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Travels of Henry, Neill's Grandson

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Travels of Summerhill's Henry Readhead, Neill's Grandson
Hi Everyone. For those who don't know me, I'm Henry Readhead, grandson of A.S.Neill. I was born in Leiston on the premises of Summerhill School in 1977 and attended Summerhill from the age of three to sixteen. I then returned home in 1999 for two years, to assist the school and family during the time of threat of closure by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education). I returned again in 2003 to start Summerhill Recording Studios and start teaching Music, Singing and Sound Engineering full time. In 2012, I stopped teaching to take on the role of Assistant Principal to support Zoe and Will in running Summerhill.

As part of my Assistant Principal role at Summerhill School, I have been covering External Affairs. Over the past four years I have travelled to many countries, by invitation, to share our knowledge and experiences of Neill's education and child rearing philosophies and to support in any way possible, other people starting up their own school projects. The variety of places I have been invited to is amazing, from a small commune in Italy to the global HR forum in South Korea

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