St Stephen's Episcopal Church
The Ninth Sunday after Trinity Tidings
13th August 2017
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

Contemplative Eucharist

Holy Eucharist
with Festive Choral Music
Regular Choir on Summer Break
Volunteer Choir - 9 AM Sundays

Summer Stretch
PreK - 5th grades
9:45 AM

Youth in Church

Regular Nursery Care Hours
9:30- 11:30am - Childcare
(for infants through age 3)

Professional Caregiver,

This Sunday -
13th July
Team 10
Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth's email

Next Sunday -
20 August
Team 11
Koko Peters



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Summer sun
St. Stephen's Church 
Summer Stretch
PreK - 5th Grade

Summer at St Stephen's offers Summer Stretch for the above ages, or their choice to attend church with their parents and "Soft Spot" bags from the red welcome table 
in the narthex.

Youth in Church.

FALL 2017
Sunday School Classes beginning 27th August

(from 9:45 to the Passing of the Peace at the 10:00 Eucharist, 
or approximately 10:35am)
PreK-1st grade
2nd-3rd grade
4th - 5th grade
Phillip C. Cook Curriculum
Student Ministry
Students fully participate in, and may assist at leading, the most important thing Christians do: worship. When not serving in service, students are encouraged to gather in the youth room to discuss the scriptures. 
Middle and High School students at
 St Stephen's are encouraged to serve the Lord as acolytes, ushers, and scripture readers at the 10 o'clock Eucharist. To volunteer yourself or your child for duties in any of these roles, please contact Elizabeth Gravely in the church office at  office@ststephenschurch.org or 
put a note in the hands of 
Father Ellsworth. 
(for infants through age 3)
Professional Caregiver
9:30 - 12:30 PM

Youth Fall Sundays Class
9:45 AM



St Stephen's Summer Services
St. Stephen's Stained Glass window

Please note, the 10 o'clock summer service is reduced by omitting the second reading, and the regular choir is on summer break until 27th August.
Summer Children's Program
9:45 AM
Summer sun

Summer Stretch for children in PK - 5th grade meets in the downstairs classrooms for lessons, music, yoga and games throughout the summer.

If you would prefer to bring your children with you to church services, "Soft Spot Bags" (coloring pages, mild distractions and the Sunday paper) are available, as always, on the red welcome table in the narthex.
Food Bank Barrel

Food Bank Barrel: St Stephen's keeps a Marin/SF Food Bank barrel on the classroom level all through the year. Please consider feeding those less fortunate by donating your non-perishable food items.
Tiburon Thrift Shop
Volunteers Needed

Tiburon Thrift Shop
Volunteer at the Tiburon Thrift Shop and help St Stephen's! Our Parish receives a monthly check from the shop thanks to those who volunteer on St Stephen's behalf. Volunteers are needed on Thursdays and 5th Saturdays. 10am to 1pm and/or 1pm to 4pm. It is not a huge commitment but it makes a huge difference. To learn more, please contact: June Campbell 415.797.6142 or Jennifer Henerlau 415.608.3239.
Gratitude Prayers

Are you thankful for a blessing or something special?  Let the office know and we can add it to the prayers.  Deadline is Tuesday afternoon as Sunday bulletins are printed early Thursday mornings. Let us know and we can add it to the Sunday prayers of thanksgiving.  
Email Elizabeth Gravely at office@ststephenschurch.org
Parish Community "Summer of Love" (PCSL)
12th August to Muir Beach this Saturday
Summer Sundays  
The Parish Community will gather for some fun at Muir beach from 10
AM  to 2 PM  and lunch at the Pelican Inn. Bring your beach toys and sunscreen.  Email David for rendezvous logistics:    david@stephenschurch.org

For the complete summer schedule, see below 'Coming Up'.
Summer Stretch for Pre-K through 5th Grade
begins at 9:45 AM

See left column for more information 
about St Stephen's 
Summer Sundays
Earth & Altar Garden - Avad and Shamar: 

bowl beans and tomatoes 17 Join us, (families and children welcome) after the 10 AM service to help in the Earth and Altar Garden. We will be harvesting beans and  tomatoes. Produce harvested at St. Stephens is delivered to the Ritter Center, 16 Ritter Street, San Rafael. 

This Sunday's E&A Leads are 
Genevieve and Aaron Ellsworth.

Avad and Shamar: Work and Watch God's Creation. Genesis 2:15.
Summer Stretch: 

Parish Music DirectorThis Sunday, Summer Stretch for the children will feature St Stephen's own Director of Parish Music, John Karl Hirten, in the downstairs classroom.

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Welcome Back Sunday
27th August

Invite your friends and neighbors to church for Welcome Back Sunday.  The choir returns and there will be a special session of Fall Sunday School.

St Stephen's Parish Community "Summer of Love"
'PCSL' Complete Schedule

Summer Sundays

St Stephen's Parish Community "Summer of Love" (PCSL): David Hirsch, Director of Family Ministries,has organized a list of summer activities where St Stephen's families, singles, and seniors may meet up and participate as a Parish: concerts, outdoor outings, picnics and special events. Dates are consecutive per group.

Here are the events by potential group interest:


Saturday, August 12th | 10 AM - 2 PM
Muir Beach and Pelican Inn lunch
Sunday, August 20th
Picnic 12 - 3 in Belvedere Park
Belvedere Concert 3:45
RuMoRs - Classic Rock and Pop
Saturday, August 26th | 8 PM
Washington Park Square 
La La Land movie

Friday, August 25th | 6 - 9 PM
Friday Nights on Main
Neon Velvet band

If you are planning to attend, please email or call David so arrangements can be made to sit together.

David Hirsch
Director of Family Ministry
Christus Rex Charlotte "Charie"Biggart Morrison

A memorial service for Charie Morrison will take place at St Stephen's on Monday, 9th October, at a time to be announced.
Labor Day Parade 4th September

Happy Labor Day! St Stephen's office will be closed for this holiday.
St. Stephen's Robe 9th September
Diocesan Workshop
10 AM to 4 PM

St Stephen's will host a session of Equipping the Beloved Community - Finding Home: Embodied Welcome, Embodied Justice.  Dr Russell Jeung, a leading sociologist on Asian Americans, race, and religion, will share from his memoir, At Home in Exile: Finding Jesus among my Ancestors and Refugee Neighbors, helping participants recognize the hall marks of following Jesus into the communities they leave in to welcome the stranger.

What does it mean when folks say they've found a "home"?  How does helping another person find "home" require Christians to stop outside the building and step into the community with a message of welcome, healing, justice, and acceptance?  Come find out!
Morning and Evening Prayers
Morning and Evening Prayer will take a summer break until 13th September.

St. Stephen's  Calendar:

Please see the Parish Community "Summer of Love" (PCSL) schedule above for St Stephen's summer gatherings.

13, 20, 27 Services at 8 & 10 AM

12  Parish to Muir Beach and Pelican Inn lunch - 10AM - 2PM
13  Sunday Services
20  Church potluck picnic and Belvedere Concert in the Park - 12 - 3PM and concert at 3:45 with RuMoRs
25  Parish to Friday Nights on Main in Tiburon for Neon Velvet Concert - 6 - 9PM
26 Parish to Washington Square Park, SF, for La La Land Movie - 8PM
27  WELCOME BACK SUNDAY , Regular Choir returns, and Sunday School Resumes! 

  3, 10, 17, 24 Services at 8 & 10 AM

 4 Church Office Closed for Labor Day
 9 Diocesan  Equipping the Beloved Community Meeting here 
 - 10 AM to 4 PM
10 Sunday School Celebration Day - 9:45 AM
13 Marin Deanery Meeting, St John's Ross -  7 PM

Morning and Evening Prayer resumes 13th September.
2nd/4th Mondays: Knitting Group - 10:30am - on summer break until 11th Sept.
1st Wednesday: The Outdoor Explorers Club (A local trip to Angel Island is being planned for 20th September - stay tuned.)
5thThursdays:  Contemplative Prayer - 8:30am   
Thursdays: 9:50am-1pm or 12:50-4pm - Volunteers at the Thrift Shop
Thursday: Choir Practice - 7:30pm - on summer break until 24th Aug.
2nd Thursday of the Month: Homeward Bound Meals
4th Thursday of the Month: Westminster Hot Lunch
1st Sunday of the Month: Healing Prayers at 8am & 10am 
             Get the latest updates at: ststephenschurch.org 
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