When you need advice, who do you turn to?
January 2018
Turn One Resolution Into An Avalanche of Success!
It's a new year and you have a bundle of new resolutions to keep. 

Our recommendation? Adopt the "avalanche" concept. Start with one small resolution. Picking a large one means it could be quite some time before you receive the satisfaction you're craving. You can give yourself that good feeling right now and have a delightful boost of energy to reach for your next resolution.

One Easy-To-Keep Resolution:
Tell your mentor "Thank You."

Time Needed: 5-15 seconds to text, email, message or call.
Difficulty: Incredibly easy.
Deadline: How about today? How about right now?
Reward: Exponential!!!
Have Multiple Mentors? Start with just one.

Most of us only call our mentors once in a blue moon. Whether we're asking for advice on a work project, making a financial decision, or handling a personal challenge, it always seems like you just finished your last conversation. They're always there to help you.
National Mentoring Month is a great time to say, "Thank you for all you do. I appreciate your support."
Don't forget to make a gift in honor of your mentor to the region's premiere mentoring program. And enjoy celebrating National Mentoring Month all month long!