April 16-23, 2017  Volume, 263
This Week's Edition Vol. 263
Join Us for Lent & Easter
Easter Pancake Breakfast
Faith is a Verb... Musings by Pastor Tony April 14, 2017
Thanks from Larry & Margaret
Protein Drive
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This Coming Week
Join Us for Lent & Easter

Arlington Community Church has a series of events planned for Lent and Easter. Come worship with us during this season.
Regular Sunday worship service at 10:00 a.m.

Palm Sunday

April 9, 10:00 a.m.

God's Justice Found in the Joyous Procession of Palms

Maundy Thursday

April 13, 7:00 p.m.

The Last Supper and Christ's Passion

Good Friday

April 14, 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Quiet service of meditation on the seven last words of Christ.

Easter Sunday

April 16

7:30 a.m. Sunrise Service
8:30 a.m. Easter Breakfast
10:00 a.m. Traditional Worship

Easter Pancake Breakfast!

You're invited!!! It's free!!! Come join us on Easter Morning for a pancake buffet. Stop by anytime between 8:30-9:45.

Wear your pajamas, wear your Easter best, but come and share a meal of pancakes, sausages, fruit salad, orange juice, coffee & tea. Your Hosts Barry Cammer and Captain Ray await your presence. 

Rev. Barry Cammer
Faith is a Verb... Musings by Pastor Tony
Apr 14, 2017

I listen to a podcast called On Being, in which the host, Krista Tippett, interviews people representing varieties of faith and spiritual issues. This week's episode was with Fr. Richard Rohr, the author of Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, which many of us read a few years ago. He is a Franciscan friarwho leads retreats and teaches contemplative practices to deepen spirituality.
One of his comments about our faith journeys caught my attention, particularly in this Holy Week, when we remember Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. Fr. Rohr said that our faith journeys start with order, then we go through a period of disorder, and then we reorder our lives. Where we think we have power gets disordered as we become powerless and learn how to be in the world differently. Our faith journey cannot be complete without this disordering, when we face our vulnerability and know that something else, God, is in control.
Broadening this spiritual sense to our American society, we went through a time of order in the 1950s and 60s, and we have been in a time of disorder for several decades. Now we await a reordering of our world, which may be happening in fits and starts these days. Of course, when there is order things are stable; yet the order comes at the cost of some people having to live within a defined role that doesn't allow their unique beauty to shine. Disorder calls our attention to those people, who in the reordering, gain justice to be recognized for their beauty. The reordering time is a time to makes sense of the disordering.
As I listened to this podcast in this Holy Week, I was reminded about how disordering Jesus' death was, and how his resurrection was the start to a re-ordering of society. The reordering spanned more than 3 decades, through the Jewish peasant revolt and the Roman retaliation with the destruction of the Temple in the year 70. There was an order to Jerusalem and Rome before Jesus died, and before the Temple fell, and those events disordered Jewish society and began reordering the world, which we remember this Holy Week. God stepped in and changed the status quo, and the journey required the powerlessness, vulnerability of the cross. And we claim that God can do this again. That is the beauty of Easter.
On this Good Friday, may you remember God's disruptive, disordering power, that calls us into a newer reordering of justice and peace.

Pastor Tony
If you'd like to listen to the podcast, here is direct link:
Thanks from Larry & Margaret

To the ACC Community:
I'm sitting at Mercy Care Center with a sleeping Margaret and a sleepy Clara, our dog. 
A quiet sabbath ... resting after another hard and hopeful week; the hard work making it hopeful.
I'm so glad the party was such a success. How can we make our appreciation known to everyone? I don't have the energy for individual thanks, but I hope ALL can feel our gratitude. (Especially to those who made it happen).
Love upon love,

Larry & Margaret Kornfeld
March 5
- APRIL 16
For 45 years our Richmond neighbors have depended on the Richmond Emergency Food Pantry for a monthly supplement to their food supply.  Each month the Pantry provides a large bag of food for over 1,000 families including 1,200 children.  Families often have to decide whether to keep a roof over their heads, pay for medications or put food on the table.  If they choose to forego food, the result is malnutrition.  The Food Pantry provides nutritious food, but it is always in need of PROTEIN.  Peanut butter, canned tuna, and canned chicken are most welcomed.

1)     On Sundays during Lent March 5 th - April 16 th please bring peanut butter jars, canned tuna/salmon and/or canned chicken.

2)    You may also contribute checks.  Make out checks to Arlington Community Church and on the memo line write "Protein for Richmond Pantry".
In Gratitude,
The Board of Missions/Social Justice
California State Bills
Dear friends,
The Board of Missions and Social Justice has endorsed two California state bills: (1) SB 1109 and (2) SB 562. We feel  that both reflect our values of protections for the most vulnerable, and inclusiveness for all.
(1)    SB 1109 is being endorsed by the Board along with Jubilee East Bay to protect vulnerable people from the predatory lending practices of PayDay loans. Unfortunately, some lenders see financial despair as an opportunity to entice and trap borrowers into high cost loans, with exorbitant interest rates that far too often lead them into worse financial disrepair.  SB 1109 could cap high-dollar loans between $2,500 and $10,000.   
(2)    SB 562 is Single-Payer Health Care.  This Bill would provide health care for all across California and eliminate the prohibitive insurance premiums and co-pays that create financial strain for many families.  ACC recently co-hosted the film on the importance of the issues of providing healthcare for all. 
The Board of Missions/Social Justice
 - If you have questions see Concha Delgado or Linda Young
The 2017 ACC Directory is Available!

Copies of the 2017 directory will be made available following morning worship starting this Sunday. 

Please add Justin & Henry into your 2017 directory.

Henry Sabia & Justin Tanis
5316 Sierra Avenue
Richmond CA 94805
(H) 510-610-7812
(E) jtanis@psr.edu

If you are unable to attend church, you can request a copy by emailing our office at acc.staff@sbcglobal.net.
Need a Ride to Church?

Call Tim at Elite Car Service  (510) 926-0121

If Tim is not available, you can call a cab or any of the other ride services. You will have to pay and give a receipt to Randy for reimbursement. You can use these options for a ride to any church activity.

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