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The Pirate Treasure
celebrating the excellence of Pine Tree ISD

   Pine Tree Primary - Our Littlest Pirates 
Kindergarten students got the chance to show off their writing skills in Writer's Workshop to members of the Leadership Longview class on a campus visit February 9.

While February14 is observed nation wide as a day to celebrate love, students at Pine Tree Primary practice kindness and how to be a friend every day. Cards, goodies and cookies were exchanged with classmates.

     Tooth Fairy Visits Primary Friday, February 24

     Conferences 3:30-5:00 & Open House 5:00-6:00 Tuesday, February 28

     February Boxtop Contest - Winning CLASS POD will receive a Popcorn Party

     Kindergarten Music Program - March 2

    Nurse is in HIGH NEED of clothing. Please put an extra change of clothes in your child's backpack.


Birch Elementary
LPD Officer Darin Lair received a thank you card from Mrs. Wardlaw's class

Birch Elementary School in Pine Tree ISD celebrated World Read Aloud 
Day on Thursday, February 16 by inviting several community leaders to read to classrooms.  

Over 25 community leaders visited the campus and read their favorite picture 
book aloud.

Mr. Sauceda's Class with Klondike, Healthcare Express Mascot 

PTISD Trustee Pat Noon reading in Mrs. Hepler's classroom 


Parkway Elementary 
"Growing Greatness.....Whatever it takes!"

Parkway Elementary i s hard at work with S.T.E.A.M.

Our amazing 1st grade students worked on making parachutes from various materials.  The students tested and perfected the parachute with three trial runs prior to launching the parachute from the staircase.  

Our awesome 4th graders worked on their own S.T.E.A.M. project last week.  The activities included designing and building a basketball tower, a rocker, and a swing.  Each project had to meet a list of requirements, and many of them will be showcased at Pine Tree's annual Innovation Showcase in March.


Great Job - Parkway 2nd grade class. Parkway Elementary 2nd grade class rocked an amazing show on February 16th.  The students sang six songs with full body movement.  It was a very entertaining show for all who attended. 
Middle School

The newest rotation of "Go Time" has started. There are some new and exciting activities and many of the old favorites are back. The students really like these early morning activities, and it pays off in fewer sign-ins during the day.
Just walk the halls before school and you will hear students learning Spanish, cooking, twirling, participating   in Maker Space activities, and creating the Boxhead News for the day. Outside you will see students playing soccer,and long distance running. These are just a few of the wonderful activities going on every day.

Pine Tree  Junior High 
Junior High Raises Money for Cancer and Heart
As a campus, the Jr High raised approximately $500 this year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Northeast Texas in the Pasta for Pennies campaign.  
A huge congratulations to Ms. Glaze's 4th period class for raising $295 and change for the cause.  This is not the first time Ms. Glaze has taken the top spot in our competition! Her class will receive a Pasta Party from the Olive Garden.
Students at Pine Tree Junior High also raised $322 for the American Heart Association in the 1st annual Student/Teacher Dodgeball Tournament.
In the final match the top student team defeated a combined teacher team when it came down to DJ Freeman vs. Mrs. Tatum in a sudden death match.
MVP goes to Meredith Fisher. She was the last student standing for her team and took out the final five members of the opposing team by herself.
Everyone had fun and we look forward to hosting another tournament again next year.

Congratulations to the Math Science Team on their February 11th meet in Daingerfield where they placed 2 nd overall.  Medals went to top 5 places. PT took 23 of those top 5 spots in 4 events!
Number Sense
    Shaun Ray - 1 st place, 8 th grade
   Marilyn Shen - 3 rd place, 8 th grade
    Luis Vazquez - 5 th place, 8 th grade
    Paige Reese - 9 th place, 8 th grade
    Angie Rojas - 10 th place, 8 th grade
  Bryce Willadson - 1 st place, 7 th grade
   Zoe Davis - 4 th place, 7 th grade
   Emily Jimenez - 6 th place, 7 th grade
    Kaleb Hogue - 8 th place, 7 th grade
    Isaac Tesser - 9 th place, 7 th grade
    Samuel Beall - 10 th place, 7 th grade
       Emmanuel Viramontes - 5 th place, 8 th grade
       Giselle Valencia - 9 th place, 8 th grade
       Angie Rojas - 10 th place, 8 th grade
       Jonah Harwood - 5 th place, 7 th grade
       Carlo Echave - 7 th place, 7 th grade
       Payton Wright - 9 th place, 7 th grade
       Mallory Estrada - 10 th place, 7 th grade
    Shawn Ray - 3 rd place, 8 th grade
    Jann Cabudoy - 8 th place, 8 th grade
    Bryce Willadson - 1 st place, 7 th grade
    Jonah Harwood - 4 th place, 7 th grade
    Zoe Davis - 7 th place, 7 th grade
    Iman Dar - 8 th place, 7 th grade
    Kaleb Hogue - 9 th place, 7 th grade
    Payton Wright - 10 th place, 7 th grade
       Jann Cabudoy  - 1 st place, 8 th grade
       Tristan McBride - 3 rd place, 8 th grade
       Emmanuel Viramontes -6 th place, 8 th grade
       Paige Reese - 7 th place, 8 th grade
       Iman Dar - 1 st  place, 7 th grade
       Lance Williams - 4 th place, 7 th grade
       Payton Wright - 5 th place, 7 th grade
       Bryce Willadson - 6 th place, 7 th grade
       Zoe Davis - 7 th place, 7 th grade   
Pine Tree High School News  
Pine Tree High School CTE Teachers Celebrating February
Career and Technical Education Month  
February comes to an end in a few short days, but Pine Tree High School is earning an "A" for academics as the school year rolls toward March and end of the year activities.

UIL Academics has had success in meets in Hallsville and Mount Pleasant as well as with Math Science and a state competition they recently attended. The team is headed to College Station for a large meet this weekend and then will have one additional practice meet before heading to Mount Pleasant on March 24-25 for District. UIL Coordinator Cathy Williams said she is proud of the students who have competed this year and is hoping for a large contingent of Pine Tree students moving out of district into regional and state competition.

Likewise, Culinary Arts had a successful competition recently as well as a trip to Austin to meet with state leaders and enjoy a convention. Students competed in several areas of baking, cooking and design and all came away with medals. Delicia Church is the Culinary Arts teacher.

Forty-one Art students recently earned distinction in a competition that allows them to compete against the best in East Texas. Band, choir and other academic groups also are ending their competition seasons on a positive note.
On the sports front, basketball season ended with the girls making the playoffs before falling to Highland Park. Coach Robin Herber and her squad won two important district games down the stretch to make the postseason. Congrats to the girls on a great year.

Other sports teams such as soccer are halfway through their year, while power lifting is finishing the season while golf, baseball, softball, tennis and track are just just beginning for the spring. The girls golf team, under the direction of Candee Collins, just finished second in a very important tournament in Sulphur Springs, a tournament which allows them to see regional competitors they may face in April.

Pine Tree will host the Graham Knowles Track Meet this weekend, so a large amount of track athletes will be at the stadium. The stadium will also host the Pine Tree Relays on April 7 and the District Track meet on April 12 and 13.
Seniors at Pine Tree are now in full graduation mode as they are finishing their academic work, making final plans for their path after high school and getting themselves prepared to walk across the stage in May. Over 250 seniors are now on track to graduate from PTHS this year.

Juniors, sophomores and freshmen have all met with school counselors and received information on their chosen paths toward graduation, meaning they have tentatively scheduled classes for the next year or listed classes of interest..  Juniors have also been given information on how they can begin making plans for their future after high school with a good plan for how to move successfully through their senior year.

Band Banquet, Choir Banquet, Cheer Buc Banquet and others are completed, leaving prom on April 22 as the only formal remaining. Some groups such as cheerleading and the sports teams will have end of year events, but prom is the only large student body formal remaining. Plans for that event are kicking into high gear.

The yearbook staff is busy completing work on the book which will be sent to print on March 10. The finished product will return to campus on May 15 for distribution to students and staff. This year's book carries a theme of "Blue, Gold and Bold" and features 180 pages of pictures, stories and information on Pine Tree High School administration, staff and students. Only a few books remain for sale  so anyone who wants one can contact Greg Collins in Room 612 on the high school campus.

While students are busy completing academics and are ready for Spring Break, the activities around the high school are still swirling at a feverish pace. G-Tech will see a special screening of "Hidden Figures" this week, and PT students will travel to Dallas Friday to see a manufacturing plant.

Choir students are planning a trip to Florida for Spring Break, and students interested in seeing Washington D.C. and New York will get that opportunity in early June.  Until then, buckle up. It is an exciting and busy time at PTHS.
PT  P.A.C.E. Campus News

Thank you so much to you and your students for the sweet Valentine's card and sun catcher.  That was so thoughtful!

Mandy Jameson, PTJH 7th Grade Counselor

Please let your students know that I really appreciate the sweet note for Counselor Appreciation Week.  Every time I looked at the note I smiled!  Thank you for your kind words and thoughtfulness!

Cindy Martin - PTHS 11th Grade Counselor  

 In recognition of Counselor Appreciation Week, during the week of February 6-10 and leading up to Valentines Day, P.A.C.E. students worked a project that would acknowledge all the hard work and dedication of our district counselors. Each campus counselor received a card created by a P.A.C.E. student and a sun catcher, a daily reminder of the sparkle they place in each of our students eyes. We appreciate our counselors.
In appreciation and thanks for all that you do, PACE students created a card just for you. You share your sparkle each and every day, shining your light in all sorts of ways. Please hang your sun catcher where it catches the light, just a bit of a reminder how you make each student's day bright. Thank you!                                                                                                                      

Congratulations to our very own, Mrs. Shalonda Adams! For her service to Pine Tree ISD and the local community, Mrs. Adams received the Above and Beyond Award at the February 13 Board Meeting. She is a true visionary and leads our campus by example; fostering a restorative environment as well as a culture of love and accountability. Her contribution through the many organizations she is a part of impact our youth and our community for the better.


Congratulations to our girls basketball team on a great season!  They finished district with a record of 8-4, earning them a spot in post-season action!  Way to go ladies!
Both boys and girls teams will start the second round of district play this Tuesday.  The Pirate boys team finished the first round with a 5-0-1 record and our Lady Pirates are 2-4.  Winning their last two games, the girls plan on building on this as they continue.  Games are played on Tuesday's and Friday's at Pirate Stadium.  Come support your Pirates!
The Lady Pirates finished 6-0 in their tournament at Lear Park this past weekend.  They scored a total of 62 runs and allowed only 1 all weekend.  Robin Jackson and Madalyn Alexander were selected to the all-tournament team and Alexander has also chosen as ET Varsity's Pitcher of the Week.  Our Lady Pirates are off to a great start, 
Our varsity baseball team will host the PT Field of Dreams tournament this week starting on Thursday. The Pirates will play Thursday at 10:15 a.m. and again at 7:15 p.m. Friday's game is at 7:15 p.m.  Saturday games will be decided based on pool play.  Our Pirate JV Blue team will be playing in a tournament in Lufkin and JV Gold in Spring Hill.
The Lady Pirate Powerlifting program participated and lifted at the Wildcat Invitational last Thursday and several of our ladies won medals.
Norma Ortega, Saida Pitre, Destiny Jackson, Mackinza Scott, Madison Pike, Callie Lightfoot, Nallely Vasquez, Ana Juarez, Tionna Fite, Jacqueline Ramirez, Cyndi Ponton, Alesia Anthony  will represent Pine Tree High School next Thursday at the THSWPA Region 3 Div. 1 Regional Powerlifting Meet, with  PT hosting at the Pirate Center starting at 4:00 p.m.  

Fine Arts

Pine Tree High School band students competed in the UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest Friday, Feb. 17th.  The event was held at Pine Tree High School, where 25 schools participated with over 700 entries.
Pine Tree earned a record number of 129 medals.  62 students have advanced to the Texas State Solo & Ensemble competition, which will be held at UT Austin in May.  23 students have advanced with the highest level of achievement, earning a 1st division while performing a Class 1 solo from memory, and the remainder have advanced for work in ensembles.
"This is definitely the most students advancing since I have been here," says Mark Melton, Director of Fine Arts, "I am so proud of all of our students and the countless hours that they have put in practicing for these events.  I am also thankful for a staff and private lessons teachers that are willing to show up very early and stay very late to work with these students.  We will be here as long as students want to practice."
Congratulations to the following students for advancing (solos depicted by *) 

Izrell Adams*                                                         Davis Morton*
Rebekah Ayres                                                     Cristian Najera*
Harrison Berryhill*                                                Rafael Najera*
Riley Blalack                                                         Shawn Naseiro
Alexa Brutchin                                                       Connor Naseiro
Anna Callender*                                                   Lexi Oliver
Lisette Cerda                                                        Christian Osborne
Jack Cheng                                                           Maja Palmer
Tom Childers                                                         Lauren Parker
Brie Cope*                                                             Angel Perez
Leah Counts*                                                        Aaron Pierce
Bobby Counts                                                        Makala Pinkston
Keelan Davis*                                                        Joel Ramirez*
Korbin Davis                                                          Stephanie Ramirez*
Raven Deinbeck                                                   Jayden Randall
Molly Dixon                                                            Kalie Rhodes
Gage Ellis*                                                             Jared Richmond
Amiya Epps                                                            Christian Robinson*
Carly Garcia                                                           Ty Robinson*
Jonathan Garcia                                                    Karina Ruiz*
Elizabeth Garcia                                                    Saray Ruiz*
Kahli Grant*                                                            Tyler Russell*
Amanda Green                                                      Chris Schaetz*
Maddie Hardin                                                       Shelby Smith
Kaitlyn Harris                                                          Audrey Soltau
Ally Knight*                                                             Morgan Spann*
Jordan Lampin*                                                      Meg Suits
Taylor McDaniel*                                                    Colton Vandiver
Axel Mondragon*                                                   Gisel Veliz


Birch Elementary Music to Present Program
The Birch Elementary 2nd grade music classes will present a "Disney Spectacular" program Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 6:30 PM at Pine Tree Road Auditorium.
Kindergarten Music Program  - The Pine Tree Primary Kindergarten music classes will present their spring program March 2, 2017 at Pine Tree Road Auditorium. 

Times are as follows:
9:00 a.m. -   Davis, Ellison, Lewis, Richardson, Smith & Timmons classes
10:00 a.m. - Flores, Reyes, Ruiz, Silver, Stroman & Veralli classes
2:15 p.m. -   Campbell, Hewitt, Kraus, Mosley, Sinclair & Yoder classes
Come out and support our littlest Pirates!

High School One Act Play Performance
The HS One Act Play will present a pre-competition performance, Thursday, March 2nd, at 7:00 PM in the HS Little Theater.  Good Luck Thespians!
Pine Tree Art on Display at the Longview Museum
The Longview Museum of Fine Arts Student Invitational competition begins Sunday, March 5.  Student works will be on display from March 5 through March 25th.