The Ohio Bike Challenge!
A Great Free Opportunity for Your MPO!
The First Annual Ohio Bike Challenge is Here May 1!

Consider Biking, a bicycle advocacy organization based in Columbus, is promoting a great new free statewide bicycling encouragement program called the Ohio Bike Challenge.


The Ohio Bike Challenge runs from May 1st to August 31st and gives folks a great way to log their miles and chances to win cool prizes just for riding...and its all free! BTW, folks can join the challenge any time through August 31st, so its never too late to ride and win prizes.


Our mission is simple: to get more people bicycling. Ride logging tools and friendly competitions are proven ways to inspire folks to get outdoors and bicycle.


The Ohio Bike Challenge is part of the first annual National Bike Challenge, a partnership with Kimberly Clark, the League of American Bicyclists, Bikes Belong, Endomondo.com, and local bicycling groups like Consider Biking. Endomondo.com provides a great calculator that allows bicyclists to log their miles and then see how they've reduced greenhouse gas emissions, burned calories, and saved money just by biking. You can track your training in other sports too.

A Valuable Opportunity for Your MPO

The Ohio Bike Challenge is a free and easy way for you to promote bicycling in all its forms--commuting, running errands, riding for recreation or cycling for exercise. The OBC helps you reach citizens in your region in a new, exciting way that promotes bicycling, a great family-friendly, healthy, green activity.


This is a great time to get on board too. Since this is the first annual Ohio Bike Challenge and National Bike Challenge, you'll demonstrate innovation by being an early adopter!

How to Get Involved (Keep Reading--It's Free!)  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Uncle Sam Bike HelmetIt's easy and free to get involved--just spread the news about the Ohio Bike Challenge! Spread the news as soon as you can and don't stop until August 31 since folks can join up, ride, and win prizes until the challenge closes.


Spread the news by social networking, in your newsletters, using posters...however you see fit. Consider Biking will provide you with tools to spread the word just as we have further down in this note, and our national partners provide even more tools here under the "Toolkit" tab (on the top right when you go to this link).

Insanely Easy: How to Register & Log Rides

It's insanely easy for folks to register! Just go to Ohio Bike Challenge landing page at:







and click the big green "JOIN" button.


It's also insanely easy to log rides...you can do it in a flash online or download the free smartphone app and bush a button when you start riding.

A Little More Information 

These short videos will help you get started with the Ohio Bike Challenge, and you can always share these links:


Welcome video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ogup1v9cnzs



Logging Miles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yNyWkCdR5xk 


Joining and Creating a Team: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LbzTEwlnUAk


Participants in the Challenge compete as individuals, teams of 10, workplaces, cities and states. And because of the tie to the national challenge, you can see your standing on both local and national levels! When the challenge is over, participants can keep logging their miles and tracking all of their sporting activities on Endomondo for free.


For more information, call Bryan Saums of Consider Biking at 614-447-8894 or email him at bryan@considerbiking.org.

Tools to Spread the News  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You can email bryan@considerbiking.org to receive these tools in a zip file or you can copy them here. If you have ideas for us to help spread the word, let us know!
Here's some language for Face Book or other social networking sites:

Ohio, ride your bicycle!


It's time for the 1st annual Ohio Bike Challenge (http://bit.ly/ohiobc)!


The Ohio Bike Challenge is from May 1st to August 31st and gives you a great way to log miles and win cool prizes...all for free!


Log miles online or use a free Smartphone app. When the challenge is over, you can keep logging plus track all of your sporting activities for free.


Show Buckeye Pride! Sign up today! http://bit.ly/ohiobc







Below are some images you can use in Face Book or your newsletters to promote the Ohio Bike Challenge...

THANKS and We're Here for You!

Thanks for helping Consider Biking spread the news on the Ohio Bike Challenge!


We're here for you as you promote the challenge, so don't hesitate to call me at Consider Biking at 614-447-8894 or email me at bryan@considerbiking.org. We welcome your questions and suggestions!




Bryan Saums, Program Manager


Consider Biking

4041 N High Street, Suite 201

Columbus, OH 43214


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