The Power of "Yes"   
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The principal tenet of improvisational comedy is to say, "Yes," to the action. 


Why?  Because, as the director of my improve group would say, "That's when magic happens."


Whatever is said to you is considered a "gift"...a gift that states who, what or where you are.  By acknowledging your gift with "Yes," then giving one in return by adding something new to the information you've received, starting with the word "And," the relationship, i.e., the scene, is able to build on agreement. 


Having any pre-conceived notion of how the scene is supposed to go will inhibit the ability to listen, clearly, and the scene will, probably, fall flat.


Success depends on being, totally, in the moment.


Improv is, therefore, a model for life, in general.   It's the antidote to agenda.  


Not that having a goal is a bad thing, but, being too focused on the future precludes being able to see what the Universe may present you, now; the opportunity to stop and smell the roses along the way.


One of the interesting things I noticed during my performance years was that many audience members seemed to be "afraid" of improv.  It was apparent they thought   it was "spooky" performers could think so fast and create such comic or poignant scenes...such magic...out of nothing.  They couldn't wrap their minds around the simple rules of saying, "Yes"..., then, "And"...  Of simply being in the moment. 


I invite you to put "Yes" to work in your life so that you might become more present ...more spontaneous...more agree-able.  Like any endeavor, it will take practice.  But, learning to be in the moment is worth the effort for your relationships, your work and your play.


You'll be amazed at what magic may be created.     

As always, I'm here to assist.


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