Here in Southern California, golf season begins in January. Featured this month is the powerful swing of PGA Tour player, Adam Scott. Wishing everyone a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR
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The simple and Powerful Swing of Adam Scott
Many professionals feel that Adam Scott has the best golf swing on tour. This video certainly makes a case for it. Pay close attention to 1) the stability of his right foot and leg on his back swing, and 2) how he stays "behind" the ball on his down swing.
Four Friends Playing Golf
I've i've talked about our group as a 'community" of golfers. A while back, Neal, Gary, Tony and I, were teacher and students; now, we are 4 friends, playing golf on a perfect Southern California day. What a great feature of this program!.
What are people saying?
“The thing I like most about Bill is his honesty with me about my swing; not making everything sound terrific, just to make me feel better. It’s an honest assessment of what is both right and wrong; constructive criticism, balanced by praise when things are done well. His easygoing and cheerful personality helps us communicate effectively, making each session a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I’m proud to be able to consider him a friend as well as my swing coach.” 
Rick P, Dallas, TX