The Pirate Treasure
celebrating the excellence of Pine Tree ISD
  Pine Tree Primary

At the Primary campus, our teachers work with small reading groups daily to meet the needs of each student. It is important that students practice sight words and read every day. This is the best way to build strong readers.

Our preschoolers are adjusting well to the first year of implementing full days. Currently, they are learning about the five senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. They are also using their creativity by putting together different shapes to make pictures.

Congratulations to Ava Evans, October Student of the Month and to Lane Franks, October Pirate of the Month 

Upcoming Events:
October 12 - Truck Visit - 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
October 23-27 - Red Ribbon Week

 Birch Elementary

Caught Up in the Spirit

For Homecoming Spirit Week 2017 Birch Elementary was Caught Up in the Spirit! Faculty and students participated in a door decorating contest, spirit dress up days, and the elementary pep rally.
Winners of our door decorating contest were: 1st grade: Mrs. Ingram's and Mrs. Catala's classes; 2nd grade: Mrs. Espinoza's and Mrs. Fitch's classes; 3rd grade: Mrs. Hewitt's and Mrs. McDade's classes; and 4th grade: Mrs. Hall's and Mrs. Rickman's classes. 


                                               STEAM Solar Ovens                                                    

4th grade Math and Science class students created Solar Ovens as part of their STEAM curriculum. 

Students created a solar oven utilizing a pizza box and other materials that would be able to melt a solid into a liquid. 

Students took their ovens and a crayon outside and allowed the crayon to melt from a solid state to a liquid state. The solar ovens were then brought inside to reverse the process turning the melted wax back into its solid form.    Next step for the solar ovens?  S'mores!

Parkway Elementary 
"Growing Greatness.....Whatever It Takes!"

Homecoming Week

Teachers and students showed their "Spirit" last week celebrating Pine Tree Homecoming by participating in Spirit Week and cheering at the Homecoming Pep Rally.  We are all so proud to be a Pine Tree Pirate!

Parkway Pirates Hearts in "Action" 

Parkway Elementary students showed off their "Pirate Pride" by donating school supplies for the Hurricane Harvey victims.  Look what's on its way to Houston!   
Go Pine Tree Pirates!

Middle School
STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

STEAM  is a new program that we are offering to  all students this year  at the Middle School.  This first and second  six weeks students will focus on the Engineering Design Process. This process is used by real engineers in their problem solving. This process is designed to brainstorm and continually improve on the original idea. We use the 4 C's, (21st Century Skills) Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking Skills. These skills can only be learned by experience, not rote memorization. These lessons are done in teams, just like in the real world.


Red Ribbon Week Activities
It's my choice to be drug free!
Show your support and dress with our campus:

Monday - 10/23 - "Vote for your future to be Drug Free" - Wear Red, White and Blue

Tuesday - 10/24 - "Team up and turn your back on drugs" - Wear your own sports team jersey

Wednesday - 10/25 - "Drugs are old School" - Dress up in 50's clothing

Thursday - 10/26 - "From Head to Toe I'm Drug Free" - Wear your favorite hat and wacky/crazy socks

Friday - 10/27 - "Think Jeanius, Too Bright For Drugs" - Wear neon shades and jeans with your Pirate Pride shirt.
Pine Tree Junior High  

On September 29 students in Linda Nelson's and Todd Guest's STEM classes assembled in front of Pine Tree Junior High and had two objectives for their project.

* Team Collaborate: Students had to transfer an object from one location to another
Coding Challenge: Students had to follow sequence movements based on mistakes from previous students and take the movement one step farther


Algebra Classes

The first week of October teachers Jennifer Mitchell and Clay Nyvall's students participated in a Domain and Range scavenger hunt. The students had fun while learning.

Pine Tree High School News
  Second Six Weeks at Pine Tree High School  Underway

Six weeks of school have come and gone, and Pine Tree is now entering the second six weeks. Homecoming was incredible with Keyana Kim and Mose Jeffrey elected as royalty.  

The students joined Distinguished Alumni Dr. Don Crino and
Dr. Gina Mapes Jetter in being honored on the field before the game.
Among the pageantry of a game against Mount Pleasant, the Pirates won and are now ranked 2-0 in district.

Pine Tree is focusing on the PSAT test for juniors, a second six weeks of work and exams and Red Ribbon Week on the horizon. Red Ribbon Week will be observed the week of Oct. 23 and allows students to be educated on the dangers of drugs. 

Students are also being educated regularly during fifth period on anti-bullying, a program that has been occurring on campus for two years, as well as a program to get students to understand the importance of being on time to class and in class as much as possible.

PT has had success in sports, with Cross Country and Volleyball posting winning records, and the football team within two wins of making the playoffs. 

The choir has seen success in competition, the band is favored to once again receive an excellent rating in marching contest and Debate has already met with a victory at the Lindale meet.

Socktober has arrived on the campus, and the special education department is collecting socks from students to donate to a local nursing center. Over 100 pairs of socks are expected to be delivered at the first of November from this drive, something the staff and students really enjoy.

Pine Tree High School affords students a variety of opportunities in the area of Advanced Academics. Pre-AP and AP courses are offered throughout the core curriculum as well as in the areas of art and foreign language. Students are able to extend their learning through 17 AP courses that are offered in these content areas.

Additionally, PTHS offers 23 dual credit courses. These courses allow students to obtain college hours while accruing high school credits. In addition to college courses in the core content areas, PTHS offers dual credit courses in the areas of culinary arts, welding and drafting.

This year PTHS is excited to offer a series of ACT & SAT prep classes. These classes will assist students in preparation to take the ACT and/or SAT exams as they look forward to post-secondary success.

Juniors have ordered senior rings, and seniors will be ordering caps and gowns and other senior items on December 1 in the theatre. Groups and organizations are gearing up for cooler weather and holiday events, while sports such as basketball, soccer, power lifting and swimming are ready for their upcoming seasons.

The second six weeks will end in three short weeks, and then five weeks later it will be Christmas break and the school year will be half over. Students, faculty and staff are all wondering where time has gone and with everyone so busy, time is flying by.

It's Great to be a Pine Tree Pirate

For a second year, the Pine Tree PACE campus hosted a National Night Out Party on October 3.  Despite the weather not being hospitable to outside activities, there was a good turnout.  

Community members, students, PT staff and first responders dropped in to connect with one another and speak of our community.  In addition to refreshments and lively conversation, attendees wrote words of thanks and encouragement to our local first responders.  


The ExCEL High School of Choice is proud to recognize our October Student and Pirate of the Month. 

Khendrick Reese Weaver, Student of the Month 

Mackenzie Davenport - Pirate of the Month 

Fine Arts 

The Pine Tree HS Choirs competed at the All Region Choir auditions on Saturday, Oct 7th at North Lamar High School. The following students advanced into the All Region Choir and will compete on November 28th to advance to Pre Area:

Soprano 1
Emilee Fowler, 2
Anita Aycock, 7
Cyndi Ponton, 9
Brook Ramsey, 11

Alto 1
Brooke Leath, 4
Natalie Wright, 6
Lydia Bailey, 7
Kloie Schultz, 11
Alto 2
Liliana Martinez, 3
Zofia Allen, 6
Cheyne Washington, 8
Elisabeth Pinkston, 9
Laura Ford, 10
Eryne Henderson, 11
Tenor 1
Tyrese Smith, 4
Tenor 2
Ty Robinson, 2
Michael Donnell, 6
Kemaro Collins, 7
Carlos Bradley, 8

The All Region Choir will perform on November 11th in Mt Pleasant and is comprised of 70 students, with Pine Tree representing the most students from any one school!

In the last 4 years, under the direction of Danielle Warren, the number of Pine Tree choir students advancing to the next round of competition has  grown continuously. 



Art II Completes Cross-Curricular Project

PTHS Art II students just finished their cross-curricular project for biology and art about the life cycle of the cicada. Students learned how to use pen and ink with a variety of styles and light sources to draw nymphs, exoskeletons and adults. Beautiful work Art II students!


Pine Tree Marching Contests

Pine Tree will be hosting the Pine Tree Preview Marching Contest Saturday, Oct. 14 at Pirate Stadium. There will be 15 bands performing from 10:00 AM - 3:15 PM. Pine Tree will be the last band to perform, taking the field at 2:45 PM. The Public is invited to watch this exciting event.

The Pine Tree Band will go to UIL Region IV Marching Contest Tuesday, Oct. 17th at Mt. Pleasant Stadium. Pine Tree takes the field at 4:00 PM. We would love to have as many supporters there as possible. Good Luck Pirates!

Pine Tree ISD will host the UIL Region IV 3A Marching Contest on Tuesday, Oct. 24th at Pirate Stadium. Twenty-four 3A schools will march from 9:45 AM - 5:15 PM on that day. This is a huge collaborative effort with Pine Tree ISD, UIL Music, and the Pine Tree Band Boosters. Thanks for all that you do!

Coming Soon!

Junior High / Middle School Choir Concert
T hursday, October 19 -  6:30 PM, Pine Tree Road Auditorium

Parkway Veteran's Day Program
Thursday, November 2 - Parkway Elementary 3rd grade Music Program "Being Thankful" (honoring our Veterans and Thanksgiving Holiday -  6:30 PM, Pine Tree Road Auditorium

Pine Tree High School Theatre Production
The HS Theatre Department will be presenting,
"The Three Musketeers, All For One. And One For All"
November 9, 11, and 12. 
 Students are preparing an exciting show with great costumes, stage combat, and lots of fun! 
Tickets can be purchased online here .



Gary Wiley
Missouri State University
Culver-Stockton College  

The Pirates won their 2017 homecoming game defeating Mt. Pleasant 31-21!  Pirates are now 2-0 in district play and travel to Greenville Friday. Game time is 7:30.
Keshon Williams
Texas State University

Congratulations to two of our Pirates who have received scholarship offers.

Our Lady Pirates are now 5-3 in district play with four district games remaining. Both games this week are out of town - Marshall on Tuesday and Greenville on Friday. 

CROSS COUNTRY: Pine Tree hosted their annual 'Puddle Jump & Pig Trot' cross country meet on September 23, 2017. Here is the Longview News-Journal story with meet results - Cross Country: Puddle Jump & Pig Trot.   The Pirates compete this week in Mt. Pleasant at the district meet.

Elementary GT

1st, 2nd, & 3rd grades are gearing up for the Region 7 Imagination Fair!

Students will travel to the Region 7 ESC on October 12, and have the opportunity to hear a professional storyteller as well as tell stories themselves!

Students have been practicing body movements, character voices, voice volumes, eye contact, and so much more!

To prepare for the November 16th Region 7 Robotics competition, students in the 4th grade are learning about Yosemite National Park.

They are learning about various areas of the park, learning about the animals, plants, and landscapes that make up this natural national treasure.

Students learned about the Sequoia trees in the Mariposa Grove, the tallest trees in the world, and had to construct their own tree with the goal of creating the tallest freestanding structure possible.


DUKE TIP Scholars

Pine Tree ISD is proud to announce 25 students have been chosen as 7th grade Duke Talent
Search Scholars by Duke University. An additional 44 exceptional students are being nominated by the district to receive this honor and opportunity. Please join us in congratulating the following students from Pine Tree Junior High. For more information about this honor, click here.

Grant Beakley
James Bethard 
Tyler Blondrage
Ian Boche
Samantha Bradley
Asyiah Bray
Rylan Butler
Lola Cobayashi 
Estevan Ibarra

Natalie Hunt
Lenore Martin 
Karmina Mbeh
Arilyn Measles 
Oseas Medina
Andrew Meek
Shane Moore
Laniyah Nelson
Janis Phu 

Angel Ramos
Noah Sims
Jeanne Thurman
Dulcie Troquille
Cristian Vasquez 
Rylie Waciawcyzk
Devyn Westmoreland  

Why should my student participate in the DUKE TIP program? Students in this program are given the opportunity to experience the setting, rigor, and expectations of college entrance exams, as well as, begin preparations for these exams. This is an eye opening experience for most students and gives them a more clear picture of what they must do in school to reach their goals. If you have any questions about this opportunity for your student, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at cnyvall1@ptisd.org. 


PSAT and SAT Prep Support

Preparing for GREATNESS at PTISD

Pine Tree ISD is dedicated to supporting our students to the highest level of achievement.  If your student is taking a college entrance exam this fall or next spring the following resources are available for preparation and practice. 

Junior High DUKE TIP Scholars and PSAT Practice -  SAT Khan Academy Practice 

Junior High DUKE TIP Scholars and High School PSAT, SAT, ACT Practice -  College Board online Resources for SAT and PSAT prep 

High School PSAT, SAT, and ACT Practice -   Contact your high school counselor for login information to Edgenuity Learning Systems.