The Nonprofit Insider: March 29, 2018
We hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday!
The Nonprofit Partnership's Member Directory
Have you visited The Nonprofit Partnership's Member Directory lately? We recently added a new category to the listings - member organization classifications. The directory can now be sorted by various nonprofit types. Check out the list found on the side of the page for a description of what types of nonprofits are encapsulated in the classifications!
Step Up Your Fundraising Game!
Join The Nonprofit Partnership and special guest presenters for "The Art and Science of Fundraising," a course consisting of 6 sessions beginning next month!

Members! Want to attend the session with a coworker? We are offering a $50 discount when an additional attendee from the same organization attends this training. Click the box below for more information!
Take Advantage of the Erie Gives Toolkit!
Have you registered your nonprofit for Erie Gives Day yet via If so, now it's time to start preparing for the big day! The weather may be having you think differently, but August will be here before we know it!

Be sure to take advantage of the Erie Gives Toolkit resources. We made this resource for our members! Questions about the toolkit or any of the customizable materials? Please contact NPP Member Services Manager, Ellen Kehl, at or (814) 240-2490 ext. 5.
Nonprofit Help Desk Highlight
Question: How much money should we have in reserves?

Answer: Best practice for reserves is 3-6 months in expenses. It depends somewhat on the organization. For example, organizations such as churches or dues-paying groups typically have a steady stream of income that will not dry up in a week or month. Organizations such as these might need to be less conservative and lean more toward the 3 month reserves. Organizations that are more reliant on, let’s say one to two sources of income (e.g. a grant that funds most operations), should probably have a higher level of reserves. The same with organizations that have a narrow cycle of revenue (perhaps where much of the revenue comes in over 2-3 months of the fiscal year).
Job Board Highlights
Crime Victim Center of Erie County, Inc. seeks a

Junior Achievement of Western PA, Northwest Region seeks an
Education Program Manager

Mercy Hilltop Center, Inc. seeks an
Executive Director

Erie Family Center seeks a Fiscal Assistant

Please join us in welcoming Robbins Blass Neighborhood Watch to membership with us at The Nonprofit Partnership!
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