"The day may come when Men will fall, and Jeff Wood cannot read every transit article.... but that day is not this day" - Some Transit Lovin Dude

THESE LINKS to news stories and blog posts about transit and TOD from around the country are collected daily by Jeff Wood, Reconnecting America's New Media Director and Chief Cartographer.  Jeff's entire post plus commentary is sent by email to members of Reconnecting America (to join visit our Get Connected page); the articles that feature a '+' are available here to nonmembers without his commentary.  Articles that feature a '$' are related to affordable housing.

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 Hey All -  We put up a few interesting Best Practices. One that discusses the Transfer of Development Rights on the Bel-Red corridor in Seattle.  Another that discusses financing for the Charlotte North Corridor and some value capture stuff.  Check them out.  - JW

Quote of the Day

Beyond DC

"It means that literally millions of people in the DC suburbs alone are currently living at fundamentally urban densities, but aren't getting any of the benefits of urban living."

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Most Read: Italian Town Builds Energy Saving Future 

National Geographic

"In a city like ours, with its wealth of art and history, we had to do something original. The minimetro is more than public transport. It's architecture, technology, design."

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Tracks News - In this section you'll find news from cities around the country as well as interviews and general reporting on issues.  It might be from a newspaper or a blog, but it counts as news.  The Chatter, commentary and opposition articles will be found towards the bottom.

International: Dutch HSR Faces Financial Woes


The Dutch high-speed train operator could face eventual bankruptcy unless steps are taken to boost its viability, after little more than a year of full services, infrastructure minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen said...

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Florida: Rep Mica's New Clout

Orlando Sentinel

For insight into U.S. Rep. John Mica's priorities as new chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee, just look at his calendar. On Thursday, just one day after Mica organized his 59-member committee in Washington, the Winter Park Republican held a field hearing in New York City...

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Denver: Transit Task Force Favors .3 Cent Tax

Denver Post

The FasTracks task force of the Metro Mayors Caucus on Thursday recommended that project backers promote a sales-tax increase of between 0.3 and 0.4 percentage points this year to get the financially strapped transit expansion finished sooner rather than later...

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International: Facilitating Foot Traffic in Tyre

Lebanon Daily Star

It's officially called the Cultural Heritage and Urban Development project, but what it really means is that tourists will be able to discover the city of Tyre on their own, on foot, without being shuttled around by bus in this small but disconnected city...

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The Chatter - This is where you can find all the opinion and chatter going on around the blogosphere and in the back pages of newspapers.  Sometimes you might find some opposition as well.

Blogosphere: Munich - Million Person Town

Per Square Mile

Millionendorf. The Million Person Town, as M´┐Żncheners happily call their city. It's an apt description-Munich is as skilled at masking it's size as Mexican druglords are at hiding their contraband...

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Blogosphere: Newsletter and HSR TOD Report


Finally, I am extremely happy (and relieved) to announce that I have finally completed my study - Planning Transit-Oriened Development Around High-Speed Rail Stations in Fresno and Bakersfield. The completion of this study fulfilled the last requement of my Master of Urban Planning degree at San Jose State University...

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Phoenix: More Students Living on the Line

State Press +

Although the Metro Light Rail makes commuting simple for Valley residents, it has also caused business to roll in smoothly for popular off-campus apartments. Two apartment complexes along Apache Boulevard, Apache Station at Price Road and La Paloma at Martin Lane, have attracted residents because of their close proximity to the light rail...

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Blogosphere: Watching Our Words - Route or Line

Human Transit

The word for the path followed by a transit vehicle is sometimes route, and sometimes line. Whenever you have two words for the same thing, you should ask why. Most of the words used in transit discussions also have a more common meaning outside that context...

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Blogosphere: Anti Anti Sprawl Crowd Wrong Again

California Planning and Development Report +

A few weeks ago, I had a good time taking apart anti-anti-sprawl critic Wendell Cox's self-referential analysis supposedly showing that highly regulated metropolises have higher housing costs because they are highly regulated...

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Blogosphere: Has Low Density Hampered Education?

All About Cities

For decades, American high school students' ranking in global achievement testing have been falling. Is it possible that the very suburban communities that parents sought to help their children have actually hindered their performances, at least in aggregate?..

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Blogosphere: Subway Could Replace Elevated

Transport Politic

An early scoping report suggests that a subway replacing the Red and Purple Lines in Chicago's North Side could cost less than an elevated modernization program. Elevated rapid transit - like any kind of physical infrastructure - degrades over time...

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Blogosphere: The TECO Line Streetcar

DOT Fastlane

Yesterday, Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff was in Tampa for the grand opening of the TECO Streetcar Line extension to Whiting Street. The $5.3 million project was funded almost entirely by the Department of Transportation, with $1 million coming from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act...

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Blogosphere: Excerpts From Calthorpe's New Book

Streetsblog SF

For many people, urban is a bad word that implies crime, congestion, poverty, and crowding. For them, it represents an environment that moves people away from a healthy connection with nature and the land...

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Blogosphere: NYC Subway as String Instrument


If you live in New York City, you most likely have a love/hate relationship with the subway (one that tends to wander toward "hate" more often than not). Well, Brooklynite, musician and Google Creative Labs employee Alexander Chen has created a little HTML5/Javascript art project that is sure to put a smile on your face next time you're crammed into a crazy person's armpit whilst enjoying the eclectic symphony of children crying on your morning commute...

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Blogosphere: Texas Road Moving Forward w/o Demand

Houston Tomorrow

"There are potential opportunities to help advance [the Grand Parkway] in its entirety over the short term," according to John Barton, assistant executive director for the Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) engineering operations, told the Transportation Policy Council (TPC) of the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) on Friday, according to Guidry News...

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Commentary: Renovate CRAs Before Destroying Them

Los Angeles Times $

"Gov. Jerry Brown's proposal to eliminate community redevelopment agencies throughout the state may have been made with the best of intentions. But it's overkill...

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Blogosphere: Public Transit, Who Benefits?

Mass Transit Magazine

After about a month of head-down work - snow, ice, rain storms and overtime - I've finally found time to think about general transit news. Seattle's snow-related challenges have been light compared with New York's troubles. And New York's troubles continue with another round of snow. ..

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Blogosphere: Planning for Children, Stronger Cities

Good Magazine

When urban parents, particularly mothers, complain about the public realm they are often caricatured as whiny and overprotective. Your child was burned by the climbing domes at the new park? Kids are too coddled. ..

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Blogosphere: EPA Stormwater Rulemaking


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has initiated a national rulemaking process to establish a new program to reduce stormwater discharges from new development and as well as redevelopment. ..

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Blogosphere: NE Corridor Could Take Private Funding


Last week New York's Grand Central Station hosted a Congressional hearing on the development of high-speed rail in the Northeast Corridor.* Despite being America's leader in rail travel, the corridor has been relatively overlooked by recent federal rail grants. In October Amtrak rolled out a $117 billion plan to improve the corridor by 2040, but so far nothing has come of the proposal...

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Blogosphere: Five Elements of Successful Visioning

Otis White

have been involved in large-scale community visioning projects for years and worked on them in all sorts of places, from metro areas to individual cities. I recommend visioning as a way of pointing communities forward. I've seen how it can engage citizens, give heart to political, business and civic leaders, and help set bold new directions for communities. But...

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Blogosphere: Web Coding for Cities 

CEOs for Cities

In an article on the potentials of coding, Fast Company explores the web as a platform for citizen involvement. Gov 2.0, which uses "public-spirited innovation" to develop social media focused on developing more effective city governments, has the potential to provide cost-effective solutions around the country by encouraging action...

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Blogosphere: Creating the World's Largest Metro Area

The New Republic Avenue

Federal, state, and local governments along the upper Eastern seaboard yesterday announced a $300 billion, five-year plan to fully integrate 12 metropolitan areas stretching from Boston to Washington, D.C., with upgraded transportation, energy, water, and telecommunications networks...

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Blogosphere: The Urban Pot Boils Over

New York Times Economix Blog

Will the conflict in Cairo end with a free and peaceful Egypt? Or is it Tehran 1979 all over again, where anti-American theocracy trumped secularism and freedom? Whatever course history will follows, the momentous changes in North Africa remind us that our world is shaped by its cities...

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Blogosphere: Older Cities Rebounding

NRDC Switchboard

Throw out those old notions that the sprawling regions of the Sun Belt are where the economic action is, while traditional regions in the Northeast and West have had their day and will only lose traction from here on...

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Blogosphere: Creativity Needed for Transit Funding

Shoshin Project (via Streetsblog DC)

New York City is fortunate. The mayor has been extremely prudent in managing its finances so when New York City did have a surplus, some of the money was not spent. It's in much better shape...

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