept. 24
th after worship
The Diaconate will share lunch and meet after worship. We will continue our conversation about "what is a deacon?" and review our ministry possibilities for the Fall and schedule. 
The PSWR Young Adult ministry is so excited to host the mini golf tournament again this year at Camelot Golfland in Anaheim, CA. Cost is $75 for a foursome. We are also opening up sponsorship opportunities for folks again this year to help keep costs low and raise money for young people across the PSWR. Last year we had over 100 people share the fun with friends and family! Mark your calendars to join us again for an afternoon of fun and fundraising! 
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